Groveling To Jews

In 1828 they say that the rabble invited to celebrate Andrew Jackson's ascension to the Presidency tracked mud through the foyer and make a big mess of things; but in terms of stink that was nothing compared to what transpired on September 30 2022 when Resident Biden hosted the first ever party at the White House for Rosh Hashanah.  In this case it was spiritual stink because it was Jews.  It was the hottest ticket of the Jewish year, and it was Jews to the gills as the President got on his knees and bowed and scraped for his masters like trained seal.

 A less disgusting spectacle is scarcely to be imagined. 

It was bad enough when the Resident got on his knees and kowtowed to the Prime Minister of Israel right there on the floor of the Oval Office; after that if anyone had any doubts about this master-servant relationship they were being willfully blind. If they haven't quite painted a big Star Of David on the building give them time, the Jewish takeover of America is tragically far advanced but it's not yet complete.

You'll know its complete when you've vanished in to the gulag.

In 2021 the Resident addressed more than 1,000 rabbis in a virtual Rosh Hashanah as the fake pandemic was panicking everyone. This was the Jew as really Big Brother, when those 1000 Jews overawed the President with their presence on those screens and he sat there like an eager schoolboy learning his lessons. Biden's hometown rabbi kicked things off with a blessing (may the White man die he murmured under his breath). Biden referred to this man as "my rabbi" despite his reputed Catholicism. Biden also addressed the (wait for it) rising tide of anti-semitism in America.  And if you had a nickel for every time you heard the phrase "the rising tide of anti-semitism" some Jew would lunge for each and every one. Biden said it was an extraordinary time in America, a time of Afghan refugees, knowing how much the Jews like to flood White rural areas with dark-skinned rapists. Biden called on the Senate to confirm Deborah Lipstadt as America' roving malevolent Jew.  Which of course they dutifully did after she took a quick detour to the Charlottesville trials to expound and explain that that the Great Replacement theory of which Jews are puppet master is a myth, and where she prejudiced the jury about an incident she didn't witness and knew no more about that the average man on the street (and probably less). Biden also joked that it is every Catholic's father's dream to have his White daughter marry a Jew doctor, which she did.

All in all it was a sorry outing but about par for the course in this degraded age.

But this year the screen isn't good enough, they want those Jews to get up close and personal with the Resident, to flood the White House and remind him good and hard who rules him. They won't be tracking mud through the foyers or tipping over the valuables, no, they'll be doing much worse. They'll be infecting the place with their spiritual stink. The will swam in like locusts as if they the place as everyone who is paying attention knows they do.

"Most years, the White House Hanukkah party is the hottest Jewish ticket in town. This year, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are adding another Jewish celebration to the official calendar: They’re hosting a Rosh Hashanah reception at the White House on the morning of Friday, September 30 2022."

Be there or be anti-semitic!

It'll be a who's who of Jews. 

It's a chance for all of official Washington DC to show up and pay their respects. If there was any logic to it it would not be Biden who stands there with his harpy wife like a tool and greets the walkers by but a chief rabbi and Biden and the rest of the tools could parade by, get down on their knees, and pay homage to their ruler.

"As vice president during the 2009-2017 Obama administration, Biden hosted Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot receptions at the Naval Observatory, the official vice-presidential residence, the first vice president to do so."

So you can see the Resident is no stranger to Jew love. He wanted his daughter to marry a Jew which she dutifully did. He said one doesn't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist (no you don't!). He said that Jews had an "immense" impact on bringing degenerate morals to America (yes they did!). So from the jump this Jew tool was sending out every signal that he was going to be supine in the face of their interests, his administration (like all administrations, really) would be a blank check on which Jews could write anything they wanted.

Jews propose, Jews dispose. The President is just a cipher and a rubber stamp.  If they could be rid of him totally they would.  

"The menorah has been lit in the White House for the Hanukkah season since the Bush administration and put on display during the Jewish holiday."

Ah, bowing down in craven obeisance to foreign gods. But, really, in Jerusalem on the Potomoc those gods are not really foreign any more, are they? They have made themselves at home in all the halls and corridors of power and give their commands to their lowly subjects. No one dare say no, lest he be banished from the Jewish kingdom.  All those holocaust museums that spring up on every corner like poisonous toadstools are symbols of their power. 

"Presidents have for years routinely briefed Jewish leaders in conference calls before the High Holidays."

Briefed? Yes, briefed. Got to let them know what is going on from the inside, they are the chiefs after all and Presidents and senators and congressmen are just the minor minions, Jews are the brains and our "elected" leaders are just the hands executing their sinsister will.

"President Bill Clinton was the first president to host a Hanukkah party for staff, and President George W. Bush made it a public event for Jewish community leaders, a practice continued by President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump.  Obama instituted White House Passover seders."

Now this Hanukkah stuff is in the rearview, they've gone for the great big Jew holiday now, gone for the gold as the always do. Now it's the Jew new year, the year is no longer 2022 but 5000 and something. And if the Jews haven't been perpetrating White Genocide all those 5000 years they've been doing it for at least half of that. And now they are in the headquarters of the greatest Anglo-Saxon nation in history, and they are calling the shots. This party is just symbolic of that perfidy.

"Last year, Kamala Harris and her husband Douglas Emhoff — the first Jewish spouse of a president or vice president — lit a menorah at a window at the Naval Observatory, another first, and this year Harris and Emhoff held a seder at their residence for family and Jewish staffers. Harris and Emhoff are also the first executive family to affix a mezuzah to their official residence."

Back in the Roman Days the doorway to a man's house, and the hearthstone in front of the house were considered sacred as the portal to the inner sanctum. So much so that if a man was proscribed often he would kill himself right on the hearthstone knowing that after that ritual pollution no one would take over the house.

This mezuzah acts similarly, it is a ritual pollution establishing Jew ownership of the place.

"In mainstream Rabinnic Judaism a mezuzah is affixed to the doorpost of Jewish homes to fulfill the mitzvah (Biblical commandment) to write the words of God on the gates and doorposts of your house. Some interpret Jewish law to require a mezuzah in every doorway in the home."

To fulfill the Mitzvah! That is, to fulfill the commandments, the commandment being kill off the White race, decimate Amalek. This is required mind you.  This is what Jews imbibe from the cradle with their mother's milk. 

"Last year, Kamala and I affixed the first mezuzah on the doorposts and hosted the first Passover seder at the vice president’s official residence. As we entered this new year, I asked multifaith college students to join me at our home to discuss the meaning of Rosh Hashanah."

This was written by the Jew second spouse. That meaning?

Not this:  "Shanah Tovah Umetukah — or may you have a good and sweet new year — is the traditional Jewish Rosh Hashanah Greeting."   But rather: kill Amalek. 

Biden posted this sycophantic drivel on the White House website relative to the sacred Jewish holiday he is celebrating in our house.

"To give hate no safe harbor, and speak out with clarity and conviction against antisemitism wherever and however it manifests. To reaffirm our ironclad bond with the State of Israel."

There is it, he touched all the bases: no hate from the White man, no anti-semitism, and our entire country is geared toward the protection of Israel, to make the world safe for it. They want there to be no chance to get our heads of this noose, not just when they think they are on the cusp of having the floor go out.

“(Rosh Hashana) is a time to undertake an inventory of the soul, a cheshbon hanefesh, and to ask of ourselves and of each other questions that go beyond our own individual faiths: Who do I want to be? What type of nation do we want to forge? What type of world do we want to create,”

A world without white people, obviously.

This is mud through our spiritual home, until the rabble track mud all over it and take everything back. 


After that big zoom meeting with all the virtual rabbis giving him orders Biden announced a dream that has now come true.,

“Next year, I hope not only next year in Jerusalem, but next year at the White House, God willing."

Yahweh did not disappoint.

Apparently this Hebrew shindig was set up by the very first woman to hold probably the most important position in the American Government: the White House liaison to the Jewish community. This person is charged with indicating to the latter just how sycophantic the given President is willing to be, and to indicating to the former just what he needs to do. For Biden this first woman in this pivotal role is Shelley Greenspan.  Jews have green in their names to let everyone know how much they love money. 

"The gathering is organized by Shelley Greenspan, the administration’s liaison to the American Jewish community. Greenspan has worked with several Jewish women groups and last year helped found the Jewish Democratic Women For Action, a political organization that supports the agenda of Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’ administration. She was previously a board member of the Anti-Defamation League and Jewish Women International."

Jews of course have a vast and tentacled interlocking directorate of organizations which is truly egregious, and this lady has been passed around among them like a cheap cigar. The first thing you notice when you read the flakking about this event is that Greenspan (and her employee Biden by extension) aimed for this event to be diverse, diversity in their lexicon being next to Jewiness.

Diversity, they say, is a strength.

"Biden, and aimed for the event to be inclusive of women and people of color. The Sept. 30 event — which falls between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur — will be intimate and highly diverse. The guest list of congregational rabbis and Jewish leaders includes more gender, racial and denominational diversity than those for past White House Jewish receptions."

Diversity, they say, is a strength.

Did I mention that she has been passed around like a chewed cigar?

"Greenspan’s background spans the federal government, the private sector, presidential campaigns and nonprofits. After launching her career on AIPAC’s legislative team, where she covered the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, she worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign before spending three years in Amazon’s policy team in Washington. Since 2020, she has worked at the State Department as a civil servant. She helped lead a national cohort of activists called Jewish Women for Joe during the 2020 presidential election."

Showing the Jews penchant for green Jonathan Greenblatt praised the administration for picking Greenspan, who had just replaced the outgoing kike.

A President who has the ear of a Jew, so what's not to like?


And in the event the event did not disappoint either, that is if you are Jew or a Jew lover.  Pictures revealed a gaggle of Jews yukking it up, laughing, grinning, and taking selfies as if they owned the place.

Of course they do.  

"For the first time in history, there was a Rosh Hashanah party at the White House. Today, President Biden welcomed Jewish leaders to the White House to celebrate the Jewish New Year."

It won't be the last.  The Jews are inside the house.  They have no intention of handing it back to its rightful owners. 

The Resident took the opportunity to remind all those Jews that it was that incident in Charlottesville which inspired him to run for President in the first place, signaling to them that he will do everything in his power not to let anyone stop them from replacing us.  He then credited Rabbi Michael Beals of Congregation Beth Shalom in Wilmington, Delaware with giving him his Jewish education which consisted of knowing not to buck the Jews--ever, lest you be in mortal peril.   He then joked that he himself probably went to shul more than his audience.  

Which is an odd thing for a catholic to be proud of.   And bet your bottom dollars he was not joking.   He was deadly serious about his Jew love.   It's what he took in in place of his mother's milk.

He said that there is an ever pressing need to stand up to anti-semitism which always lurks in the shadows, though I note that we print our message in broad daylight.   Also he sited his appointment of the red fanged malevolent roving Jew Deborah Lipstadt and how he worked with Congress to secure the largest-ever increase in physical security funding for synagogues, launching the first national strategy for countering domestic terrorism and the first-ever White House initiative on hate-motivated violence

First ever! It won't be the last.  And the Jews will demand more, much more, our lives in the end. 

He then hoped that everyone there will be inscribed in the Book of Life--shana tova. 

How very nice.

All in all it was an execrable performance for all the Jews in the crowd who crowded in to our formerly sacred house; it was a veritable who's who of Jews.  Mud in the foyer would be infinitely preferable to this travesty in fact that's what it's going to take.  More than mud, really, when the people reclaim their own and send these Jews packing, packing to the hottest Jewish ticket in town.   


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