Celebrating The Reconquista

In 1900 a German scholar was asked about the future of Mexico. He said that Mexico will be absorbed in to the United States Of America and then the United States Of America will collapse.

Laconic and dead on.

We are seeing it happening before our eyes.

Sam Huntington said that had Virginia or Massachusetts been colonized by the Portuguese or the Spanish that America today would be Brazil or Mexico. The English colonized them but in the end it didn't take, and the result was the same.

September 30 2022 was a busy day for the demented Resident of the White House: in morning he groveled to Jews for the first ever White House Rosh Hashanah Party, then he jaunted over to lather on the praise to the spics at a "Hispanic Pride" event, telling them (in so many words) that all you heard about the Great Replacement is very true, and that they will one day rule the Estados Unidos.

Viva La Reconquista!

More despicable spectacles can scarcely be imagined.

"President Joe Biden celebrated mass immigration to the United States at the White House on Friday, saying the constant flow of millions of illegal and legal immigrants every couple of years is making America so much better.”

It wasn't all that along ago that Alzy Joe was awash in ecstasy telling us that by 2040 our country is going to be "minority White European"

Minority White European.

"Do you hear me?" he said

Oh yes we hear you loud and clear and we've beating this drum long since, but when we do it we get called fascists by the Jews. Not that it takes all that much for Jews to call us fascists, but still.

After the event the Resident said there was food which I assume was tamales, beans, burritos, tacos, and such, though with Mexican food it's all really the same thing just packaged differently.

Thankfully the Resident didn't dip in to his Spanish though it makes me think that Spanish can't be that hard to learn if Mexicans know it.

The event started out on a down note when a wetback chaplain came out to bless the event, and thanked Jesus that the White man is receding even as his little brown brothers are surging demographically. The invader spoke in a heavily accented English which made him difficult to understand.

Speak English please!

We're White Americans after all.

In his heavily accented English he thanked his "father" that he made us unique and diverse. He prayed this in his holy name.

Apparently diversity is not only a strength it is a gift from God.

Despite all appearances to the contrary

If Jill Biden is a "doctor" I'll eat my hat but she was introduced as such. The first thing she did is welcome the Poet Laureate of America who, the gods help us, is a beaner.

We have a Mexican Poet Laureate? The land of Poe, Eliot and Frost has sunk to this low?

What the actual?

Oh it be actual alright. And right under our nose.

First we had a black Poet Laureate in Alabama and now this? I'd say after this the deluge but the deluge is already here.

Just the other day the once August and now obviously fallen on hard times Smithsonian Magazine did a puff piece on the border hopper in question: Ada Limon. The subheadline said her work explores what it looks like to have America in the room. I'll tell you what it looks like: old pictures of astronauts from the 1960s or the SS from the 1940s.  

That's my America.  

My America doesn't look like Ada Limon.  Nor like that room full of invaders.

"Limón has grappled with the expectations that predominately white literary spaces have placed on her in poems like The Contract Says: We'd Like The Conversation To Be Bilingual."

First off the contract says they all need to get the hell out or be put the hell out.  In this poem Poet Laureate (sic) Limon mocks the patronizing and condescending attitude of liberal maggots toward their little brown brothers and sisters.  

When you come, bring your brown-
ness so we can be sure to please
the funders. Will you check this
box; we’re applying for a grant.
Do you have any poems that speak
to troubled teens? Bilingual is best.
Would you like to come to dinner
with the patrons and sip Patrón?
Will you tell us the stories that make
us uncomfortable, but not complicit?
Tell us the one
about your father stealing hubcaps
after a colleague said that’s what his
kind did. Tell us how he came
to the meeting wearing a poncho
and tried to sell the man his hubcaps
back. Don’t mention your father
was a teacher, spoke English, loved
making beer, loved baseball, tell us
again about the poncho, the hubcaps,
how he stole them, how he did the thing
he was trying to prove he didn’t do.

The first (and really the only thing) to say about this is that were it not for those White (and Jewish) liberal maggots condescending to her and (literally) patronizing her she'd be doing stoop labor picking lettuce.  Certainly based on he own skill (or lack thereof) she would not have made it into books and to the heights of the American establishment, so she's biting the hand that foolishly feeds her as she is obviously an affirmative action Juanita.   And notice how she wants to make it sound like her father was so all American (baseball) when tamales to tacos he was stealing hub caps. 

After the formalities were dispensed with the Resident took the stage and began profusely celebrating what Bill Clinton called the Third American Revolution, when America is no longer a European nation.  He lied and said that hispanic history is American history, when anyone sane knows American history is White history, the hispanic only playing the part of the loser who continually got their ass kicked.   And then came begging for entrance and hand outs when times got tough.   It certainly is no history to crow about. 

He said that there have been large waves of immigration before but nothing compares to what is going on now. That is true but certainly is no cause for celebration but should be cause for the first wave of arrests, both for the immigrants and those who let them in. 

"Y'all were here before we were."

That old chestnut.  That old canard. 

So said the Resident of the bean eaters.  He then said that his Ambassador to Mexico (former Colorado Senator Ken Salazar) told him that his family has been here for 400 years.  First, this assumes a first comes first sever forever theory of history, when you only have what you can hold; and they got driven off the land until some softhearted idiots selling soft-soap decided that the racial point of view was "discredited", and it was part of the American ideal to let them all back in.  And in any event for the duration of their stay on this continent the ambassador's ancestors were grinding tortillas, taking hours long siestas, and engaging in banditry and highway robbery.   

"Salazar's Hispanic roots trace back to the Hispanos of the Southwestern United States. He has been identified as a Mexican American saying, I've been taunted, called names—from dirty Mexican to lots of other names—as I was growing up, and even now as a United States Senator."

He's a dirty Mexican.

But now he gets to give way the store to his homeland. 

Apparently there are plans afoot to besmirch our formerly sacred National Mall even more.  It's not enough that we have that great big Holocaust Museum now we have to build buildings to the Mexicans. 

Biden pandered to the panderia dwellers by calling on Congress to "honor" Hispanics with their own museum on the National Mall. 

This is not a new idea. 

"On December 27, 2020, legislation passed calling for the Smithsonian to establish the National Museum of the American Latino.  The new museum will be the cornerstone for visitors to learn how Latinos have contributed and continue to contribute to U.S. art, history, culture, and science."

The flan loving flaks have had a field day: 

"We invite you to join us as we build a museum that centers and celebrates the Latino experience as essential to the American narrative. Together, we can illuminate the American story for all and continue advancing Latino representation in the United States."

To say the least we could have done and were doing fine without them, so essential is wrong. You add up the crime and the welfare and the clogging up of the emergency rooms and the driving down of wages and the driving up of housing costs and the ubiquitous press one for English and it's easy to see they are a net loss.  Name one great Hispanic artist or cultural figure who lives or lived in America.  Go ahead.  I'll wait.  I didn't' think so.  The truth of the matter is that this is a second rate people who owe whatever they have to the luck they had to live in proximity to the Great White North.  Without that they'd still be grinding out tortillas which I notice a lot of them still are. 

"For centuries, diverse Latino communities have played foundational roles in building the United States and shaping its national culture. Their rich histories and legacies predate the nation's establishment. They are deeply rooted in this country's pursuit of democracy, freedom, multiculturalism, and economic opportunity. Their stories and perspectives deepen our understanding of the United States and what it means to be American.

What bilious bilge.  Foundational is like essential; it's not so much grossly inflated as grossly wrong.  Even if you were in a generous mood (and I'm not) you'd be extraordinarily hard pressed to notice anything at all they did to help build this country or shaping its culture. And a penchant for the rape of the underage and letting chickens run around the yard doesn't count.  This after all is a people whose one gift to world culture is chips and salsa---and taco stands don't count either.  

Ada Limon very much notwithstanding. 

Biden also hailed the fact that one out of four "American" schoolchildren are Spanish speakers.  That means we will have to teach them in Spanish, bilingual education being expensive and ineffective and hardly conducive to fomenting a unified country.  If you press one for English, you press two for disaster. 

"During a speech for Hispanic Heritage Month, Biden celebrated that the U.S. foreign-born population has hit a record-breaking nearly 47 million and that 26 percent of students in American schools speak Spanish rather than English."

You'd say why on earth would anyone see this as a cause for celebration but you know why they do. If you are a global elite more than anything you don't want no trouble and, anymore, they view White people as trouble.  Anyone who has thought about it for even less than two seconds know that a homogenous country is a strong country---racial unity is a strength--and 47 million foreign born is precisely 47 million too many.   Languages, cultures, habits, morays, morals, it creates a hodgepodge that is 
is unmanageable and certainty the Anglo-Saxon virtues of honesty, hard work, and pluck will get short shrifts.   It will be a veritable Babel of cultures in which the Old America is drowned. 

Biden then said he wanted to fix the immigration system for good meaning, from what we can glean from his actions, give up the final pretense of a border and turn the country completely and irrevocably into what it really already is, a come one and come all half dumping ground and half international flop house for foreign reprobates.  

He said he wanted to clear a final pathway for those dreamers and sentimentally asks us to imagine a scenario where a family is getting ready to wade though the river and a small brown child looks up plaintively at his criminal parents and says "no, I don't want to go."  

Apparently he is providing a rationale for policy based on the emotional maturity of underdeveloped retarded children. 

And then before he told the group that the bean and enchilada buffet beckoned he said he wanted to make all temporary status aliens permanent residents, and wanted to legalize all lettuce pickers.  They say after the midterms he's gong to just issue an executive order legalizing everyone by perverted fiat.   How that will be appreciably different from what we now have has yet to be determined. 

Minority White European indeed.


Naturally Biden trotted out the old canard that America is defined by an idea, that it was built on an idea.  He contrasted this with other nations that were based on geography or ethnicity, but (in case you missed it) we are the only one based on an idea, that idea being that all men are created equal, and we are nation of immigrants.  So in one obnoxious passage he managed to pack in every dubious and insidious cliché possible in the category of American "ideals." 

He then asked a good question for the wrong reason:

"When in American history has there been a circumstance where one ethnicity has the potential to have such a profound impact on the direction of a country?” 

How about when the first Englishman set foot in Virginia?

Does that count? 

"Already, annually, the U.S. government rewards over a million foreign nationals with green cards and another more than a million with temporary work visas to take American jobs. In addition, under Biden, about 2.2 million illegal aliens have entered the U.S. interior."

He then spoke of the abuelito who told him he must work to erase the invisible line that divides our nation.  That of course is impossible, and anyway he has spent his time making the line that divides our nation and all others invisible.  

Yes sir these are the tales of the Reconquista.

In 1900 a German scholar asked about the future of Mexico. He said that Mexico will be absorbed in to the United States Of America and then the United States Of America will collapse.

Have any doubts about his perspicacity?  Go to any big American City and many not not so big ones and close your eyes.  From the pidgin cacophony you might think you are in Santo Domingo, Havana, of Managua.  The White Civilization that conquered a continent is already receding in the Southwest as  the brown tide swells in its millions.  The way things are going we'll be Brazil or Mexico or El Salvador or Guatemala, a nation of favelas, when the conquerors are conquered.    


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