Red-Faced Race Traitor

They couldn't find any of those brown tots in those "unmarked graves" and it was kind of scandalous though they never owned up to it; and now a big heap 'em pale face who put on the red face got caught red-handed. It looks like the urban liberal insects who will do anything for diversity will also hire White urban liberal insects pretending to be Indians if it will pad their colored numbers. But the artist lady in question got caught and now they got a big heap 'em artist lady who turns out to be White.

Great Spirit in the sky cry.

What's a merciless savage to do?

It seems that all the best Indians are White. It doesn't say much for the White lady but Indians should hang (even more) their heads in shame. They are a defeated people and they can't even excel at milking the fact that they are a defeated people. Apparently Indians are too busy beating their wives, sucking on the whiskey bottle, and getting welfare to be professors of Indian studies, or making great big simplistic artworks that say: Treaty Broken. Great Spirit Cry. And sell those naive artworks to urban liberal insects for 35,000 a pop. You heard that right. 35K. Hell, I've got a papier mache of Sitting Bull in a zoo cage I'll see you for a twenty-spot f you'll take it.

"A college dean who landed her job by claiming to be a Native American artist who pedaled $35,000 quilts has resigned in disgrace after it was revealed she is the white daughter of a Maine pageant queen. Identity fraudster Gina Adams, 57, was born in Connecticut to white ancestors, and announced her resignation Tuesday."

White ancestors! How horrible--and a pageant queen to boot, you can hear them sneering "it doest' get any more White than that." You are certainly not going to ascend the greasy brown ladder of today's university with that pedigree. There's no White privilege to speak of (that is none at all) in Canada where they put the cuck in Canuck. In fact there's no White Privilege at all in any of the former White Homelands. The fact that they bandy the phrase White Privilege around at the drop of a Jews' tiny hat is just so the race trash of the world can get more legs up, more handouts, and more coveted positions in universities.

"She is said to have posed as a member of the White Earth Reservation to bolster her career, most recently as a professor of art and design and dean at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada."

Looks like there was a bit more White than Earth Reservation. Which should be a mark of great distinction to be proud of but in the markers for Professors of Victimhood today you have to go with the more en vogue red. A White woman should want to be a White woman no matter what but given the perverse incentives dangled before them and their sick liberalism to begin with they cave and lie faster than the proverbial Jew diving for the proverbial nickel. In matter of no time she was communing with the Ancient one and siccing her putrid art on her White ancestors.

As for the Indians themselves and the faculty at the schools they have no interest in looking too hard--so pale ace chief big snooker 'em--and don't look now but the Sioux are circling the Arts Building. Those aren't war whoops but teary-eyed wails that the Indian should be so eternally stupid. First they take our country and now they take our jobs teaching kids that Whit people are evil.

What's a merciless savage to do. 

The Great Spirit cry, and then take some big gulps of off the Whiskey bottle.

"Adams claimed her grandpa was taken from the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota and forced into a Pennsylvania boarding school which was designed to assimilate' indigenous children into the American way of life. But an extensive investigation says her claims are all lies."

And here comes the Jewish ideology is full evil flower. What merciless savage could resist this tale of woe? What communist professor would not be moved to tears by it? Why, the White Squaw who drapes herself in her own broken treaty art hit all the high points, it's almost the national saga for those barbarians in a headdresses. Small brown Indian tots snatched from the reservation, and had to put on a tiny suit and bow tie and sit in the front row and act civilized. No more scalping for you Tiny Feather. no more sneaking up on the White man or raping the White ladies. You're going to have to sit there in a tiny suit and learn you some Cicero. He was Chief Big White man once. Knew many things.

Except it was all a pack of lies. She was just a White urban liberal vermin who knew it would be a fabulous boon to her career to put on some red face and talk tattered treaties. Nothing succeeds in the Present Year than betraying your race--incentives that must be reversed.

"And Albert's father Henry Theriault - Gina's great-grandfather - was also a far cry from Native American. In fact, he was also a white man who was drafted in First World War.

A far cry from an Indian indeed---he was a White man, and that is as far as you can get from a red man. She's got Whites crowded in her family tree. Safe to say she honored them not. For a person like this not just to defect from our people, but to burrow herself firmly in the artistic and intellectual ruling class and go on the offensive against us is beyond belief. Leaving aside motives of remuneration this lady has constructed an entire baleful and sinister fantasy life where her ancestors tell her stories of White evil and she had nightmares about them. In doing so she spare no tale of woe. 

She went all in on the victimhood sweepstakes. You'd think if you were a White urban rodent you might tone it down a bit, and just say you used to sigh a lot about the plight of Indians.  But no!  She isn't ready to bury the hatchet at all, she went full throated to the throats of her White compatriots and laid it on with a trowel. She had some heap em big bad dreams.  She would lie awake at night in her tee pee as the tiny brown tot she was not and have horrible nightmares about the big White man like Sheridan and the rest, how they'd come in and kill and steal the brown squealing babies.  And then they'd run them off on to the reservation where no bison roamed and break big treaty.

And about those treaties, which are the focal point of her "art"-- have you got a receipt?  Well, actually they do, but who cares, all is fair in love and war and this is not love.

"In 2018, Adams staged a show of quilts stitched with designs she claims were inspired by the nightmares she had about the abuse meted out to her Indigenous ancestors. And at an event held at the Ivy League Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, Adams donning beaded jewelry and solemnly introducing herself by speaking Native American."

She said: oooga booga. Or at least that's what it amounts to.

"In an unearthed clip from 2018, greeted an audience in native Anishinaabemowin language: 'Boozhoo, aaniin anishinaabee nowadow."

What is that you're saying? Who knows? Guttural grunts from a dying people dressed up as fashionable to the kind of guttersnipes who fell guilty that we won.  In case you didn't know Columbus didn't "discover" America. 

"Instead of the rich indigenous background she proclaimed in her job and artwork, Adams is the daughter of a former pageant star and great-granddaughter of a white World War One veteran."

Peasant star and White World War One Veteran sound suspiciously like slurs.  Why exactly would being descended from world historical losers be "rich" but being descended from White people not be?  To them the latter is bland, vanilla, generic, and default, while the former is dynamic and vibrant and constitutes a rich tapestry of culture and history.  In the circles they swim in the glorification of the other is the undeviating party line. 

"And White Earth Reservation - the community she claims to have descended from - declined her membership and said they couldn't find any of her relatives who were enrolled as descendants."

Looks like the White Earth cut pale face loose.

Perhaps the nightmares she'll have now will be real. 

We should cut her loose as well---it's one thing to be a man without a country but to be lady without a race, that's another thing entirely. 


The reason for these fake Indians (or Pretendians as they call them), the reason for these Black Like Me fakers, the reason fraudulent Afro-Latinas sprout up like poisonous mushrooms at heart is deep sickness in the White world, the wobbling and the wavering of confidence, the abdication of Whiteness by way too many White people.

Unless of course the imposter is Jewish and then the motive is genocide.  

The other reason is that race treason pays.

You put enough food out in the alleyway and the rats will come to feed.

The entire university system is the tip of a vicious anti-White spear. It really is rather remarkable that universities founded by White Christians turned colossally anti-White over time, or maybe it's not remarkable at all. That Religious communities morphed into moral communities which any outsider could come in a play havoc with is the root cause. But for the universities of nation to be against that nation is unprecedented in history. Yet it is true in spades (and for spades) in every Western European nation and all of Europe's colonial offshoots. This has everything to do with the lifting restrictions on Jews and them flooding in to being professors.

Indeed by the early 1960s all universities were already integrationist and anti-White. 

And now with the push for university diversity hitting a critical mass every Tom, Dick, or Harry can forget about moving up, and it's Chief Feather and Little Scalp Them Now who get the nod.

"Veldon Coburn, who is Anishinaabe from the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation, witnessed this shift during his graduate studies. When I was starting my Ph.D., he said, nobody was interested in Indigenous politics in Canada.  By the time I was finishing in 2018, I was getting recruited everywhere. And so people are like, Well, if I self-identify, I can get that coveted job."
So that massive sea change took five years, unless of course he took ten years to study the pottery shards of wandering nomads, then it's ten years.   But either way it's a lightening transformation, a civilizational blink of any eye. 

The pigs oink loudly as they line up at the trough. It really isn't a pretty sight.  If you're an Indian in Canada they'll get down on their knees to worship you and they'll roll out the red carpet to make sure you feel at home--after all they say it is their home and we just stole it. 

"Adams became a professor at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada, in August 2019 as part of a targeted cluster hire to employ more Indigenous faculty members. During her hiring process, they described her as a contemporary Indigenous hybrid artist of Ojibwa Anishinaabe and Lakota descent."

By cluster hires they mean they want as many Indians as they can find and they want them in now!  That janitor who mops the floor at night, he looks Indian, can we get him to teach a class on beads?  There's that homeless man who stares in to space a couple streets over, he looks Indian too, could perhaps he give a lecture on how the White man got him hooked on the Whiskey drink?  As for Gina Adams she's a little more (ok, just a little) cleaned up than that and there is
 nothing they like more than their hybrids, right? Pure is a word of anathema now. And they certainly had them a big heap catch, a fully-fledged Indian who has some (ok very little) artistic talent and who was ready to unload on the Whit race. That it blew up in their face and that by hiring her they were reopening old wounds and recolonizing only means that it couldn't have happened to a more repugnant bunch of people.

"In 2015, Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada made a call for the federal government to remove the education gap between Indigenous people and other Canadians - which was an initiative many colleges agreed to."

That's not a gap--that's the proverbial yawning chasm.  For 
sure they eagerly agree to it, you didn't have to twist their arms. First off it was another set of bullets in their eternal war on Whites and compliance meant more money flowing from the government, ie, from hard working white taxpayers. It's boondoggle from the get go, and when they open the spigots the chances of stopping it plummet to nil. It's a Niagra of Nez Perce and "First Nations."   If you look carefully you can see them on all fours crawling to the trough.

"The saga over Adams’s identity claims recalls similar cases of Indigenous ancestry coming into question in the academic sphere. Last year, former SFU Galleries Curator cheyanne turions resigned after confessing that she was unsure about her Ojibway ancestry. Turions had accepted over $100,000 in grants from Canadian funding entities that were intended for Indigenous individuals."

Very fashionable this lady, no capitals in her name, capital letters are fascist and are part of the White man's hegemony.  Looks like she took the White man's money and ran though. Capitals or no she'll fleece whoever she can.  

"In 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada made 94 calls to action to hire more of the Indigenous.  Many universities have embraced that call (and the federal funding that accompanies it) by increasing Indigenous representation in their institutions.  T
his practice of “Indigenizing” includes increasing the number of Indigenous students, faculty and administrators, often through targeted enrolment or hiring."

Indigenizing of course means cleansing the schools of White people, they are not only going to decolonize the curriculum, the are going to decolonize all of the deans, all of the A ministration, all of the professors, all of the teaching assistants, and all of the students.  When they are done there will be nothing left of the people who founded Canada, just a long string of classes about beads, headdresses, and a big tee pee to store all the money they stole from White people who have to work for a living. 

"Adams, whose multimedia work explores themes of heritage, ancestry, ritual, and land, was hired in 2019 at Emily Carr as part of a targeted cluster hire of new Indigenous faculty members. Emily Carr is a public post-secondary art and design school located in Vancouver, Canada."

And for a while there, before it was found out she was (the horror!) White she was at the top of the totem pole.   

"But as a result of creating fierce competition for Indigenous hires, many colleges have found themselves in the middle of identity fraud scandals."

Which exposes it as the racket it is; traitorous Whites want to get on the gravy train, and if they have some (very little really but enough) talent the schools are not looking too hard.   They can't after all very well ask an Indian to prove she's an Indian can they?  No, that would be to retraumatize them.  So the racket will continue until we reverse course and White privilege becomes a thing again. 


Gina Adams didn't just go quietly in to her fraud and say her dad was a tribal member and he had a few knocks at the hands of the White man--she went in whole hog. She had a whole worked up fantasy to the point where she was either a professional liar or was mentally ill with a kind of racial Munchhausen by proxy.  There are novelists who are more prosaic and less imaginative than the tall tale she worked up.  She didn't stint on the melodrama and the whole thing was dark and foreboding and a cock and bull story of high orders of magnitude.  

"Adams said that her great-great-grandfather was the Ojibwe chief Wabanquot - who was a signatory to the Treaty with the Chippewa of the Mississippi. She said that her grandfather was born and raised on the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota - and would speak to her in Ojibwe when she had dramatic nightmares of Native Americans being massacred."

Got that? She was not only an Indian child, she was the oracle Indian child, the one who divined the truth of the tribe and had an umbilical connection to the ancient ones and channeled them through her suffering.  The tiny Indian sage only dreamed in red, and in her night thoughts the bodies piled up and the blood flowed freely.  The White man with his Whtie man guns was always thundering on his horses and sweeping across the plains and making short word of any native who got in their way. 

Somewhere tiny hatted youth are playing tiny violins to these images of unrestrained carnage. 

“As a young child, I spent time with him, walking through the woods, talking about plants and spirit medicine. My grandfather is of Midewiwin descent, and I am of Midewiwin descent from the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota. My grandfather, however, was removed at age eight. He was sent to the Carlisle School. The Carlisle Indian Industrial School, founded in 1879 in Pennsylvania, was the model institution for the 367 federally run residential schools in the United States, which sought to forcibly assimilate Indigenous children."

That much is routine---every Indian has that travail and she's lucky she didn't get tossed in those unmarked lime pits with those other brown tots. But she didn't stop at forced integration, or having to learn English, or slipping off those moccasins forever. no, she was in for tomahawk in for a dollar.  

“My Anishinaabeg ancestors are very tied and connected to our dreams, and with the medicine that can come from our dreams, I’m very directed intuitively that way. As a child, she told the interviewer, she was haunted by recurring nightmares of Indigenous people being massacred; her grandfather would take her for walks and calm her by speaking Ojibwe."

You can sort of see why she was able to perpetrate this ruse for so long, long enough to go the very top of the pile of victims.  She's talking about dreams and medicine, and divination, she was not just an Indian who kept a few of the ancestral ways, no, she presented herself as The One.  Who knows, given enough time, and enough average canvas art works sold for 35,000 dollars, and few more curating gigs at stylish museums, she might have gone in to a trance and unrolled the entire saga of the Red Man on the continent, from that first treacherous Thanksgiving, to all the broken promises, all the way to all that EBT money spent on the Whiskey bottle.   

"He talked about hiding in the woods for two days at a time to evade the authorities who were abducting the children to be sent to residential school. My grandfather was eventually captured by his relative Charles Wright and was sent to this boarding school by train. His only redeeming hope was that his older siblings would be there. He told me that the thing that soothed him was whispering the Ojibwe names of the plants in his mind so as to not forget. He remarked that Carlisle was a white man's training school and that he was taught to build stone walls and ice-skating rinks, to do metal work and to work on farms and orchards doing horticulture landscaping work to make a living wage."

Sounds like a decent enough place; a defeated people could have done a lot worse.  And for the defecting Whites like Gina Adams we could us a kind of White training school, to school them in what their real heritage is, and to be proud of it, and not attack it on all fronts.  There may not be easy money to be made on mediocre art, but in the long run a noble reverence for your own kind if priceless. 


And of course the rub of all this is that Indians are such sacred creatures, they live under the sign of nature only, that papers seem offensive and gauche.  That long list of broken treaties were written on paper after all, so paper is the White man's tool, and means nothing to them.  To even ask an Indian for papers to prove her identity is racist, an Indian's identity is born of the earth alone. 

"In a 2017 essay for an exhibition of Adams’s work, art critic Lucy Lippard mentioned in a footnote that Adams had few regrets about her lack of tribal membership papers, which the artist apparently called a form of apartheid. No piece of paper could make that bond any stronger, she says. Lippard deemed Adams’s most moving body of work a series called Honoring Modern Unidentified, photographs of anonymous Indigenous people shrouded behind encaustic symbolizing historical erasure and identity loss that Adams connected with her grandfather’s purported life."

Yes, the Indians existed for millennia without paper, no one asked them to prove who they were.  Of course they made no progress whatsoever and existed in stagnation and squalor.  

"In March last year, Adams sent an email to members of the University's community detailing the convenient way her grandfather Albert had no birth certificate, changed his surname, and therefore had no link to Carlisle School, where he was sent to in his younger years."

They just had to take her word for it.   Which of course they gladly did.  And then someone looked in to it, and upset the apple cart.  You have to wonder how many other Red Like Me liars there are out there, teaching students about rudimentary pottery and rain dances.  

"Adams said that her lack of direct evidence was partly due to the fact that when her grandfather married her Lithuanian grandmother, he changed the family name to evade and thwart the serious miscegenation laws."

Again, the White man is the one who is at fault; how cynical and opportunistic, to blame her situation on the fact that the White man wanted to maintain his race pure; it's apartheid after all.

And what's a White race traitor to do? 


she a juggernaut
white fake is recolonize
reulcant to ask proof
my great grandaddy said.....
what a time to be alive
scam/ but eve if function properly scam
frutiland gallery : fruity puritans transcendatal . exhibition co-curated by GA
Adams removed her works from Echoes in Time: New Interpretations of the Fruitlands Museum Collection”

This was no bush league Indian that got defrocked, this was a big heap 'em Squaw. She was in touch with the ancient ones and when she put her ear to the ground she heard of White man evil.  She was feted and celebrated and lauded and revered.  You don't put simple letter on canvas and mark them up to 35,000 dollars unless you are a great lady in their firmament.  She was going to be the co-curator of an exhibit called Echoes at the Fruitlands museum in Massachusetts, a museum that is on the site where some of those fruity ex-Puritan transcendentalists one tired to retire from the world and set up a self-sustaining community.   It didn't' work out for them, no shocker there, and of course it didn't work out for the Indians either.  Life is an ever upward arc and those who lag behind get left behind.   The fact that so called "indigeneity" is so fashionable now shows the sickness at the heart of our country.  The likes of Gina Adams just had to say my granddaddy said so and so and her career skyrocketed.  Had she said she was White and she was proud she'd be lucky not to have vanished into the Gulag.  This worshipping of the primitive, this worshipping of the vanquished races betokens a race that has lost its nerve.   The scam from their point of view is that a White lady can pose as an Indian and fool the mavens of victimhood.  But the real scam is that this victimhood is put on a pedestal to begin with.  That the Whtie world is not celebrating itself forthrightly and confidently, putting up great artists and teachers and schools that rightly take their place in and point to the future of the greatest line of all, the only line that (was) heading ever upward: the White race.  

"Adams is often pictured wrapped in one of her pieces from the Broken Treaty Quilts series, in which she embroiders the text of 19th-century treaties on vintage quilts."

Wrapped in a shawl of defeat she won the race for glory from her tribe, those liberal insects we hear so much about.

"Despite the rampant allegations of her identity fraud, as well as her job resignation, Adams' website still says that she is fascinated by stories passed down from my own familiar heritage. There is a connection to what the ancient ones taught my ancestors, as this information was passed down generation to generation."

She won't give up the ghost.  The ghosts of her ancestors (not the real ones) tell her not to. 

"On a sunny afternoon in June of 2018, artist Gina Adams took the stage at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. She wore a large medallion of colorful beads, which caught the light and glittered as she spoke."

It would be nice to think that the shock of this setback would wake her up, wake her up the wonders of being White.  But most assuredly she won't, to her being a White woman is a condition of degradation and guilt, and she can't live with that.  No, she'll wander aimlessly and forlornly telling anyone who will listen about the old stories and her medicine dreams and those massacres from long ago.  You can be sure that the value of those canvasses has plummeted to next to nil, and maybe less than nil.  Likely she won't be able to give them away. Which is just as well and is justice served.  They weren't worth anything anyway, and race treason should never pay.  

It was Madison Grant in the 1930s who lamented that the great discipline of Anthropology had fallen on evil times.  He said that the study was supposed to be the study of the races, and the study of the greatest race of all:  the White race.  But that in the hands of Jews it had declined to the null point, and was not the study of defeated people's habits and behaviors and the poring over of meaningless pottery shards.

He knew what he was talking about.   

Those old guys always did. 


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