Pet Negro Poet

If Amanda Gorman didn't exist the Ruling Class would have invented her. In fact that's really what they did when it comes to Amanda Gorman--invent her. When it comes to blacks the Ruling Class has their murderous rappers, they have their criminal football players, they have their hell and brimstone anti-White preachers, they have their black criminal underclass preying, raping and murdering White people, they have their grievance hustling pontificators, they have their moral preening black professors, they have their reparation seeking politicians, but you know what they didn't have--a poet. Sure, there's Maya Angelou but she's a bit long in the tooth having passed her expire by date long ago, and they have that up-and-coming black Alabama Poet Laurate, but she's big and fat and sloppy looking. No, what they needed was a young, fresh-faced, and moderately (very moderately) decent looking poet who could "rhyme in time"; one who would have the pretense to talent (only the pretense trust me); who could say things like "chime it, climate" and have that half assed negro shuck and jive word play they think is clever when it's really not at all. They wanted to be able to showcase her on CBS and at the Super Bowl and have her model Prada, be a coiffed maven and fashionista, and rub elbows with Beyonce and P Diddy, and be seen on the Vineyard with Sasha and Malia tooling around in a 120K electric clown car. And in Amanda Gorman they found all that and more, a talentless hack who can be on the cover of Time and for the next fifty years grow wise with negro lore and stick it to the White man while hob nobbing with rich and famous liberal insects.

She's the pet negro poet of the global New World Order, always ready with a cheap rhyme in the cause of White Extinction.

Whoever said the devil wears Prada knew what they were talking about.

"Gorman's fame exploded after she recited her poem The Hill We Climb at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, which made her the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history. Her poem quickly topped bestsellers lists and made her one of the most in-demand poets, putting her on other big stages like the Super Bowl and in an interview with Oprah Winfrey."

Poetry today is the red-headed stepchild of the arts, they have their coterie magazines, and their websites where they try to puff themselves up in to something, but the fact is that today poetry is a cultural dog's breakfast, and almost literally no one vaults to fame as a poet. Amanda Gorman of course being the absolute exception. She's not a down and outer poet, she's not haunting soup kitchens, she's not huffing aerosol cans in the grocery to keep herself awake, she's not sharing a ball of cheese with the rats in the alley, she's not working four jobs to make ends meet and keep body and soul together, she's not like Edgar Allen Poe ending up dead in a gutter, hell no. She's on the royal road to stardom, she can go to the best restaurants in Manhattan and scrawl "We all be equal/there is no sequel" on a table napkin and her whole group can waltz out with their free meal and be on their way on the next trendy night spot.

When for all intents in purposes she's peddling a slightly (slightly mind you) cleaned up version of sheeeiiit.

And it pays well. This is no starving poet. Hell no. Her mother was a single mother (black father couldn't stick around which is par for that course) but the poetess of minor league proportions went to New Roads (K-12) in Santa Monica (tuition a tony 42K per annum), Though her mother being a poor single mother (teacher in Watts) she probably got the first of her many free rides.

Her life is a free ride.   A free ride all over our faces if we don't stop it. 

Indeed when it comes to unmerited free rides this bitch won the lottery.

She is manufactured and ersatz and her blistering success is the result of a concerted effort of hundreds of well-placed flaks and hacks, media types, and celebrities to do their part in laundering this nonentity in to a major cultural figure.

This country will have to live with her breathing down its neck for the next sixty odd years.

Unless we stop it. 

"At age 22, Amanda Gorman is heralded as the next great figure in American poetry."

Robert Frost was a great figure in American poetry. This jumped up pickaninny is nothing of the kind. Her infamous poem was called The Hill We Climb but this is the shit we put up with.

"Born and raised in Los Angeles, she is a graduate of Harvard University and was at the top of her class studying sociology."

Sociology isn't really a discipline; it's really just a very loose conglomeration of ideas aimed at attacking White people in the name of the Jews' long standing and sinister plot to rule the world.

"Since publishing a poetry collection at age 16, her writing won her invitations to the Obama White House and to perform for Lin-Manuel Miranda, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Malala Yousafzai and others. She has performed 4th of July and Thanksgiving poems for CBS, and she has spoken at events and venues across the country, including the Library of Congress and Lincoln Center."

Ye sir indeed, all the liberal vermin welcome her with their open vermin arms.  Fourth of July? Thanksgiving? What did she come up for those all America Holidays?

If we dream past pilgrims
and the mast of the Mayflower,
It may empower us to bravely learn
From the People of the First Light,
To return to Lincoln's fight

She wants to go right past those stalwart early White men who were the vanguard of White Supremacy on this continent, and go straight to Lincoln's fight, a fight of course which was one that cost us 600,000 good and noble White lives (and all their lost posterity) in order to free millions of violence prone negroes. And that's a bad bargain any way you look at it.

"For it's not just in a Declaration of Independence, but the everyday declaration of its descendants that make a people equal. And so let us make a pact to be the country that acts as compassionate as we are courageous."

This is quite close to a non sequitur, or maybe just meaningless drivel. It's a close call.

It takes a monster to kill children
But to watch a monster kill children
Again and again and do nothing
Is insanity
Is inhumanity.

She has that cheap penchant for the last rhyme showing that she's almost rapping here, with about as much artistic merit. It' not poetry but political greeting cards sentiments--and cheap sentiments at that.

In any event she wants to take your guns. And she wants you to eat bugs and live in a pod. She'll chime it for the climate. Though I get the feeling she'll be living high on the hog her political opinions notwithstanding.  While we scratch out a living in the remnants of the Jew apocalypse, she'll be sipping Mint Juleps on a veranda somewhere telling all about those bad plantations. 

Unless we stop it. 


It seems that nothing could stop the glide path of this monster from skyrocketing to instant celebrityhood. She's the poet as moral grandstander, the poet as "wise woman,"; the poet as universal conscience, the poet as high liver, as fashion icon. She's the Chosen One of the Ruling Elite, she will be their go-to mouthpiece at all big occasions. When a White woman is raped she'll say that White lady was shady; when a black criminal is let off she'll say for the blacks too much jail only can fail; when the reparations come pouring down she'll say the money aint white it was White flight put us in this plight. And while she says all this she'll be wearing a brightly colored dress designed by a negro, and the Jews will pat their pet negro poet on the back--for being such a hack.


The breathless (not to say deathless) prose of these fashion flaks really is something. They lard on the treacly and saccharine fashion praise as if she was the latest ghetto trash to get a big movie contract and star in the role of a White woman in a Jewish movie. Because that's really all she is: ghetto trash, but this one supposedly excels in the little known and mostly underappreciated art of poetry. Or in her case making cheap rhymes in time, at that she's a past master--White people are disaster. 

"When poet Amanda Gorman takes the stage at Monday’s NFL Super Bowl the fashion world will be paying close attention to what she wears – and it will likely have an immediate impact for the designer."

All eyes will be riveted. Will the dress be done by Jigaboo Fashions? Or Pickaninny Prints? Congoid Couture? Gorilla Garments? Tar Monster threads? The world waits with bated breath.

Just when you think your estimation of humanity can't get any lower---you realize you were wrong. There really is no basement when it comes to high fashion baseless ballyhoo.

"After all, her clothing from the presidential inauguration – a sunflower-yellow coat and ruby headband, both by Prada, and jewelry loaned from Oprah Winfrey – rivalled first lady Jill Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris’ outfits, as symbolic as they both were, for the event’s top fashion moment."

For this pet negro poet they trotted out the biggest negro lady of all to confer on her the negligible imprimatur of negritude. Oprah! Her fame is inexplicable, she got that big break in that Jew movie directed by Jew Spielberg and she was able to parlay that in to catering to middle aged women with bleak prospects; and next thing you know she was a billionaire and had her own magazine. Only in America as is said--and that's no compliment. She lately said that even dirt-poor White people benefit from White privilege whereas she is a member of victim class despite her great wealth and fame. And other than that other hulking negress (Michelle Obama) Oprah Winfrey is the ideal negro and big wig to begin to pass the torch to the next generation, making sure Gorman is seen as being vaulted in to that sphere of uppity rich and famous negros which plague this nation like mutant cockroaches.

"This week, she clocked up another major milestone, appearing on the cover of Time magazine, in which she speaks with former first lady Michelle Obama, in a dress in a similar yellow (coincidence? almost certainly not) by Canadian brand Greta Constantine and a tiara by another black-owned business, Khiry."

Certainly not! Perish the thought! This time she got interviewed by that other hulking negro ape. First Oprah and then Michelle, this piddly poetess is in the stratosphere here, she's being anointed by the groid goddesses to be the go to gal when the Juneteenth celebrations are due, or Quanza rolls around, when comes the anniversaries of the march on the Selma bridge, or when John Lewis got whupped in the head, or when some black rapist got lynched, or when blacks rioted in Watts or (insert here just about any black majority city), or when George Floyd blessedly breathed his last, when these anniversaries roll around you can be sure they'll try to "class" the event up, to hallow and sanctify them even further in their own deluded minds, by carting in this Gorman lady dressed to the nines in a stylish outfit done by Sartorial Spooks, and she'll lay down some banal poetry.

Emmett Till
He be dead still 
Always remembered 

The tree is where we see
The black man hang
White hate fang

"Following the inauguration, online retailer Net-a-Porter reported massive spikes in search traffic for many aspects of Gorman’s outfit, including Prada headband (up 500 per cent) and Prada yellow coat (triple the traffic of the previous day)."

Just when you think that your estimation of humanity can't get any lower---there is goes.

"Recognizing her potential as a fashion spokesperson and influencer, Gorman was quickly signed by international modelling agency IMG, which represents the likes of Bella and Gigi Hadid. To dismiss Gorman’s pursuit of fashion endorsements as selling out is to reduce the industry – and Gorman’s well-documented love of style – to mindless consumerism. What is safe to assume is that Gorman, with the guidance of IMG, will be incredibly discerning about the brands."

Apparently she can afford to be choosy. She's an icon now, and what designer wouldn't want their creation up there on the biggest stages, the opening of Congresses, Indigenous people days, Cesar Chavez day, she'll develop a poem on demand for the occasion, whether it be a shallow meditation on the plight of the migrant, a superficial exploration of the clash between the Old and New World, a sickly and paltry paean to the struggle for civil rights. And all the news broadcasts on all Jewish media will bring her on (in yet one more dress, by now she never repeats them) and they'll ooh and ahh over her and she'll say some supposedly wise words and everyone will be amazed that such a figure has deigned to live among us.

"Last year, Gorman was one of the faces of fashion chain Loft’s Loftimist campaign (a play on optimists), which featured 20 inspirational women including doctors and philanthropists. And her relationship with Prada dates back to at least 2019, when she spoke at its annual conference on sustainability (another cause she is passionate about) and attended its Milan show, stealing the spotlight from some of the other front-row celebrities, according to Vogue."

So now she's on the list, not just a face in the crowd. If those Hollywood stars don't watch their back this pet negro poet just might steal their thunder and prove that far from being fascism fashion is Bolsheveki to its core.

“There’s this idea of the poor, suffering poet, and I try to exhibit that the poet can be stylish, too, and show that in no way detracts from their poetry.”

A poet aint got to suffer; she can also be plucked from obscurity for no reason at all other than that the New World Order vampires need a lionized young black girl to be the nodal point of all allegedly oppressed minorities. And they can't have that handpicked establishment poet living in no tenement among other negroes, or grubbing through trash cans, or in public housing along with the rats; no she needs to be fine cleaned up negro swooshing from Paris To Milan to say let the Muslims in/Is no Sin.

"She said she chose Prada for designer and CEO Miuccia Prada’s intellect and feminism. It is widely tipped she will favor a black American designer for the Super Bowl."

Jungle bunny duds?  The world waits withe bated breath. 

"As many consumers turn away from traditional ideas of beauty, and along with those the archetypal social media influencer who dominated our feeds for the past five years (thin, curated, young, rich, white), many believe the time is ripe for a new type of fashion icon (skilled, diverse, political, engaged)."

Ha! There is not person on the planet more "curated" than this skinny negro.  The Jew museum directors of the world chose her from the many to be their ideal spokesperson for their sinister and sordid plot to rule the world.  

"For the speaking engagement, Gorman looked to Prada. Gorman wore a white column dress with a boat neckline and a geometric cape."

No one cared much what Robert Frost wore. Mosly rumpled suits from what I can tell but the poetry soared.

"It isn’t hard to see why brands would be drawn to Gorman, whose reach goes well beyond her best-selling books (which are at the top of the Amazon best-seller lists more than six months ahead of their scheduled release). In the days following the inauguration her Instagram following grew from 56,000 to more than 3.3 million, which will no doubt increase further after the Super Bowl."

She's that most reprehensible of things in the modern world, an "influencer." The young and the naive will take their cues from her and line up in the anti-racist queue, she doesn't seem like one of those angry negros like James Baldwin but that's exactly what she is: an angry negro.  You'd say with a human face but there's nothing human about it.


From its inception the United Nations was a communist front and ploy, it's Alger Hiss' legacy organization. FDR gave away the store to Stalin just to appease him so he would join, the UN was and is the  bastard spawn of Jews. They say they want to teach the world to sing in prefect harmony but all those rapporteur Jew Tony Blinken sicced on White America to ferret out the racism tell a different story, they are now control central for being the master minds of White Genocide.

And of course what better place for style guru and inconsequential poet Amanda Gorman to show up than the UN?  All those negro Ambassadors who get to rape the White women in Manhattan and go scot free on their immunity were surely laughing up their sleeves. You go black girl! Give the White man some of his own medicine.

"When Amanda Gorman was invited to read a newly developed poem at the U.N. General Assembly (September 19 2022), the young sensation took a deep look at how several societal issues — such as hunger and poverty — have impacted Earth’s preservation."

She doesn't write poems mind you; she develops them, as if her black pea brain were some kind of worthless think tank in itself, shoveling them off the assembly line, obvious rhymes and all.

The UN is humanity
White man calamity

"The 24-year-old poet created An Ode We Owe in hopes of bringing all nations together to tackle various issues of disparity along with preserving the planet. Gorman once again graced center stage in front of world leaders."

Not grace but disgraced.

"When I was writing this poem, I kept getting flashbacks of several years ago when I came to New York for the first time. I was 16 and I was coming as the United Nations delegate for the Commission on the Status of Women."

It was harridan and harpy Hilary Clinton who created such a "sensation" when she said women's rights are human rights. Ah yes, the right to work, the right to be a cog in a vast Jew machine, the right to kill their own children, the right to be a strident bitch, the right to be divorced, the right to live out their old age single and alone, the right to hector men in to the grave, the right to cry with their cats as they get progressively sloshed by the wine, the right to be found three days after trey die, found from the smell wafting next door of their decomposing body.

Any more rights like those and they are done for.

Back in the 1950s they had the Model UNS, where naive young and well scrubbed White boys and girls would go to participate unwittingly in the communist assault on their race.  Now they are more open about it and negros like Gorman come in and just say they hate White people.  

"I actually think that there’s swaths of the population which has yet to be engaged or kind of told or activated around the Sustainable Development Goals."

Some White people out in the rural countryside aren't yet on board with the insidious plans for their own demise--that has to change.  Just so you know "sustainability" is just a euphemism for the new Morgenthau plan, the hunger plan.  Why else would non yeoman farmer Bill Gates be gobbling up farmland like Oprah gobbles up the buffet?; why else would China be buying up farmland like too many White dupes buy the theory of equality?   
The Great Reset means eating bugs and living in a pod.  No more chicken tendies for you Pepe. 

An Ode We Owe,” first read to the U.N. General Assembly on Monday September 2022 and Gorman's sad penchant for unalloyed crapola was on full display on the world's most execrable stage. 

The depths of death, despair and disparity,
Atrocities across cities, towns & countries
Lives lost, climactic costs.
Exhausted, angered, we are endangered
Not because of our numbers
But because of our numbness.
We’re strangers to one another’s perils and pain

Unaware that the welfare of the public
And the planet share a name– –Equality
Doesn’t mean being the exact same
But enacting a vast aim

Equality is a weapon, a weapon against White people.  And anyway when was the last time a Jew or negro really pushed equality.  Just remember when the evil Civil White movement was spawned if you were against equality you were a deemed a racist.  Now if you are for equality you are deemed a racist.  The Jew not only move the goal post, they've uprooted the entire filed and placed it squarely in the land of Jew and negro Utopia. 

This is the most pressing truth
That our people have only one planet
to call home and our planet has
only one people to call its own.

She said it. One race the human race.  There is no human race.  Yet Jews want you to think that "humanity" is the only social unit that matters.   That humanity is just one big happy family.  But nothing could be more untrue or more dangerous.  If humanity didn't exist (and it never did) Jews would have had to invent it.   And so they did, to our eternal peril. 

And while hope alone can’t save us now
With it we can brave the now
Because our hardest change hinges
On our darkest challenges
Thus may our crisis be our cry
our crossroad, the oldest ode we
owe each other.
We chime it, for the climate,

She rhymes, every time!  She's not a poet but she doesn't know it!

For our communities.
We shall respect and protect
Every part of this planet
Hand it to every heart on this earth,
Until no one’s worth is rendered
By the race, gender, class, or identity
They were born.
This morn let it be sworn that we are
one human kin,

This is dangerous New World Order dogma offered up like slop for the stupid pigs who believe such nonsense.  But you can bet those negro ambassadors applauded loudly; they have no intention that their countries will go green, but they want White people to apologize for the Industrial Revolution and go on a hunger diet forthwith. 


And so now the pet negro poetess basks in her unearned fame, she is coiled and poised like a venomous snake to lash out wherever White pride still exists, wherever Whites have decided to make a stand, wherever White people have decided to fight off the predations of the globalists, wherever White people want to remain unreconstructed so they and their posterity stand a fighting chance in the upcoming final battle for dominion of the earth. 

"I was eating at a restaurant and a woman just came up to me and started crying and saying how much my poetry meant to her."


"I really like to draw from what I consider to be my literary ancestors Zora Neale Hurston or Toni Morrison, who wrote this beautiful prose, which I think came out a culture of language that they drew from the African American community. I think about the titans of writing whose footsteps I would love to dance in."

Trust me those are the pipsqueaks of writing.  The only reason they are remembered and have achieved a kind of sick fame is that they are black and spent their time sticking it to the White man which, it turned out, was a quite lucrative endeavor and harmed their reputations (such as they are) not a jot or whit. 

The same is and will be forever true of Amanda Gorman. 

"Gorman has performed multiple commissioned poems for CBS This Morning and she has spoken at events and venues across the country, including the Library of Congress and Lincoln Center.  Gorman has received a Genius Grant from OZY Media as well as recognition from Scholastic Inc., YoungArts, Glamour magazine College Women of the Year Awards and the Webby Awards. She currently writes for the New York Times newsletter The Edit and recently signed a two-book deal with Viking. She traveled to Slovenia with Prada as a reporter on the company's latest sustainability project and penned the manifesto for Nike's 2020 Black History Month campaign. She is the youngest board member of 826 National, the largest youth writing network in the United States."

Quite an exhausting list.   But it is our patience which is exhausted. 

And of course there was the requisite Ted Talk she gave.  Where she said poetry can seem like this dead art form for old White men who seem like they were born to be old.  The fact that this two bit (I'm being generous) twit has the bitter gall to do a kind of sorry slam poetry and slam the White greats of poetry is appalling.  Those poets are her moral and artistic superiors in every way, you can't mention her in the same breath as them.   Except to say that she is to them as days old rotten chopped liver is to freshly served Chateaubriand. 

"When Amanda Gorman read her poem The Hill We Climb at the 2021 U.S. Presidential Inauguration, she became both the inheritor of a long tradition and a herald of something new. Her verse, as vibrant and elegant as her yellow coat against the cold, illuminated the imagination as well as the occasion, confirming her as a worthy successor to several other Black women inaugural poets writing to and for an American ideal—a lineage traceable all the way back to Phyllis Wheatley who, at the dawn of the Republic, addressed a poem to then General George Washington."

This Phyllis Wheatly met George Washington and was a big fan.  She told him to "proceed great chief with virtue on your side, a crown a mansion and a throne with gold unfading Washington will be thine.

Virtue.  Hell, in the current year Washington is deemed to have no virtues, not stoicism, courage, clear-headedness, no a steely unflappability.   In fact they are taking his name off of schools and toppling his statues. 

"From racism to climate catastrophes and a general malaise she is penning a letter to the world as a daughter of it. Gorman's bold, oracular pronouncements bear witness to collective experience, with an uncanny confidence and a prescient tone that are all the poet’s own." 

Oh yes, the oracle; a lot like that demented statue of that little negro boy they put up in New York City, the one that looked like he was fresh from boiling human bones in the cauldron and eating the warm flesh of his enemies.  They say Gorman is change-maker, and wordsmith, and of course she's a celebrity and a fashion icon but other than simply black poet the category they like to have her seen in is oracle.   

Her proncouncment?

White man dead
Blacks instead

Which is more proof, is any more is needed, that the world had gone irredeemably to hell in a handbasket. 

“A security guard tailed me on my walk home tonight. He demanded if I lived there because you look suspicious, the 22-year-old National Youth Poet Laureate tweeted. I showed my keys & buzzed myself into my building. He left, no apology. This is the reality of black girls: One day you’re called an icon, the next day, a threat.”

Good call on the part of that security guard.  She is suspicious, and she is a threat---a mortal one to us.

Proceed accordingly.



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