When They Were Kangz

William Pierce was a great admirer of Kenneth Clark, whose series Civilization showcased the wonders of European culture.  Pierce never made the claim that Clark was a racialist but all the same he was positive that Clark knew the score on that account.  He said that Clark was subtle, he would juxtapose a simplistic African mask with a marvelous Grecian statue--and let the viewer decide if there is any comparison.

There is not. 

Now the BBC has a remake of Clark's classic series, but this time around they are calling it Civilizations.

We have Jews to thanks for that final s.  

As if other than White Civilization there was any other civilization worthy of the name. 

There is not.   But the BBC wants you to think all civilizations are equal.  Or really that African civilization is not only the best, they ar they are the ones that started it all.


The negros are a sorry lot, they lost the racial sweepstakes for excellence and it wasn't even close.   It must be rather galling to know that your ancestors produced absolutely nothing of any worth, and for all anyone knew your race might as well not have been here and no one would even notice.  And it must be particularly galling to know the utter nullity of your race in today's context when every Jew media outlet tells them they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, and they know that White people created sliced bread.  Hell they didn't even invent peanut butter.  

That's really got to hurt. 

And that's what that garbage about those black ladies sending us to the moon is all about.   It's done in the hopes that these cosmic losers can have something to hang on to, otherwise their scandalously high (and totally unwarranted) self-esteem might flag and sag.

Got to keep the blacks spirits up, tell them they are the best, always have been really.   There's nothing like it to get one of those toothy grins.    

And so the Jew run Metropolitain Museaum of Art in Jew York City has an exhibit to try to help out in this matter.  It's like showing King Henry VIII as black, it's totally laughable, but if the "powers that be" say it's so maybe they'll fool the foolish.   Here's the big idea this time.  Everyone knows that at its cultural height Egypt was Aryan (before they mixed with the blacks) and the reasonably high art they produced was Aryan art.  It was early Aryan art but it was Aryan art.  Not negro art, far from it.  Not African art except in the most technical (geographical) sense.  That is the art world's "dirty little secret."  But that's no good for these liars.  Now they want you to believe that there was a "secret and unexplained" two-way influence between the Egyptians (who were themselves black and night they now say) and the sub-Saharans (who are as black as sin).  No, really, that's what they say, in this most "prestigious" museum in the world.  It would be scandalous were it not so stupid. To prove this they show a tall and elegant figure of the Egyptians and a squat ugly one of the negros.   Supposedly they are similar and (voila!) negros began civilization.

How about that?

That's some really Jewish fancy footwork or, as we like to call it, transparent nonsense.  

It occurs to me that a cigar is sort of like a rocket ship but no one ever accused the makers of Monetecristos of being astronauts.

It's really pretty pathetic.  Everyone knows that negros were not (and are not) capable of creating a civilization, let alone a great one.   It's not surprising with their notorious short time preferences and their K strategies, if it is not too exalted to call a strategy rutting in heat all the time and ignoring the children.


So now the Jews are trying to grandfather the negroes in to being creators of civilization with this Rube Golberg logic.   It won't wash but that doesn't mean they won't try.   And what do you know but they have an "academic pedigree" for this balderdash in the form of a dark-skinned "scholar" who got himself some edu-ma-cation. Just as Judith Butler pushed "gender trouble" back in the mid-nineties and was thought to be muttering in a corner but now it's the gender fluid everywhere; and just as White Fragility was promulgated by Robin DiAngelo in 2011 but the evil flower bloomed only a decade later;  so this Diop fellow pushed Kangz Ideology way back in the mid 20th Century ("Africans are the fount of all civilization"), it took him a little longer but now they have Hollywood Jewish movies peddling his errant tripe and every two-bit black female celebrity corn rows her hair and thinks she's the Queen Of Wakanda. 

"Distinguished historian and Pan-African political leader, Cheikh Anta Diop was born in Senegal.  Once at the Sorbonne, however, Diop became involved in the African students’ anticolonial movement, where young intellectuals worked for African independence. He helped organize the first Pan-African Student Congress in Paris in 1951 and in 1956 participated in the First World Congress of Black Writers and Artists in Paris. These movements laid the groundwork for a growing African liberation sentiment, supported by the ideological arguments of Negritude, Marxism, and Pan-Africanism."

Distinguished?  What a crock.  He's a two-bit hack with a cock and bull story full of cockamamie details.  The first thing he gets wrong is that the Egyptians of this time were black.  Due to the massive propaganda of today it seems counter-intuitive that they were Aryan but really that is patently obvious.  First off the level of civilization they attained could never have been attained by the negro, unless you think they hit a peak and then for some odd reason went back to carving misshapen ugly figures for no apparent reason.  If you have any doubt just ask yourself if Julius Ceasar or Marc Antony would have formed liaisons with Cleopatra had she any sub-Saharan blood.  The very notion is absurd on its face. 

This Diop fellow obviously resented and hated the White world and wanted to take it down a peg or two (or as many as he could).  This guy is the "brains" behind that we wuz kangs philosophy, if such brain dead matter can be called a philosophy (it can't).  He's the guy behind all that Wakanda propaganda, that deep in the dark continent there were ingenious engineers, great physicists, proto space programs, aqueducts, amazingly buildings, indoor plumbing, tiny microchips, and all the luxuries of an advanced civilization.  That there is not on iota of a trace of it, or any empirical evidence for it, doesn't slow them down. Who need da' evi-ma-dence?  It was the White man who covered it up and with their White Supremacy and their racism who stopped these progressive and flourishing polities.  And no one had any inkling of it at all until Diop came along and set the record straight.  

They was Kangz!

"Committed to the richness of African history, Diop’s 1951 Ph.D. dissertation came at a time when European cultural superiority was the accepted notion, Diop proclaimed that African civilizations were the inspiration and origin of European accomplishments."

You mean to say that European cultural superiority is no longer the accepted notion?  Perhaps in the salons and newspapers and magazines of liberal insects, but deep in their hearts everyone knows it, if they are half honest at all.  But give this devil his due, his insane idea prevailed among the "educated" and "refined" of our day, it was Out of Africa, don't you know.   They had budding DaVincis and Ur-Thomas Edisons cheek by jowls with the mud hut. 

Who knew? 

No one until Diop came along. 

"The Sorbonne rejected his dissertation, yet his work nevertheless received worldwide attention."

Later when Diop published his "findings" in a book the title of which is riddled with oxymorons (Negro Nations And Culture) the Sorbonne backed down and gave him his doctorate (in 1960).   How the mighty fell, eh? 

His most famous work was The African Origin Of Civilization which just so happens to be the name of the exhibit at the Met. 

"As a testament to his global effect, Diop was invited to Atlanta, Georgia where Mayor Andrew Young proclaimed April 4th Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop Day.” 

What on earth was an American Mayor doing honoring this moron?  Oh, yeah the mayor was black.  And Atlanta by then was already billing itself as the city which was too busy to hate.  

If you ever find yourself too busy to hate---take stock of your priorities.  It's the lack of hate which sent this nonentity's idea into the limelight, and lo these many years later we get series called Civilizations (as if there was more than the White one), we get Cheddar Man (early Europeans were black) and we get Ann Boylen as black and eighteenth-century aristocrats as black in television series.  Negros were on the ground floor of all culture and civilization, don't you know.  


Back then they were Kangz.   Despite being separated by an inhospitable and unpassable desert the sub-Saharans (by strange voodoo telepathy) were in great cultural contact with the Egyptians to the north, there was a great two-way transfer of knowledge.   It was all secret until Diop blew the lid off it.  Apparently, until then the White man has been covering it up.  And if, as the great Hamburger Today says, this supposed "secret" connection sounds an awful lot like one of those conspiracy theories you hear about it, it's because in this case it is:  this Diop fellow is a crank and a tin foil hat loser but, give the negro his due, he now has the Met to back him up.  Too say his raving are today fashionable is to say the least of it, such are the tricks in a low and disgusting age. 

"In 1974, Senegalese scholar and humanist Cheikh Anta Diop shocked and challenged historians with his groundbreaking book, The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality. In that now-classic text, he asserted that ancient Egypt—whose civilization was a source for the subsequent development of cultural traditions in the rest of the African continent and the Western world—belongs to Africa."

Shocked and challenged?  I'd say more likely shocked and appalled.  In 1974 the writing was on the wall of "civil rights" and "black power" but even at that time the world of scholarship retained a modicum of self-respect.  The notion that Negros were black and that the ape like Congoid further South were the Ur-artists of the world would have been more than enough to make a White scholar at that time fall out of his chair--laughing.   

"In recognition of Diop’s visionary call to acknowledge Africa’s foundational role in major cultural developments, The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibition The African Origin Of Civilization.  This exhibit will present, for the first time in the Museum’s history, iconic works from its collections from West and Central Africa alongside art from ancient Egypt."

Iconic?  Squat, ugly big lipped, childlike figures which don't deserve the name of art, iconic?  Rather they look like what I threw out last Wednesday.   But the juggernaut of black worship is picking up steam and it's all hands on the Jewish deck with this dreck.  
"Forty-two masterpieces of African art spanning five millennia will be displayed in the exhibition, which features highlights from two areas of The Met collection—the Department of Egyptian Art and The Michael C. Rockefeller Wing—in a series of visual and thematic juxtapositions. Twenty-one examples of the artistry from ancient Egypt, created between about 3650 and 350 B.C.E., will be paired with 21 works from sub-Saharan Africa, ranging in date from the 16th to the mid-20th century and representing more than a dozen distinct artistic traditions."

This Michael Rockefeller's claim to fame was he got eaten by Africans, now his name is lent to an exhibit that says those negros were the height of refinement.  And iconic wasn't enough now the Lovecrafitian horrors are exalted to "masterpieces."   And the amazing thing is this "secret affinity" not only works across vast expanses of empty spaces but also across great time spans---and in reverse!   You know that deep in the heart of Wakanda they had hover craft which could violate all the rules of physics.  But the White man doesn't want you to know.  

"Visitors will discern unexpected parallels and contrasts that will deepen their understanding of the breadth and depth of Africa as a source of civilization with unparalleled complexity and longevity.

If they have not succumbed to the Jewish spell of our times visitor will see no such parallels.  They will see a finely crafted couple standing next to each other in contrast to two stick figures; they will see a sleek figure with thin lips next to that squat homunculus with the bulbous lips.   And what will they think?   

Hopefully that these Jews must be stopped. 


This exhibit at the Met is nothing short an intellectual quagmire and travesty, it should mortify them, it is an embarrassment.  By claiming Africa of the sub-Sahara as the foundation of all culture they are poisoning the wells of scholarship.  To compare figures that are squat and ugly and big lipped with those that are sleek and streamlined really our Herods Herod, but that's the thing about these Jews, they know no remorse nor any guilt, and in their own minds their greatest strength is they've never known a day of shame. 

"Egypt’s inextricably deep cultural connection with the African continent at large, and the two-way exchange of materials and ideas between Egypt in northern Africa and the rest of the continent to the south. The 21 pairings in this exhibition foreground the resonance of shared ideas and motifs across Africa’s many cultures: family, motherhood, love, kingship, regalia, beauty, and the natural world." 

This obnoxious and ludicrous "Afrocentrism" is a main prop in the Jewish vision for world domination.  It may seem unbelievable that blacks would be at the center of anything but realism was never anything to stop a Jew; and just as they want to put that simian negro next to the lithe blonde girl in that ad, so they want the academic sheen to add glamour to the idea that all culture and all art has a black provenance; didn't "humanity" start in Africa?  Why, so did civilization! You think Homer or Dante or Shakespeare were great?  Well, you should see what they were doing down on the Congo!  Beethoven was black they say, and Bach probably too, and wasn't one of the English Royal family black?  And the first Europeans were black so don't worry about all those African going on raping sprees in Vienna and Stockholm---those towns belong to them.  You see a black Achilles and blacks in Lord Of The Rings, and now the Metropolitan Museum Of Art has given this tripe their fully fledged imprimatur---such as it is.   You see Kenneth Clark had it all backwards, there are many civilizations, and the White one is the least among them.   And that simplistic African mask?   Why, much better than that noble Grecian statue--and anyway whatever the Greeks may have done they stole.  So that's the theory and that it is accepted by the nominally educated and sent out to the liberal masses--it only goes to show under what an evil spell they all are, an evil Jewish spell.   And for the still sane and healthy minded the theory seems rather rickety and has more gaping holes than our border, but that's no problem for the Jews, you must always remember that this Rube Goldberg fellow is the master of convoluted logic and a past master of tactical nihilism--and he never gives up. 


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