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There won't always be an England. At least not an England to speak of. And certainly no England a decent Whtie man would want to live in.

Dead White Males--they want more of them.

Dead White Males--a phrase from the 1980s from which all the evil flower of our time flow. Dead White Males refers to the canon of great White writers (aren't all of them White and all of them dead?) that they wanted to expunge. They wanted to decolonize the curriculum, to purge the canon of Whiteness. And lo these many years later they have done a lot of damage.

Of course that leaves you with that skinny faggot James Baldwin and Toni Morrison which is nothing to write home to mama about unless your mama weighs 300 pounds, wears a parachute as dress and sits on the stoop all day in her weave and nursing the 40s Marqavious brings home. Indeed, going from Shakespeare to Nikkie Giovanni is like giving up a great feast and opting for the begging bowl, it's like begging off the chateaubriand and digging in to the chopped liver. But that's just it. White greatness rankles them, causes them to seethe with anger and resentment

They can't create greatness, but they can destroy greatness--if we let them.

Then you're left with Leroy T. Poet---and the poem he scrawled on the bathroom stall door at the behest of the Jews. Leroy calls it White Genocide. Leroy thinks it is his piece de resistance, he has no earthly idea what piece de resistance means but he heard a Jew say it once and it sounded important.


Back in 1993 at the inaugural we got the execrable poetic stylings of Maya Angelou who taught us that day to know why the caged bird keeled over and died. She ticked off the litany of race bastards who inhabit our country, and exhorted us to love "multiculturalism." Then in 2021 we got the teen wonder Amanda Gorman who was up there for no other reason than she was black, but she was black so she got a big fashion contract and was soon nightclubbing with P Diddy, such being the wages of sin. Then dark night fell in Alabama when they picked a 250 bruiser of a black lady to be their "poet laureate" and she quickly proceeded to call for the Death Of The White man at a slam event.

Now in England the arbiters of the "exams" are taking a page from that Princess Whore who married that red headed lad who once dressed up as a National Socialist but has since ceded his balls once and for all to his witch like black wife. That is the examiners are beginning the slow yet inexorable process of bleeding and leeching out the Whiteness of the syllabus. These books and tests that the students take have poems from the British greats but unshockingly the examiners examined the list and found them "too White".

What's an examiner to do?

Decolonize the curriculum! Which is just colonization in reverse. This England is headed to the dung heap of history, don't you know?


Things have got pretty low in the UK when it's an Iraqi born sand negro who defends the White Literary Canon. Perhaps no White man any longer has the courage to do it do they send out the Iraqi born sand negro to defend Phillip Larkin---who taught him to speak English after all. Now that the darkies have the whip hand the best White men think they can do is cower behind the lectern and hope they can find visible minority to say a good word for them now and again. It's no way for an honorable people to act.

Nadhim Zahawi (what?) has ascended the greasy pole of UK politics based solely on the dark color of his skin and has become the Education Secretary. Lately some anti-White zealots cleansed the tests and curriculum of a host of White men and he objected. It's an open question if he knows that the fact that so many of his race brethren are in the UK is why that happened, or what he would say about it if he did.

"Britain’s education secretary, Nadhim Zahawi, has accused an English examination board of cultural vandalism because it has removed from the syllabus some 15 poems including works by Philip Larkin, Wilfred Owen and Seamus Heaney."

Damn, one of those White males is barely dead and he's already getting the old heave-ho, no dust settles on the shoes of these visible minorities in England. The one problem with Heaney is he translated Beowulf, and it's safe to say the home, hearth, and battle values of that poem are no longer welcome in not so merry New England.

"Nadhim Zahawi will read the riot act to woke exam bosses for dumping white poets from the syllabus in the name of diversity."

Yes indeed the offloading has begun. They pity the poor Paki who has to read Recessional, the poor lad from Jamaica bred on a steady diet of drug addict Bob Marely who has to pore over Dover beach, the poor Indian lady who had see if she can decipher that one about the Grecian Urn, or the sub-Saharan who hasn't the faintest clue as to who this Auden fellow is.

And the Wrath Of The Awakened Saxon sends shivers down their spines.

"OCR, one of England’s three main exam boards, has announced a reform to its English literature syllabus to make way for exciting and diverse new poems. It has included 15 new works, retained 30 and removed 15. New names include British-Jamaican poet Raymond Antrobus."

Antrobus? He's a legend! He's the one who wrote the limerick about the marijuana plant. And if negros from the Caribbean don't excite and enrich you you're out of step with the new overlords of literature in England. They haven't seen a skinny cabana boy from the Virgin Isles who specializes in obscene graffiti that they won't elevate to the first rank of poets; if there's a just resettled refugee from Syria who wrote the ode to the Hookah he'll be on the exam; and the Yemeni goat farmer who writes paeans to sex with sheep, that's a five-star rated poet there! Don't you feel enriched? No more of that drab White man poetry that is the wonder of the world, now you get the strident voices of the marginalized and you see realize they were marginalized for a reason

"Our anthology for GCSE English literature students will feature many poets that have never been on a GCSE syllabus before and represent diverse voices, from living poets of British-Somali, British-Guyanese and to one of the first black women in 19th-century America to publish a novel."

Safe to say quality won't be job one. Dredge the ghetto for someone who can put two words together (barely), word is they were asking the janitorial staff at the BBC to jot down a few words on par with "see spot run" so they could fil out the space left by exiting Alexander Pope.

"Of the 15 poets whose work has been added, 14 are poets of colour. Six are black women, one is of South Asian heritage. Our new poets also include disabled and LGBTQ+ voice

What would it be without a bit of faggotry? And when they say South Asian don't let them fool you, that's not those guys with the slanty eyes (which would be bad enough) but those dark-skinned fellows who have an unfortunate penchant for planting bombs in their underwear and don't mind blowing their johnson (or Al-zawari I suppose) to smithereens as long as they take out some White folk.

And a cripple too! Which reminds us that James Watt got in hot water but had it right when he mirthfully and mercilessly skewered this kind of diversity mongering: “We have every kind of mix you can have. I have a black, I have a woman, two Jews and a cripple.”

The board of examiners only has one Jew--but he's deaf.

A diversity twofer don't you know.

"But slamming the clearout of white writers, Mr Zahawi fumed: Larkin and Owen are two of our finest poets. Removing their work from the curriculum is cultural vandalism. Their work must be passed on to future generations - as it was to me . He said Larkin's poems helped him learn English when he arrived as a refugee from Iraq aged nine."

Who let him in? I hope defending the White cultural heritage is nt a job that the natives won't do, though I suspect that it is. Despite his protestations of the "clearout" he most definitely is part of the problem. Who are we to Zahawi or Zahawi to us after all.

"Mr, Zahawi will personally telephone OCR chiefs today to forcefully make the point that inclusivity should not come at the expense of core authors."

Notice how he doesn't disparage inclusivity in and of itself. So he's trying to parse it too fine, in the end it will be one or the other. And in any event how long will they be the core? As the current crop of decimation show these things are ruled over by a tiny elite, and can change with lightening speed; a famous book about Weimar was subtitled The Outsider As Insider and what today is cental tomorrow can be extraneous and vice versa; that the new "core" will be warmed over crapola is a given but in a country where people are "learning English" who will know and, what's more, who will be who to say so? Perhaps one day that Eritrean nobody will be buried in Poets Corner right there along the greats, that is if the bodies of the greats haven't been dug up and burned in public with howls of execration.

"We must not deny future students the chance to make a similarly powerful connection with a great British authors, or miss out on the joy of knowing his work. Their work must be passed on to future generations - as it was to me. I will be speaking to the exam board to make this clear.'

They will laugh him out of school.

"Thomas Hardy, John Keats have also been culled from the syllabus."

But what really would their connection to them? Perhaps here and there there will be a person like the Education Secretary who for whatever reason gravitates toward the English heritage; but this person is the extreme exception, the exception which proves the rule, The rule that goes these new arrivals have no reason to care one whit or jot about the Battle Of Hastings, or Iambic Pentameter, or the Lake Poets.

After all what are they to Keats or Keats to them?

Nothing, that's what. Unless he's being excoriated as one of those Dead White Males and unceremoniously kicked to the curb.

"OCR insisted its overhaul will let kids read poets that have never featured on the curriculum before. It said: Of the 15 poets whose work has been added, 14 are poets of colour."

They make it sound like there's one White guy among the newbies who got added, but that "non person of color" is actually a Jews. A deaf Jew at that.

"Some of the best-known First World War works, including Owen's Anthem for Doomed Youth have been scrapped from the conflict section of the anthology - replaced by new pieces including We Lived Happily during the War by Ilya Kaminsky, Colonization in Reverse by Louise Bennett Coverly and Thirteen by Caleb Femi.

That Kaminsky is the deaf Jew. This Louise Bennet Coverly sounds High Wasp but in fact she's one of those big fat negro ladies who wear the exotic hats and the ginormous multicolored mumus which look like they could double as a parachute in a pinch. Her poem is about how the coloreds are now colonizing England and is written in a childlike "patois" which the lords of English education today will valorize as Hight Art.

What joyful news, Miss Mattie
I feel like my heart gwine burs
Jamaica people colonizin
England in revers

By de hundred, by de tousan
From country and town
By de ship load and de plan load
Jamaica is Englan boun

Clearly this pidgin trash shows that in England today beauty is not truth nor truth beauty. And all this race vermin know on earth will be nothing whatsoever. That such poetry which could have been written by a moderately gifted eight year old should be so vaunted and vaulted into the Canon--well, there won't always be an England.

"Tracy Hayes, of the Thomas Hardy Society, said she was saddened to hear of the removal of poems by Hardy and Owen."

Safe to say the future of England does not belong to the Tracy Hayeses of the world.

"As a serving soldier who experienced atrocities first-hand his poems are crucial to the curriculum if students are to achieve any sense of history. Owen could also be seen as representing the LGBTQ+ voice in poetry, writing at a time when his sexuality was still punishable as a criminal offence."

There we have it, try to sneak Owens in to the rainbow future under the cover of sodomy. They might try to squeak Shakespeare in under the same rubric for his "fair youth" sonnets but as the Grand Master he'd stand no chance.

Shakespeare after all is the White Whale of Dead White Males.

"Graham Chesters, who chairs the Philip Larkin Society, added: I find Larkin's exclusion very disappointing."

You think someone named Graham Chesters who fiddles with his stamp collection has any idea what is going on? A people who pin their hopes and dreams on someone named Graham Chesters and who say he's "disappointed" at the Genocide of White writers will neve have the will to survive.


No, there will be no more dead White males. Their excellence is too blinding for the rabble who will inherit this country. They say the Normans took over England in one battle, but these coloreds took it over without a formal shot, took it over when the White man abdicated in a fit of guilt and shame. No, now they have a Somali-British writer and poet born in Nairobi and raised in London, a British Nigerian poet born in London to an English mother and a Jamaican father, now they have a 32-year-old Nigerian-born writer, and a Jamaican poet and activist.

And of course the deaf Jew whom they sneakily grandfather in as a White man.

They are fooling no one.


There's a famous video of the vile Boris Johnson bellowing out lines from the Iliad by memory, one by one the lines come, and as the heroic cadences swell you realize that once upon a time the English schoolboy learned a thing or two. But of course it's all a ruse. The blond Johnson relishes such performances as it gives the White British the idea that in him they are in good hands. But of course he's a Jew and an ersatz John Bull and he blinds the people by seeming to be one of them but sneakily overthrowing all they cherish.

In her patois trash the fat negro Coverly gloats over the fact that England has submitted, that England has been colonized by the former colonized, she mocks the English for becoming a subject people.

What a devilment a englan
Dem face war an bave de worse
But me wonderin how dem gwine stand
Colonizin in revers

How will they stand it? They won't, that's for sure, they won't go kicking and screaming, they'll take it lying down.

Then the obese black poet gives her coda on the conquest:

Turn history upside dung!

History upside dung--that says it all. Dead White Males don't you know--that's what they want more of. It will be a country of childish garbage and pidgin patois, no more will the poets thunder out their heroic verses, no more will Albion rule the waves, no more a demi paradise. And no one there will remember Vera Lynn, not now that the darkies have the whip hand and the dung heap of history beckons.


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