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Racial Purity

Just the other day the Global Ruling Elite shit itself in unison when Viktor Orban had the unmitigated temerity to state the obvious: racially homogeneous countries are strong, diverse ones are weak. For all the fanfare and unholy screeching you'd have thought he just passed the Nuremberg Laws on a simple voice vote, opened up the camps, turned the gas on, and offered free copies of the Protocols to anyone around. They trotted out "Goebbels", and began their banshee wailing, their renting of their garments, went full Fukushima, and caterwauled all across the Jewish media. It was a pure Nazi text it was said, dangerous and threatening. All of which makes me think that whatever the appearance they don't think they have it in the bag, not at all. The know they can lose, and so they can. And for all their talk of a recrudescence, or nativism, or atavism, or White Nationalists, or hate, or privilege, or Supremacy, or domestic terrorism, they know that their arrogance and a

Jews Welcome The Stranger

Every single time you say every single time you're always amazed that it really is every single time. It's always the Jews. Whenever the White race is being attacked, whenever crime is being fomented, wherever sickness is being fostered, wherever the youth are being corrupted, wherever order is being overthrown, wherever treason is being done, wherever immigrants are being shoveled in, wherever the country is being sold out, wherever the Ruling Elite plots, wherever our enemies congregate, it's always the Jews, always has been the Jews, and always will be the Jews until we stop them. Every Single Time. Now a group funded lavishly by Jew George Soros is getting bucketsful of money from the Jew ridden Biden regime (that is money from you and me) in order to provide lawyers to illegal wetbacks so said wetbacks can stay in America and prey on you (thus fulfilling Jew designs) and suck on welfare money. When on the off chance they get caught after they commit their crimes a

The Whip Hand

When back in 1968 Enoch Powell said that in the not too distant future the black man in England would have the whip hand the most typical response (other than hysterical meltdowns) was that he was being alarmist. Turns out he may have understated the case. There won't always be an England. That much is certain. At least not a White England which is the only England worthy of the name. "Out of a squad of 23 players on England's soccer team there are three minority ethnics in the England women’s team: Jess Carter, Nikita Parris and Demi Stokes." For the visible minorities that certainly will not do. It seems that currently the England's women's soccer team is largely White--and that's got the visible minorities hopping mad. "A BBC Sports presenter introduced a segment which expressed concern about the English female football team comprising of players who are all white." England too White? Is that even possible? Oh, it is, or so they say. “But