Quilt Guilt

How do you make an American feel guilt? If the American is an aging White hippiesh Unitarian it's not all that hard. If she's a woman she'll have graying hair, have been divorced (for good reason) will dress like a bag lady with shabby genteel pretensions, and have multiple COEXIST bumper stickers on her beat up Volvo; if he's a man he'll have a pony tail, look like he hasn't had a decent meal in a week, and will constantly pepper his conversation with the word "sensitive."  Not too long ago these cretinous types would have dabbled in EST, participated in encounter groups and explored "human potential."  Now they are "trans Christian" which means they no longer believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ (somehow they deem that to be fascist) but they certainly think that Jesus fellow had some excellent idea about social relations, all about how the last will be first and the first will be last and the meek will inherit the earth. That they swallow. But in truth they will find themselves gravitating towards some variant of Buddhism, a practice created by another impractical dreamer who summarily banished the struggle for existence by summarily deeming it unreal.

Good luck with that.

But these Unitarians aren't giving up the ghost on peace, love, and understanding, they've neutered themselves in the struggle of life but they love every living thing. Emerson said that one day every man would become a Unitarian. It hasn't been quite as universal as he predicted but the Unitarians became the fateful link between Christianity and Humanism and surrender. The White liberal wants to form a moral community but looks on a racial community as retrograde. Or as the forthcoming Big Book Of Racism (Deutsche Verlag) defines it a Unitarian is a fag with a cross in his hand.

The First Unitarian Universalist Church (what a handle!) in Albany New York has bad case of quilt guilt. They have a quilt that spans the generations but now it's on the ash heap of history. Wasn't welcoming enough don't you know.

It was way too White.


A quick perusal of the church's website reveals the members to be standard issue liberal maggots, having succumbed to all of the anti-racist manias of the day. They brag that they are a welcoming congregation, that they cultivate compassion, and that they are beacon of liberal religion, reason, and social justice.

That is, they are unregenerate liberal maggots.

They are up front about the fact that they will take in every kind of freak, after all Jesus never said he was God but he did socialize with the whore and the lepers.

"Albany UU is a welcoming congregation, founded with the idea that no matter your beliefs, your sexual identity, or even your religion, you have a home with us."

And of course no new age church would be complete without welcoming the racial stranger. The Unitarians are all of them White and to them their entire history has the "stink of whiteness" all over it. They can't wait to be replaced, they can't wait to welcome every race alien into their midst, if they get robbed or raped it will be their good deed for the day.

"Albany Unitarian Universalist has declared itself a Sanctuary congregation, repeating the action taken in 1984 in response to refugees fleeing violence in Central America."

This is more than liberation theology. This is the theology of suicide, this is giving up the ghost of your race.

"As a measure to address white supremacy (universally present and/or experienced by virtue of our culture and history) in ourselves, our interactions, and our congregation, the Inclusivity Team is collaborating with Gemma Halfi to provide a book discussion learning group to explore the ideas presented in the book Caste: The Origins Of Our Discontents."

If there's a motion for extinguishing themselves you can be sure they have a team for it.   And they will ensure that team is ruthless in eradicating them until they have been wiped from the face of the earth.   After all what could be more moral than exiting the stage of history in a hall of shame?


The leader of this troupe of misfits and losers and mutants looks like one of those old birds who used to stand on a soap box and rant nonsense all day..His name is Reverend Sam Trumbore but in the loosey-goosy casual world of these nine balls he goes by the simple moniker of "Rev Sam."

Safe to say Rev Sam has a big problem with the fact that he's White.  He doesn't like it one little bit.  This odd ball is as White as White can be but he'll have no truck with Whiteness. He wants to make sure his congregation is purging themselves of this incontrovertible sin; when the Rev sees or thinks about Whiteness he thinks he has looked on the grim visage of the beast and he recoils in mortal terror.  He wants to make sure that the oddballs who follow him toe the same line of White phobia.

"When I heard about the shootings at the Tops in Buffalo, it became personal. When my wife Philomena, infant Andrew and I lived in Buffalo, we shopped at Tops. We lived in a predominantly Black neighborhood in Northeastern Buffalo. Our family could have been in a Tops when such murderous racist violence occurred. It didn’t feel far away but something that could have happened to us."

Notice how the good Rev took his young wife and his young child and put them in harm's way.  Lived on purpose around the negros to prove a point that he was an open minded nonracist White man.   

"Buffalo was first settled primarily by New Englanders. The first wave of European immigrants was a large influx of Germans. The city was further populated by Irish immigrants, then infused by Polish and Italians. More recently Latino populations arrived and then the newest immigrants are from Somalia, Sudan, and Asia.

A sad tale of racial decline. 

And of course the blacks. In 1940 Buffalo was 96 percent White, in the last 80 years that has been halved to 47 percent.  Now it's 35 precent black, three times the national rate.  Safe to say they don't have old style New England town hall meeting there.  More like rape and rampage don't you know. 

The good Rev surely saw the inevitable consequences of all that blackness and he and his family are lucky to have survived alive by the skin of their teeth. But I'm sure to hear him tell it the pickanninies were all good boys who never did nothing, who helped elderly ladies across the street, and could be seen singing non-denominational hymns come a fine Sunday morning. If by any odd chance one of them had inexplicably strayed from the garden path he was now turning his life around (that's the story they like to tell).

And of course you know when the monstrous Rev Sam heard about the idea of The Great Replacement it set his overbitten teeth on edge.  Just imagine he thinks!  Some White people don't want to have their race and their power diminished---how dare they.  He knows in his "big heart" that the Great Spirit In The Sky he worships (on his knees, like he lives) wants the White race to go the way of the Dodo, that the White race has committed so many crimes that they no longer warrant existence.  

"There has been much in the news about replacement theory. It is white supremacy in its most obvious and unvarnished form. I’ve been dismayed to hear it so openly discussed and the racist dimensions explained in a way that could send the haters to the Internet to learn more. But on the other side, maybe pointing to the vile content and dog whistle references to it by political candidates running for office can expose this radicalization process so it can be stopped."

You can't stop it, sir.   You are a weak man whose testicles currently reside in jar and are being held hostage by the negroes.   They will extort you mercilessly but have no plans to give them back.  

"The basic idea of the theory is the fear of white power being diminished by those who are not classified as white. It promotes fear of the changing demographics of this nation that will eventually mean that whites will be a minority. They want to stop that transfer of democratic power to non-whites by whatever means necessary."

That's right you liberal maggot.  And recall that when we do it's traitor's first. 


Quilts are that most beautiful thing, an artistic manifestation about how life works.  The quilt is a multigenerational artwork, it starts out in time and as time and life pass squares are added; the artwork is then passed on to the next generations who add their squares in turn.  At any given moment the quilt is a picture of a living process captured; it shows where things stand today but, in theory at least, there is no limit to how large the quilt can grow.  But as a repository of memory it will last forever. 

"Quilts are an art form that can be created by multiple generations, with a parent passing down the quilt to their offspring who, with the help of siblings and children, add pieces that reflect new events and additions to the family."

That is it links the past to the future in the present. 

So you can see that with something so traditional, so wedded and reverent of the past, that Sam Trumbore has a quilt problem.

Actually he has a guilt problem, a White Guilt problem.

Because Sam Trumbore is a liberal maggot.  

"The Sesquicentennial Quilt may create unintended, harmful impressions for some regarding race, gender, and hetero-family norms – and is therefore no longer well aligned with Albany UU’s mission to be a welcoming and inclusive congregation."

That's right folks back in 1992 some Unitarians at Trumbore's church made a quilt to celebrate the 150th year of its existence.  1992 being far along in the anti-White hate category, yet we had yet to see the uncontrollable explosion of that vicious ideology.  So those unsuspecting quilters made their quilt, thinking it would last forever. 

How wrong they were.   Because now it's got to go: 150 years down the drain. 

What's the problem you might ask?   Why, the quilt is too White.  

And Sam Trumbore is a liberal maggot. 

"Is the quilt too White to be welcoming?"

"The quilt will be replaced by imagery that better suits the congregation."

Word is they are considering a quilt which depicts a row of White people on their knees in chattel slavery with chains around their necks looking up at a group of menacing negros.  That will welcome the blacks just fine--show them who owns the joint. 

"The Inclusivity Team has received feedback from youth, guests, rental customers, Black and People of Color visitors and members of our congregation that the Sesquicentennial Quilt hanging in the old sanctuary is not inclusive."

Oh yes the Inclusivity Team, every institution dedicated to liberal maggothood needs one.   Can you imagine "guests" coming in to a church, seeing something that doesn't suit them and complaining?  Some blacks wandered in to a place that has been around for 180 years by now and said: you see that Quilt, that's racist!  And the amazing thing is instead of telling them to go pound sound, they listened!

Oh the listened very well.  You have to be welcoming to the stranger after all, and not only welcoming but bend over backwards to cater to them, and then when that's all done bend over forward to be sodomized by them.  

George Floyd would have wanted it that way!  

"The Ministry and Operations Team has conducted individual conversations with two of the original quilters and other interested members, revisited lessons learned from changing the name of Emerson Hall to Community Hall upon learning of racist writings of Emerson and conducted an open question and answer session with congregational members interested in the legacy and future of the quilt."

Even that Unitarian guru Emerson who said that everyone would become Unitarian got the boot.  Serves that weirdo right!   He's the one who said that John Brown had turned the gallows in to the new cross.  Some racist, eh?

"Be it resolved that Albany UU accepts the recommendations of the Inclusivity Team and the Ministry and Operations Team to take down the Sesquicentennial Quilt, and convene a task force to propose a future for the quilt and the space it currently occupies subject to approval by the congregation."

This is a people who are shitting on their own past at the behest of random passersby because those random passersby are people of color. 
And people of color are to be worshipped without reservation in the Unitarian Universalist Universe.   It's right there in their dogma.

"An idealistic group needs a piece of art that signals to casually glancing passers-by that this group fights for social justice, welcomes all races, ethnicities, income levels, and embraces all ages of Gen Z to World War II and respects all religions and diverse beliefs."

Reinhard Heyrdich was an idealist.  These people are the bottom of the barrel.  

"It’s a question that synagogues, churches and Buddhist retreats across the capital region are wrestling with over whether a rainbow banner is enough to welcome members of the LGBTQ community or whether a Black Lives Matter sends a warm message to people of color.  An Albany congregation votes on whether the artwork they’ve been staring at for 30 years is too white and unclear to encapsulate the church’s passion for social justice and yearning for diversity."

What would capture said dedication?  An image of White women being raped by negroes?  

Are we welcoming enough?  Is the black man happy?  Is the queer comfortable?   Is the quilt too White?  For these communists this latter one is the question that answers itself.   

Of course it's too White!  It's too White if it's White at all. 

"For 30 years, the congregation gazed at the dark blue quilt displayed in front of the sanctuary of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Albany. It was handcrafted in 1992 by women of the church to honor the 150th anniversary of the congregation."

They will gaze at it no longer.  It's banished for eternity, and they will honor nothing of their past.

"The quilt is decorated with a crescent moon with a star to represent Islam, a Star of David, a cross and a Buddha to symbolize interfaith friendships, musical notes, a globe and doves, all cut from a white fabric to stand out against the blue. At the bottom, white silhouettes of adults and children appear against the dark blue background of the quilt."

You see there is the problem.   This is basically a COEXIST quilt.  Celebrating diversity, celebrating "peace".  Even way back when they were sunk in the worship of the stranger.  But it's those white figures at the bottom that causes them so much grief.  

"All of these symbols are white to show off against the dark blue of the quilt. The fact that the silhouettes of the people at the bottom are also white worries some members. Our commitment to fight more effectively against the institutional racism and to be more inclusive as a welcoming congregation. Some members believe the shapes of people in white on the quilt might be off-putting to people of color."

White figures!   Hell, no.  They want the hidden figures.  The want the black figures, the brown figures, the red and yellow figures, the queer figures.  

"It’s a dilemma that other places of worship in the Capital Region continually face. Churches, synagogues and Buddhist temples in the region adorn signage with rainbow banners or hang Black Lives Matter flags."

Hell, even under Trump the American Embassy in Seoul had was draped for a while with a Black Lives Matter flag.  Not that that administration was any great shakes, but with some flyweight human beings in upstate New York we're lucky they're not auctioning off their White daughters to the bruthas.  

"Reverend Sam Trumbore’s Unitarian Congregation observes that his congregation has a social justice action group and active community service. But he knows the power of symbolism to attract new members, especially in a world awash with memes, GIFs and emojis."

That is they want to replace themselves no.   So they had best divest themselves of even the barest hint of Whiteness now.  In a decade or two their church will be the home of outrageous voodoo rights, the negro not being known for his penchant for reason and liberal religion. 

“A lot of concern centers around whether we should have (a work of art) in the shrine that looks forward our vision of the future ‘should replace one celebrating the past, Trumbore said. We are a very different congregation than we were 30 years ago."

No doubt.  And a lot worse for the wear. 

So how do you make an American quilt?   A White quilt?

You can't.  It's verboten.   But to make a Unitarian feel guilt is not hard at all.   Just scream White Supremacy and watch them abandon ship faster than the rats.   They'll be the ones fleeing the premises in their beat up old Volvos, the dust flying behind them, COEXIST sticker plastered all over the back. 

What else would you expect the vermin to do?


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