Saying Sorry To Jews

The apology ought to be for letting them back in.

"The Church of England is apologizing for its bad behavior – 800 years ago."

Better late than never they say, but it's really that Christianity is Jew in the end--or from the beginning really.  And being Jewish means always having people tell you their sorry. 

Let all the Shofars blow!    And let the groveling ensue.  

Why just the other say Doug Mastriano (a big big evangelical) had shofars blowing this way and that at his event.   It's Purim again! he said--he's going to make America Christian Again.   Jew that is.

What the actual........

The Puritans were Jew worshippers, some of Cromwell's men were so inclined toward Judaism that they didn't even believe in the divinity of Christ.   

Justin Welby is one of those ultra establishment figures who smile and speak of "peace" and wield the knife against their own people.  

Except in his case the congregation he presides over are not his people.   He's a Jew you see. 

A Jew for Jesus by God!  A Jew for a Jew is more like it. 

He's got a byzantine family tree, the result of an upper class degeneracy.

Best I can figure this man's father was a Jew but it turns out his mother was a whore so it looks like his biological father was not a Jew, but all the same I have him marked down as a Jew, and as he is the leader of the biggest Church In England this Jew (for all intents and purposes) recently apologized to Jews on behalf of the White people of England because 800 years ago they had the courage and the foresight to put a panoply of restrictions on them and to ultimately send the parasites packing.

"The father of the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, kept many secrets. Gavin Welby never told his son that he had an estranged older sister, or a first wife. He never told him his real birthdate, or the name under which he was born. And, it has emerged, he never told him that he was born a Jew."

Except he wasn't.  Born biologically a Jew.  

But who knows with his slinking mother out catting around?  Either way I have him marked own as a Jew and you know in his mind's eyes he's a Jew all the way to the ground. 

"Justin Welby believed that Gavin Welby was his biological father until paternity testing in 2016 showed that he was Monatague Browne's son."

Looks like a fox slipped in the hen house.  The hen was only all too

These are the kind of depraved people who rule over us.

"According to her, Welby’s Jewish grandfather, Bernard Weiler, came to England from Germany in 1886, possibly to escape anti-Semitism. Together with three of his brothers, he set up a successful company trading in ostrich feathers, which were then a fashion item, and considered a particularly Jewish business."

What Jew isn't trying to escape anti-Semitism?   This is the lineage of the man Welby considered his father, the man who held him out to the world as his son, and raised him as a son.  

"In 1909, Bernard married London-born Edith James. On an overseas trip he described them both as Hebrews on the ship register, and Tim Welby, Archbishop Justin’s son, says she was Jewish. Sykes says that she has not managed to find their marriage certificate and that it is unlikely. (If she were a gentile, this would make the Archbishop a quarter- rather than half-Jewish.)

Holy macrarole who can keep track of this mélange of miscegenation. Who would want to?  

Justin Welby is currently the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury and the most senior bishop in the Church of England.

What, a Jew in charge of the Christian Church?  Seems about right actually, he performs in name and fact what all others perform in fact alone.   

"Gavin Welby, born Bernard Gavin Weiler in Ruislip Middlesex was the son of Bernard Weiler, a German Jewish immigrant and importer of luxury items who changed the family name to Welby shortly thereafter."

Not German-Jewish, just Jewish.  Another name changer.  

Here's the thing: you can peer deeply in to the sexual peccadillos of the British ruling class, you can react in horror to this casual and routine decadence, but the  bottom line is this: this man was raised by a Jew, thought of himself as a Jew, is a Jew.

And he's the most powerful Christian in the land.

And he just apologized to Jews on behalf of Whtie people.

That's right you heard that correctly.  A Jew from a debased upper crust English family crawls his way to the top of the Anglican Church and then once there leads the chorus of apologies to Jews.  

What the actual.........

"The Church of England on Sunday apologized for anti-Jewish laws that were passed 800 years ago and eventually led to the expulsion of Jews from the kingdom for hundreds of years.

When really the apology should be for having let them back in.   


So blasé are the Christians in England that when they found out that this man was a Jew they publicly took it in stride to say the very least.  Privately of course you know they were leaping for joy.   

"Naturally, the bombshell that the leader of 80 million Anglicans worldwide is a half-Jew has captured the imagination of Britain’s Jewish community. The Anglican Church, by contrast, has so far reacted apathetically, perhaps inured by previous examples of Jewish-Christian clerics such as Giles Fraser, until 2011 Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, who had a Jewish father; and Hugh Montefiore, a well-known bishop in the 1970s and ‘80s, who converted from Judaism in his teens."

It's a Jewish religion after all.  No issue there.  What they'd love to is come "out" about it.   

If there's a Judeo-Christian world view it's encapsulated in the words below.  Except that of course the Jews don't really believe it, and the Christians think it will appeal to some Jew:

"Our country has a great history of welcoming those in need, particularly the most vulnerable, such as unaccompanied children. Refugees, like all people, are treasured human beings made in the image of God who deserve safety, freedom and the opportunity to flourish. We must resist and turn back the worrying trends we are seeing around the world, towards seeing the movement of desperate people as more of a threat to identity and security than an opportunity to do our duty. We cannot withdraw from our long and proud history of helping the most vulnerable."

So said the Jew who leads the Christian Church in England.

This outreach to the Jews is really an inside job, you'd call him a plant but they do it out in the open.

"The first is that Archbishop Welby has chosen to visit Israel next week, which is considered very early in his tenure. A visit to Yad Vashem may be particularly poignant as he recently discovered that he has relatives who perished in the Shoah. He will also engage with as-yet-unnamed communities and leaders and pay his respects to the patriarchs of the Jerusalem churches, in particular Jerusalem’s Anglican bishop, Suheil Duwani."

Completely regardless?  Oh I think there's some regard involved in it.  This is not a crypto Jew--this is a super Jew.   Don't let that miter fool you, the miter completely regardless.  

"The other is that, completely regardless of his Jewish background, Welby appears to have long had an affinity for, and interest in, Jewish issues and in Israel."

How about them apples, if White Christians themselves don't fall all over the place to appeal to Jews, what will the Jew do?  Make it his cause of causes.

"According to the philo-Semitic Canon Andrew White, Israel has no fear with him, nor does the Jewish community. Welby’s a friend, not an enemy."

He's more than a friend.  He's one of the fiends. 

A Jew apologize for white people? 

You never see that, except all the time.  They pretend to be us, say how bad "we" are, but sure as hell when the bullets start to fly they are nowhere near us: they are back to being what they are:  a Jew.  

"The Church of England has issued an apology to the Jewish community for anti-Jewish laws it enacted 800 years ago that led to the expulsion of the Jews from England."

Just in the nick of time, if not careful it would be ten thousand years in a flash.  At least they had a decent 700 year run.  Well 300 odd years or so.  Then the Jews came flooding back in and nothing's been the same since.

When they dug up Cromwell's corpse and put in on a pike they should have done it for that.   Trust me, that's the least of what that world historical idiot deserved.   They say he allowed them back in for  two reasons, he had genuine sympathy for the Jews and he needed their money.  

Different day, same story line.   The Lord Protectors protected his country from nothing. 

Can you imagine anyone at this late date, and knowing what we know, actually apologizing for expelling the Jews?   When you think about it long enough it beggars belief.  They got rid of the Jews?  Hell, it should be the year long occasion for celebrations, fireworks, grand huzzahs, statues should be put up in honor of it, museums created to study it, and the great men who enacted it should be idolized and revered.

Now the stalwart men who did that get history's bum rush and at the hand of a Jew and Jew minions no less.   Disgusting and sick it is. 

"A special service held on Sunday at Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford for the eighth centenary anniversary of the Synod of Oxford saw the presence of civic dignitaries and religious leaders, including Britain’s Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis and representatives of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby."  

Two Jews plotting our downfall.

This Mirvis fellow is a sick joke a "human being"--if he can be said to be that.   He's the one pushing an ugly and deformed building for a holocaust memorial right next to parliament, where it will be an eyesore and gobble up the last remaining open space in the area, but what does he care?  He's the head Shlomo is a country run by Shlomos so in a very real sense he's the King Of England.  Screw your little park White Britishers--these are sacred dead. 

At the highest levels these two clowns right historical wrongs, or so they say.   But of the two we know who wears the pants in that relationship and it's Welby on his knees acknowledging his master.  But look a little deeper, or look at all, and you'll see the sorriest charade of all: two jews playacting the ritual destruction of the White race.   

Nothing short of that. 

"The Synod of Oxford, hosted in 1222 by the Catholic Church in England, outlined extensive social and professional restrictions for Jewish citizens. Jews were stuck with a specific monetary tithe to pay and were given a badge marking them as a member of the Jewish faith."

Ah, the Jew badge, so important.   Things might look a lot different if Justin Welby was wearing one.  It might make people think twice--or think for the first time.  It was famous Jew hater Ezra Pound who said you had to do three things--keep Jews out of banking, media and, education, and what they did way back there in 1222 was a lot like how the National Socialists started out---get the Jews out of civil society, get them out of the professions, hem them in with all sorts of legal restrictions, and then label them so people know who the hell they are--and then get them the hell out.  

That's the time honored progression.  

"Today’s service is an opportunity to remember, repent and rebuild, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said on Sunday via social media."

Did I mention he's a Jew?  A Jew telling me to repent--and repent my sins against his people--that's rich.

"In England after the Synod Jews also were not allowed to hold certain jobs and public office."

That's how it's done.  Media, banking, education. 

"This year is the 800th anniversary of the Synod of Oxford, an assembly that brought in Vatican rules discriminating against Jews living in Christian Lands."

A United Europe--is there anything it's not capable of?

"The persecution of Jews during that era was referred to as painful and shameful by a church bishop during the penitence service at the Church of England cathedral."

Now it's getting personal.   A "penitence" service?  What the actual?  It's bad enough to give the formal apology but now they are asking for the body of Christ (whatever that means) itself to admit wrong and seek forgiveness.   Don't get on you knees for Christ, that's old hat: get on your knees for Jews--it's the wave of the future. 

"The laws brought it made it illegal for Jews to socially interact with Christians, forced them to wear identifying badges, restricted the professions they could practice and banned the building of new synagogues. The rules were followed by harsher antisemitic proclamations, including on the ownership of property and inheritance. In 1290, King Edward I expelled all the Jews from England."

Oh yes, the glorious Kind Edward and the glorious year 1290.  When the Jews were sent packing.  2040 will be the 750th anniversary, not all that far off.   Let's start planning the celebrations now.  

Jews were only allowed back into England in the 1650s.

That was the Puritans doing.   That's what they should apologize for.

"After the service, UK Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, who did not go into the cathedral for religious reasons but stayed outside the building, said: Let us not forget that we are still on a journey. There is still so much that needs to be done."

Yes sir the big chief Hebe could not deign to enter the Cathedral lest he be ritually polluted by the goyim.   He ha no problem morally shearing the goyim but being in the presence of them worshipping Jesus Christ--well, that's an outrage.  Of course when he hears about this Justin Welby just smiles or winks as he doesn't believe in Jesus Christ either, he just pretends to all the better to shear the goyim. 

As for "there is still much that needs to be done" of course there is---the White Englanders have just got on their knees and said sorry about what they did to you Jews, our ancestors were bad people, never should have happened, thus performing their sordid part in a well-orchestrated from of ritual abasement--and is the Jew magnanimous?  Is he generous?  Hell no, he's not--he's a Jew and those qualities never enter Shlomo's lexicon.  He sees the White man on his knees and he says stay down there if you know what's good for you, there's a lot more apologizing to be done.  It's only the beginning of your final end.  Get you head back in the noose and don't' ever think about being done with these performances.  This is just the down payment, this is designed to be surrender on the installment plan.

"Rabbi Mirvis also urged the dialogue between Jews and Christians to be strengthened to continue fighting hatred, racism and bigotry.”

That is he wants a de-fanged Christianity, not that the religion wasn't nearly that to begin with.  He knows that the way things play out that a Christianity against "hate, racism, and bigotry" is a docile religion, one that will inculcate in its congregations the virtue of humility and meekness, rather than pride and strength, the former not being the qualities necessary to meet the challenges facing our race at this time. 

The evil Rabbi knows this--and so he plucks the soft heart strings of the Anglicans. Justin Welby knows this too--hence saying sorry to Jews---with all that will entail. 

"In 1222 Synod of Oxford passed laws that forbade social interactions between Jews and Christians, placed a specific tithe on Jews and required them to wear an identifying badge. The Jews were also banned from some professions and from building new synagogues."

Severing their roots in England.  Did we mention they had to put on a badge?   Necessary because the problem with Jews is that to the uninitiated they can pass as White and thus go under cover or under the radar in a sense--and lull the dullards to sleep. 

"Other harsher restrictions against the Jews followed over the years that eventually led to the mass expulsion of approximately 3,000 Jews at the time, by an edict in 1290 by King Edward I.  More than 360 years passed before Jews were readmitted to England by Oliver Cromwell in 1656."

Where's out apology for that?

"Though the Church of England was only formed in the 1530s when Henry VIII split from the Pope, the leaders of the Church of England have insisted on the importance of an apology."

Formally and properly institutionally it was not their fault, but like their idol Jesus Of Nazareth they will take on the sins of others, they will vicariously atone for their predecessors, and as such become a good model for all White people---to take on the (alleged) sins of all White people who have gone before.  They think being White is always having to say you're sorry. 

“Today’s service is an opportunity to remember, repent and rebuild, Archbishop Welby said in a tweet on Sunday. Let us pray it inspires Christians today to reject contemporary forms of anti-Judaism and antisemitism and to appreciate and receive the gift of our Jewish neighbors.”

No anti-semitism for this Jew, he wants interfaith dialogue and mutual understanding.  

"In another statement last month ahead of the occasion, the Diocese of Oxford noted that its intention is for this commemoration to be a strong signal of such rich potential, reflected in the depth of interfaith encounter and service that increasingly exists in Oxford and across our society."

Trust me the Jews are getting the better of this deal, it's always been the case that they wanted to be seen as just another "faith", not as a race, as they most surely are.  But if the mass of the population sees them as just another faith in dialogue the whole thing doesn't seem that serious.   A Jews is something they elect to be after all, and not something they are deep in their black hearts. 

"Jonathan Chaffey, Archdeacon of Oxford, said that the time had come for Christians to repent of their shameful actions and reframe positively their relations with the Jewish community. He also noted that the Catholic Church was in accord with the apology."

Of course the Pope is in on this action when it comes to an apology, he's the Will Rogers of self denigration, there is no form of abasement he's ever met that he didn't like.  The more shameful he can say it was and the more "repenting" he has to do the more he  is in his element.  Life on one's knees is the way he chooses to go through it.  

"The special service on Sunday follows other steps to cultivate goodwill with the Jewish community in recent years. In 2019, a document by the Church of England titled God’s Unfailing Word highlighted the importance of Christian-Jewish relationship and urged Christians to actively challenge antisemitism.  At the time, England’s chief rabbi, Mirvis, said the document represented a step forward, but fell short because it did not reject the church’s history of seeking to convert Jews."

You can be sure that was just an oversight, and the irony here is that when apology comes for this (and come it will no doubt) it will show the Jews as the injured party, but in fact it was the White world that was harmed.  You can't read any history of the Jews in European lands without being struck by the stupidity of even hardheaded Europeans who were so enamored of their own religion that when a Jew converted they were so touched that they considered him substantively changed--when in fact he was still Jew to the core, the sprinkling of holy water being notoriously ineffective when it comes to reality.    

"The apology was meant as a gesture of goodwill and to make amends for wrongs of the past."

It was meant to put White people on the back foot, no different from a submission ritual among animals in the wild.  

"Historians say the move was the start of an anti-Jewish movement in England that ended up in all Jews in England — approximately 3,000 — being expelled from the country and banned from returning for about 360 years."

My goodness a paltry 3000 Jews and they still saw the dire need to get rid of them.  

"Jews in the United Kingdom now number around 275,000, with more than 260,000 of these located n England (mainly in London, Manchester and Leeds)."

The way they rule the roost in England you'd think there were millions of them.  And of course you wonder if Justin Welby is counted in that number.   But several hundred thousand or twice that number, the story is the same.  Through their wealth and their deviousness they man the posts of society, and the media, and the education, and the banking, and the government.  And they get millions of White people to buy in to their sob stories and their sad stories about themselves.   For all intents and purposes they have nearly an entire society of fellow travelers doing their bidding for them.   After all if you can put a Jew in charge of the Church Of England, put a Jew in Canterbury calling the shots on behalf of Jews, saying sorry to Jews, and saying sorry on behalf of White people, and no one bats an eye, then what cant' you accomplish?

The apology should be for letting them back in.  We're owed a hell of a lot more than that.  And when we get it no more will they darken our door, and there will be no more apologies then.


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