Pious Bromides At Hillsdale

Adolf Hitler said that in Germany he was really waging war against the conservatives, not the communists. Because once the conservatives had been vanquished he knew the communists would fall like dominoes.

And so shall it ever be until the final victory.

Any number of conservatives spout the attractive American First slogan but the number of genuine America First politicians you can count with no hands. They say America First but then they give tens of billions dollars to Ukraine and bring in tens of thousands of Afghani rapists to live in our neighborhoods.  And the ones who are against these latter things will still love Israel--of that you can be sure.  Those are litmus tests which they invariably fail. 

When conservatism prevails America goes last and Americans go begging.  

Your typical conservative resents Donald Trump, he forced them from time to time to sound like Pat Buchanan in order to placate the "rubes", when in fact they despise everything about this ideology, thinking it nativist and racist. The conservatives want nothing more than to go back to the serene days when they can put on Adam Smith ties, laud free markets, preach about the greatness of the three-legged stool, a time when Ronnie was riding into the California sunset with his beloved Nancy, and God was in his heaven and all was right with the conservative movement.

Oh and by the way did you know that Martin Luther King was a closet conservative?   That's conservatives just so story it appears they are going to stick with it.


The galaxy brained egg heads at Claremont Institue (Claremontists) style themselves as the keeper of the conservative flame, they say they are the living remnant of the true believers of a movement that in sixty years conserved one thing and one thing only, the right to life, and with this one victory they will flood our nation with unaborted negroes.  But they say that is a great good thing.  Because even negros are conservatives beneath the skin, being equal in all respects to everyone else.  The only thing they need is a bit of a push and to start reading Locke and Montesquieu and become aware of Cato the Elder and Publius and Maximus and all those old Roman guys and, don't you know, they will come around to seeing the eternal wisdom of a low marginal tax rate and that corporations, against all evidence, are really people too.  Once enlightened by this civil religion the blacks will forswear stoop living and crime and 40s and weaves and will spontaneously form 
little platoons and become coaches at the local YMCA.  

That is the Claremontists are the worse kind of egg head intellectuals out of touch with even the remotest reality.  

They are also big on the idea that race is a trivial matter of little to no importance, that is barely a matter of "the color of your skin," rather than what it really is---a primordial and deeply dyed and deeply imbued genetic endowment with a sweeping influence on the behavioral characteristics of every individual.

The verdict of science is in on that.  Check the record. 

The Claremontists have a house organ called The American Mind with spews pious cliches and often outright lies in the name of well ordered liberty and the inalienable rights of man, they want a rule based society which is a pure meritocracy, where freedom reigns and government is small and the marginal tax rate is ever decreasing.  They don't cotton to talk of civil war or race war or social war of any kind, preferring a well mannered discourse of pure civic nationalism, volunteerism, and perfectly nice and peaceful multiracial communities, showing that the last time they looked out their windows and took a good hard look at the wider world was 1958.  Either that or they live in the well kept and tended neighborhood of JPL and when they look out their window they see White and Asians astrophysicists on their way to work.
The alarming thing about this obtuse naivete is that it was their own well tailored savant, Michal Anton, who told us back in 2016 that our country was akin to a plane being flown by madmen straight into the ground, so dire was the situation.

Has the situation improved since then?  Or has it got worse?  And what is that plume of smoke we see over yon treetops?

But these well scrubbed neophytes at Claremont keep banging the drum of the one race human race hackneyed idea.  They can't help themselves.  They are a moral bunch.  Anything less would forever sully their high minded stay in the empyrean world of equality. 
"Since the early 2000s, Democrats have been banking on the idea that demographics are destiny.  As America becomes less white, Democrats will become more powerful. No need to persuade, compromise, or slow the stampede further and further left. As more and more white people perish America will be purified at last.  They may want to curb their enthusiasm."

Demographics are destiny.   The verdict of science is in on this.  Check the record.  

Hewing to the old chestnut-slash-canard that the Hispanics are natural born conservatives they repeat the shopworn lies:

"Demographics are not destiny. Republicans have the chance to bring in new members—converts if you will—to the normal person party. The party that believes your race is not the most important thing about you. The party that puts victims before criminals and educational opportunities before teachers unions. And the party that stands with workers and families and parents against the forces trying to strip them of the cultural values they cherish."

Oh yes those Ralph Reed "values voters" that we all used to hear about so much.   The Republican party is indeed not only the party that thinks that race is not the most important thing about you, they go a step further: they don't think race mattes one little bit.  But here's the thing, in the mass and in the main, year after year, cohort after cohort, a million immigrants after a million immigrants, when White people become as scarce as intelligence at a rap concert, those values, and the anti-crime measures, and the educational opportunities alluded to will all be gone with them, will all be gone with the wind, like wisps of evanescent smoke.  

And no amount of alleged future conservative mestizos is going to save the day on that one.   And even if they could, who would want them to?

They like to ballyhoo the "emerging republican multiracial working class coalition," and to point out that Trump bumped up his vote among blacks (a bit) and Hispanics (more than a bit).   But could that have had anything to do with the Platinum Plan and the American Dream plan which promised untold billions to blacks and Hispanics respectively?  So if a Republican promises the blacks and browns the sun, moon, and stars and they push him over the line will it matter when White money will be sucked dry to the bone?  When we will then be beholden to what they demand?

And in any event even were you to believe that they will assimilate, assimilation, as Kevin Strom has pointed out, is the last thing we want. 

That is, an inundation of alien races is bad per se, irrespective of everything else. 

"In reality, race is not the ultimate fact of human identity or the central problem of American life. Different ethnic populations have different general tendencies, but not different natural rights. Everyone is capable of learning to live well in this country, but only if we confidently endorse both our geographical and cultural boundaries."

Race is the ultimate fact of human identity.   The verdict of science is in on this. Check the record.   And to say that the different races have different tendencies is to say the least of it.    A moon landing and Bach and digging up albino bones to conjure voodoo with constitutes more than different tendencies.  

It's a gulf as wide as can be.

But these Republicans they just can't think straight.   Lately the university of South Carolina had a job opening and they barred Whites from applying.  In response Todd Starnes who is both an idiot of outrageous magnitude and a true blue dyed in the wool conservative (I know, that's redundant) said that Critical Race Theory is turning Martin Luther King's dream into a nightmare. 

Trust me if conservatives would do a bit of research and find out what King's real dream was they'd want no part of it.   But as it is it's these conservatives who are turning the dream, the dream of a White nation, the dream of a united White people, into a nightmare, they whistle past the graveyard and if and when they ever learn what they have done--it will be too late.


Hillsdale College in Michigan styles itself the fountainhead of Ur-Conservatism, it's where the men have moral rectitude, they always wear flag pins and Adam Smith ties, markets are deemed a force of nature not to be tampered with, natural rights are a given, the Founders are held in God-like esteem, the constitution is a sacred document, and Old Glory waves forever to be an eternal beacon in an always darkening world, and the ideology of Ayn Rand is promulgated and flows like a pristine and unsullied river, and pious bromides about American exceptionalism always carry the day.

On September 29 2021 former United States Secretary Of State and one race the human race enthusiast Mike Pompeo traveled to Hillsdale to tell the drones there what was "on his heart." He got a rapturous reception befitting one who was willing to tell them that the American Founding was not racist, and that America has had lapses of moral judgment, but what is great about America is that it is willing to reflect on these misdeeds (blacks, Indians) and emerge on the sunny uplands where all the races will once and for all sing in perfect harmony.  

The homily had all the sophistication of a particularly saccharine Sunday school sermon.  It was a full of pious bromides about character, faith, freedom, the usual slop they serve up when they want to congratulate themselves on keeping their heads up as the country they say they love slowly slides into the sewer.   Pompeo said that it is a well known fact that moral decay is always followed by economic and political decline and disaster, and that a "spiritual awakening" is needed.   But does he ask himself why America was a perfectly moral nation until around, say, 1965, when the precipitous decline of White people began?   That these two declines are in no way spuriously correlated means we need not so much of a spiritual awakening but a racial awakening.  Then continuing in the vein of a small time and cut rate Jeremiah he notes that in the 3rd Century Rome fell apart due to immigration without assimilation and military overextension.  This latter is really rather rich coming from a man who never met a war he didn't like, and of course "assimilation" is what conservatives have in lieu of diversity, but it destroys just as quickly, perhaps even more so.

But, he assured his young naive charges, we still have our principles intact.  Those principles, apparently, being America is the universal beacon to the world, the first universal nation, and that there is only one race--the human race.     
Hillsdale has something called the 1776 curriculum which Pompeo juxtaposed to the 1619 project.  He said that critical race theory is neither critical nor a theory.   And then he leaned back and gave the linchpin of conservative thought (such as it is):  the American founding was not racist.   They are particularly keen to prove this because were it to be shown that the founding was, in fact, racist, there entire ideology would crumble like a house of cards.  Now any historian worth his salt (admitted a rapidly dwindling number) will tell you that it is illegitimate to apply words and concepts that exist now to a time when they did not exist.  But just for the sake of argument the Founders in 1790 stipulated that only White people could become Americans and, by any reasonable measure, that's pretty damn racist.

Good for them. 

"The prism of race that the woke demand is a prism of limitations."

The irony here is that traditionally it was the conservatives who were darkly pessimistic and spoke of limits.  But aping their hero Ronald Reagan they have all now traveled into the sunny uplands of genial and naive optimism because you know we're Americans and what can't we do?

When conservatives spout this child-like Pelagian nonsense, what then?

And we all know what he calls the "prism" of race does entail limits, the genetic endowment of each race prescribes innate capacities which are hard wired.  It is only the White race that through evolution has come to the crossroad where it can transcend natural limits, but that for sure is not the kind of limitlessness he means. 

"The New York Times thinks race is all.  Who believes this?"

We do. 

When Republican states have banned Critical Race Theory being taught in schools they invariably also ban "race essentialism."   Of course the essence of race essentialism is that race matters.  

That is what they ban.  

"We have too much common sense and have made too much progress to return to the time when we judged people by the color of their skin."

The color of our skin is the least of it.   

"Critical race theory will throw us back to that day, it will deface Martin Luther King's central and monumental contributions to America.  There should be nowhere in America where race or ancestry should determine what you can achieve." 

Race and ancestry determine what you can achieve.  The verdict of science is in on that.  Take a look around you if have lingering doubts. 

Then he endorses his supposed enemy's predicate:

"Teach slavery, teach the constitution.  We must never deny the wrongs of our history, our treatment of the indigenous peoples, the turning away of a ship full of Jews escaping the Third Reich, the internment of the Japanese."

First notice that he even uses their terminology (indigenous) as if he has been house trained very well.  As for that ship full of Jews that got sent back that is his first love.  Recently he want to his home away from home (Israel) and with former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman helped make a movie in the "Holy Land" called Route 60: The Biblical Highway.   Stills promoting the film show he and Friedman walking through the sacred territory, their eyes up ahead, gazing at eternity, looking for the Promised Land. 

With friends like these you have no friends.

"Any curriculum based on race or ancestry is an obscenity."

The irony is how oblivious he is that by denying the centrality of race he is shitting on the very founders he exalts.

That's the obscenity.


Have we come too far to judge people on the color of their skin?  How far have we come?  We have crime rampant, we have alienation and despair, we have race chaos all around us, we have no social trust, our heritage is being obliterated before our very eyes, and we seem to be on the cusp of civil war.  What simpletons like Mike Pompeo don't realize is that not judging people by the color of their skin, the color blind ideal, is what enabled this descent into madness.  For conservatives the civil rights movement is polite black men in skinny ties and deferent black women in church dresses marching peacefully for their part of the American Dream.   As they never fail to tell us the civil rights movement was a Christian movement.  They fail to notice that two seconds after the Civil Rights Act passed the afros sprouted, the black fists shot int the air, and all hell broke loose in black cities, and the money of Whites got siphoned off in a torrent.  The civil rights movement is Reginald Denny being dragged from a car and having his brains bashed in, the civil rights movement is that negro smashing the glass and taking what he wants, the civil rights movement is that statue of Bobby Lee being melted down and turned in to a negro "hero."

Conservatives learn nothing and forget everything.  So enamored are they by the American Project that they shut their eyes tight, cover their ears, and spout pious bromides and imagine that the monster will go away.

The monsters will not go away unless we make them go away.  By returning to the true founding--a White founding. 

Then they accuse the blacks of the 1619 project of being racist when it was us not being racist that enabled the 1619 project.  When an enemy wages war on you can engage or surrender.  And stating that the war is not legitimate does not make the war stop, it's just a form of surrender.

And here's the thing.  You will hear the conservatives bash critical race theory all the time, and bash the woke each and every day, they will say it is un-American, that Dr. King would not approve, that it falls short of the high ideal of our civil religion of equality.   But in allegedly attacking them they concede the very ground on which the debate takes place, they explicitly stand with the foundation of the other side, they acknowledge as true their predicate.

And that's no way to wage a war.  

The conservatives agree with the woke that slavery was evil, that the Trail Of Tears was evil, that segregation was evil, that Wounded Knee was evil, that redlining was evil, that separate lunch counters were evil, that restrictive covenants were evil, that Chinese exclusion was evil.  For all we know they think that conquering the continent was evil. The only thing they disagree with the woke on is that they think this history of evil can be redeemed, whereas the woke think it is irredeemable.   But that's just a foot note and once you've given away the store what is there left to debate?

And just because it is true that they are issuing a minority report from the enemy's side doesn't mean they are not on that side.

And it doesn't mean they are not our enemies.

They are. 

For Hitler the conservatives were more of a danger than the communists, for us the conservatives and the communists are one and the same. 

If you doubt it just go to Hillsdale and listen sometime. 


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