Congress Obeys Its Masters

April 28 2022 was Holocaust Remembrance Day (isn't every day?) and since then the Jews have been on a roll, and it's just in time for Jewish Heritage Month (May), the surprising thing is that those greedy Hebe bastards have settled on just one and not all twelve. And that hyimie month of May kicked off in high gear when on May 3 2022 red of fang Deborah Lipstadt was sworn in as the latest malevolent roaming Jew of the United States Of America, being confirmed by voice vote by the once respected United States Senate to be the envoy who will combat anti-semitism and who will have the rank of Ambassador, not to mention the stink of the Jew. That is, she will become the chief kike anti-White plenipotentiary all while gobbling up your tax dollars. She was nominated back in August 2021 and it took a long time for her to be anointed with the Jew oil as some Republicans gummed up the works in an uncharacteristic display of not giving in to Jews right off the bat, though you'll notice she was confirmed in the end (by voice vote). Apparently the problem for these republican Senators was that Lipstadt provocatively said that in 2017 while America was not yet (yet mind you!) firing up the ovens it was on the cusp, and if it was not 1935 Germany or 1942 Germany it was certainly January 15 1933 Gemany. Now if there is one thing that Republicans love to do more than love Jews it's hate Nazis, and for the same reason, so they objected to her for a season.

But you'll notice that red fanged Deborah Lipstadt is now roaming the world malevolently fomenting White genocide. Now Lipstadt has the full might and main of the American government to roam the world in order to run Jew interference in its long-term goal of eradicating the Great White Race.


And if that wasn't good enough news for one month for the vampiric tribe they cracked the whip good and hard at their underlings. After all a young man offed some negros in Buffalo and seemed to increase awareness of the Great Replacement a million fold which, all things considered, can't be good for Jews. So they rushed to the pulpit of the House and got their employees to vote to condemn anti-semitism which is akin to a people unilaterally disarming at the behest of the enemy.

So they snapped their fingers and the hoodwinked goy came running. We elect these cretins in shams that happen every two years but here the Jews have us beat--they own the bastards.


Jews like to say they are fractious lot, that if you get three Jews together you get four opinions, that's a lie of course, Jews are the most unified people on the planet, but what is true is that when it comes to hundreds of our so-called leaders and the Jews you get one opinion and one opinion only: they are for them and they aren't afraid to let everyone know it. 

Ok, one guy demurred. But even he felt the need to clarify that he was not a hater, pro forma.

“I don’t hate anyone based on his or her ethnicity or religion, Massie wrote in a tweet explaining his vote. Legitimate government exists, in part, to punish those who commit unprovoked violence against others, but government can’t legislate thought. This bill promoted internet censorship and violations of the First Amendment.”

He doesn't hate Jews and he has faith in constitution, that is he is another sad loser.

Couldn't he have got people's attention by saying that Jews are vampiric bloodsuckers and leave it at that? Didn't Jesus Of Nazareth say the truth will set us free?

"On May 20 the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan resolution to condemn anti-Semitism."

They aren't kidding. It was 420 to 1.

You heard that correctly. We can't afford to drive to the gas station to get gas, Pedro and Juan are making an hourly assault on our border (even now--tick tock), Bill Gates has become a yeoman farmer even as food prices skyrocket, we have groomers lurking inside the school house doors, we have medical chop shops where kids get sexually mutilated and our "elected leaders" thought it worth their while to gather together to condemn Jew hate.

They should have clapped for Jew hate. Tell us to keep it going.

"In a vote of 420-1, the House passed a resolution which denounces the rising hostility towards Jews in recent years and a surge in physically violent incidents."

Rather lopsided don't you know. A handful of Republican abstained from voting and I think it was Dante who said that the hottest part of hell is reserved for the lukewarm. Jew hate is the number one issue of our time, and if we pay you money you should put down your opinion. In this case a resolute "nay" would have been the correct vote. And on the grounds that we do hate Jews.  Hate them with the passion of million righteous fires. 

Someone should get on a horse and gallop through town yelling "the Yiddish are coming."

But in fact they are already here.

"The effort was led by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) along with Reps. Brad Schneider (D-Ill.), Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.) and Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.)"

In case you are keeping track at home that's three Jews and a spic. They picked the spic for window dressing just so it wasn't four Jews which might be a little too on he nose, not that three is not. For what its worth this Diaz-Bilart's aunt once married Fidel Castro which we can safely put in the category of enough said and we can put the tia in the same category of international jet setter Margaret Trudeau.

On a junket Diaz-Bilart once met Justin Trudeau and said "hey, my aunt's got something in common with your mom."

"In a news release, the resolution’s supporters said that the nationwide rise in anti-Semitic incidents is a result of increased anti-Semitic propaganda on social media and the spread of misinformation and lies, including accusations that Jews are responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic; that Jews control the media, government policies and the financial system; and that Jews have dual loyalties and other negative stereotypes."

Jews control the media? Perish the thought! Jews control the money? Don't even think about it! Jews are faithful to themselves and no one else? Banish it from thy brain! I tell you when they repeat these "conspiracies" in order to "debunk" them they make them sound more than plausible---they make them sound obvious.

You'd say that sometimes Jews are their own worst enemies but you know that's not true.

We are.

The mudda fuddas don't know what they got coming.

"The resolution also calls for a plan of action to combat anti-Semitism through robustly refuting Holocaust denial, calling on social media platforms to address online anti-Semitism, and taking steps to improve the physical security of Jewish institutions and organizations."

Oh yes they are getting nervous and so are protesting too much. The Buffalo offing really makes them think, think that dragging them out of their corner offices on to the street might in the end just be the least of it. And now because they found a swastika on a synagogue somewhere (placed there by a rabbi) the White man can no longer speak, when the White man speaks (given enough time) he will call out the Jews, he will notice the Jews, when the White man speaks he will call out the Jews in banking, he will talk about the Jew role in corrupting our young, he will talk about Jew in education, he will nightlight the Jews role in fostering illegal immigration, legal immigration, and the letting in of refugees, he will speak loudly of the Jews in media, he will notice the Jews in government, so the White man must not be able to speak. What they call propaganda is an effective form of propaganda called truth. That so many White men meekly go along with this vicious lie of theirs and vote for it like sheep to the slaughter goes eternally against them. In their hearts they probably thought they were do gooders, but what they really were race traitors which really is one and the same thing.

“I am so proud that my colleagues united to condemn the rise in anti-Semitism by sending a powerful message that the U.S. House of Representatives will call out this ancient hatred, said Wasserman Schultz in a statement. It is fitting we share this message in May, as we celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month, by highlighting the vast achievements Jewish Americans have made to build our more perfect union."

If a Jew ever strove to make America a more perfect union I'll eat my hat. Stove to splinter it into a million pieces and scatter the pieces to the four winds is more like it.

Check the record. 

This Wasserman-Schultz specimen was born in Queens, NY to a Jewish family (of course she was) and she is the shrill harridan, harpy that even normie conservatives love to hate, so obnoxious is she. What we need to tell them that is that everything they hate about her, her arrogance, her ugliness, her being such a witch, her out of control frizzy hair, her voice like the sound of nails scratching your brain, are all quintessentially Jewish.  Born in Queens, lives in Florida, wants the White man to stay mum on the most vital topic of the day (Jewish power)--what else needs to be said?

In lauding Congress' decision to condemn anti-semitism world historical shrew Debbie Wasserman-Shultz said this:

“Critically, this resolution also commits Congress to take concrete steps to combat anti-Semitism and do more to ensure the safety, security, and dignity of American Jews. Anti-Semitism, sadly, is not a relic of the past, but a clear and present danger today. Passage of today’s resolution is a critical step.”

The phrase "clear and present" danger is no accident, it is a famous phrase from a Supreme Court decision justifying the curtailment of the right to speak.

"Definition: Clear and Present Danger: a risk or threat to safety or other public interests that is serious and imminent especially: one that justifies limitation of a right (as freedom of speech or press) by the legislative or executive branch of government."

See where they are going with this?

It's even got the status of a test: as in the clear and present danger test. These malodourous Jews want to convince the world we flunked that test.   But we really passed the survival test with flying colors. 

"Schneider said that he was grateful to his colleagues for passing the resolution, and that leaders should speak out against anti-Semitism wherever it arises. Sadly, in this country, incidents of anti-Semitism are up 34%, 2,717 incidents just last year, he said. Congress and America as a whole must stand strong against anti-Semitism.”

In case you were wondering this Brad Schnieder is a big Jew, of course.

These Jews keep good track about how much people hate them. They can reel off the stats and give you precise numbers. You know of course the numbers are grossly inflated, and the vast majority are hoaxes. Why in a State Department elevator a while back they found swastika graffiti.

What you doin' Tony Blinken?

"Diaz-Balart said that the resolution condemns anti-Semitism in all its forms and would ensure that the U.S. leads the global effort in educating on the history of anti-Semitism and its horrific consequences.”

This Diaz-Bilart's aunt had sexual relations with Fidel Castro which tells you all you need to know about the Diaz-Bilarts of the world.

Is this really a fit mission for the greatest and most powerful Anglo-Saxon nation on the face of the earth? Have we sunk so low that we are making the world safer for Jews now? Sadly, yes we have. That we go around wagging our bony finger in the face of White people with noble instincts of self-preservation? Why, we have empowered that nag scold and battle-axe Deborah Lipstadt to go in our own name to destroy us.

What sad tale is this?

“The rising tide of anti-Semitism has resulted in violence in our streets, discrimination in our schools and economy, and hate in our political system. In the past year alone, we have seen an alarming increase of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel violence and hate at home and abroad, Zeldin said. Just recently in my home state of New York, three anti-Semitic assaults were committed in less than a week, all within a few miles of each other. This must end now. I’m proud to join colleagues on both sides of the aisle in a much-needed effort to identify, condemn and crush anti-Semitism in all forms.”

This Zeldin is a "conservative," why he defended Trump, so he must be one of us. Don't you believe it. He's a Jew first, last, and always. You see this is what Jews do, they work both sides of aisle. This Zeldin has been in the military, poses as a hard-core conservative, and then when chips are down he reverts to Jew.  Damn the White man's right to speak, some Jews were assaulted (if in fact they really were).  Damn the White man, the Jew must live.

Damn the White man.  The Yiddish are coming.

Zeldin was born in New York, the son of Merrill Schwartz and David Zeldin. He attended Hebrew school, where they taught him to hate the White man.

And of course it is bewildering all the Jewish organizations that the Jews have, they have Jewish organizations for everything, it's an interlocking directorate aimed right at your head. These Jews are tightly networked I'll tell you, networked up their wazoos.

The international first congress for the protection of Jews and Jewish interests.......

“Jewish Federations praised the bipartisan resolution recognizing the extent to which the continuing scourge of anti-Semitism has impacted our community, and applaud, among other things, the call to increase funding for Nonprofit Security Grants that keep our houses of worship and communal institutions safe, Elana Broitman, senior vice president for public affairs for the Jewish Federations of North America, said in a statement."

These rancid Jewish organizations sprout up like poisonous mushrooms across our once pristine and unsullied land.

“At a time when violent anti-Semitism is surging across the ideological spectrum, from white supremacy to the denial of Israel’s very right to exist, this resolution outlines tangible steps to keep American Jews safe, both online and in public spaces, and uphold American values of liberty. Especially critical is the call for leaders to condemn anti-Semitism in all its manifestations—it is too easy to point fingers at others and turn a blind eye to the hatred coming from one’s community or party. This bipartisan resolution models the civil discourse vital to addressing hate in our country.”

Said some group of Hebrews. 

Ah, hate, that catchall term. And trust me "American Liberty" will be the first to fall in this debacle. There will be no debate about it. The Jews no more care about the White man's ancient liberties than they care about the Richard Wagner's cherished legacy. To the Jews the White man's home is not his castle, the White man's home is where he probably has explosives to torch one of those synagogues, the White man's home is where the Feds have every right to trample and go Randy Weaver on him if necessary (or for whatever non-existent reason). Civil Discourse for them is one where everyone is nice to Jews. Anything short of that is a crime.

“The surge of anti-Semitism in recent years—including violent attacks on synagogues and identifiably Jewish people on the street—has been deeply disturbing, Diament said in a statement. Today’s passage of a resolution unequivocally condemning anti-Semitism and calling for concrete actions to combat it is very meaningful and appreciated.”

Nathan J. Diament is the Executive Director for the Orthodox Union Advocacy Center, where he develops and coordinates public policy research and initiatives on behalf of the traditional Jewish community. He's the one who defends those lunatics with the black coats, black hats, and curls, who dance around like inmates in the asylum and gobble up neighborhoods in the New York suburbs, while their women breed like rabbits, the men read the Talmud all day and debate how many Holocaust victims can dance on the head of a pin, where they call take welfare, and get special ed money for their retarded children who are the result of generational inbreeding.

“Jew hatred is a scourge on our society, said Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, in a statement. I applaud the bipartisan majority in Congress who passed this resolution to condemn anti-Semitism and call on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube to immediately help clean up the hatred on their platforms.”

How many Jewish organizations are there? A million? And this bit about "cleaning up hatred" is closer to the mark of where they are going. Liberty, not so much. They want to cleanse the platforms of truth. They want to cleanse society of the knowledge of their foul deeds.

While eight Republicans abstained from voting on the resolution, only one member of Congress outright opposed it, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) said he was concerned about the First Amendment.

First Amendment, First Shmendment, right?  Noxious Jews don't care about no stinking first amendment. 

"The explanation didn’t sit well with the Kentucky Jewish Council, who called out Massie in a news release saying that the Jewish community across the state is embarrassed by Massie."

Kentucky has Jews?  Well raise my rent. 

“To suggest there is not a need to combat anti-Semitism is not only offensive, but it’s also simply ignorant, said Rabbi Shlomo Litvin, chairman of the Kentucky Jewish Council and director of Chabad of the Bluegrass. To miss an opportunity to do so is regrettable. To be the single voice in opposition is inexcusable.”

Shlomo, did you say?

"The council said that the vote is additionally offensive to the community as Kentucky’s Democratic Party recently refused to call out an anti-Semitic ad used in its 30th District House race."

What happened is that a sitting congressman (Tom Burch) accused a Jew named Grossberg who is running against him in the primary of trying to buy the election.

"Burch retaliated with a flyer accusing Grossberg of trying to buy the seat after Grossberg lent his own campaign $105,000. Grossberg, who is Jewish, calls the flyer's language and imagery anti-Semitic."

What else? Is he going to cry wolf? No, he's going to cry anti-semitism naturally.

Hell, the very name Grossberg is anti-semitic is it not?

"So, someone who is afraid of replacement theory, the concept that Jews are buying their way in to replace White Christian society, they heard the dog whistle and that's who it was targeted at, Grossberg told WLKY News."

He doesn't have a tremendous grasp on Replacement Theory, perhaps he can pay someone to give him a lesson.

"Burch denied the charge. I'm not anti-Semitic, period."

What else would he say, that Jews are bloodsucking vampires sucking the life out the Whtie race.

I think not.

Were anyone to say that this Grossberg fellow will do a lot more than raise your rents (though he will do that too).

As for Grossberg's charge they'll try to tie in replacement theory into everything.  Keep it up Jews. The more people who ask themselves "what is replacement theory" the better for us.

"The resolution calls on elected officials, faith leaders and leaders in civil society to use their positions of authority to condemn and combat any and all manifestations of antisemitism."

Does calling them vampiric bloodsuckers count as a manifestation? To say that Jews constitute an infestation of termites count as a manifestation? Does saying Jews control the media count as a manifestation?

Yes, yes they do.

"The measure also urges individuals to denounce denials or distortions of the Holocaust and encourages them to promote education focused on the Holocaust and antisemitism."

The people need some education, especially now that they got a week long crash course on replacement theory. Got to get them not to focus on what is happening in Every Town USA, no, don't obsess on what is going on right before your eyes, don't think about the hordes of colored immigrants they've marshalled to flood our city streets. Better to be educated in the tragic six million, and ships that got turned away, and the one skin head in the last ten years who put up a swastika.

That's the kind of crash course they can get behind.

“Tragically, antisemitism followed Jewish Americans from the old world to the new one, and it’s become a growing cancer on our body politic, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said from the House floor on Wednesday."

You're damn skippy it did, anti-semitism follow Jews wherever they go, because Jews are Jews and their M.O. is unvarying, control the culture, control the education, control the media, bellyache about their victimhood, undermine the hosts, demoralize the hosts, sever the roots of the host, and then go in for the kill by replacing the hosts. Someone clue that Grossberg fellow in.

Anti-semitism follow Jews like stink follows shit.

Steny Hoyer is worse than Jew--he's a Jew lover, and the worst kind. He's a Heritage American who hates heritage Americans. And he's not just a Heritage American, he's a Heritage American's Heritage American.

And yet he loves Jews. He really loves Jews.

"Hoyer's father was Danish and a native of Copenhagen. His mother was an American, with Scottish, German, and English ancestry, and a descendant of John Hart a signer of the Declaration Of Independence. "

Sad to say.   Good bloodlines gone to shit.

"The resolution comes after the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reported last month that antisemitic incidents in the U.S. hit a record high in 2021. In its annual audit, the group said it counted 2,717 antisemitic incidents in the U.S. last year, including harassment and vandalism. That number marked the highest the organization has recorded since it started tracking antisemitic incidents in 1979."

That's right, Jew hate is at an all-time high and their nervousness is evident. Just imagine how they'd be soiling themselves if the preponderance of those "incidents" were not made up or construed wrongly, and were real. But the fact is that being wise to Jews is growing, and the prohibition on speaking ill of them is loosening. After you all you can't perpetrate an all out assault on a people without it being noticed and commented on.  There is a limit to how much shit people will eat. 

"The measure comes during Jewish American Heritage Month. It was also passed days after a gunman opened fire at a grocery store in Buffalo, N.Y., killing 10 individuals. Thirteen people in total were shot, 11 of whom were Black."

Did they mention that the Buffalo shooter adhered to the theory of replacement which posits that Jews are committing White Genocide with a malice aforethought?

They did indeed.

"The suspected shooter — 18-year-old Payton Gendron of Conklin, N.Y. — allegedly espoused the great replacement theory, which is a baseless, racist conspiracy theory that an increasing number of minorities and immigrants are intentionally overrunning white Americans"

Baseless and racist are two of their favorite epithets, and the ones doing it intentionally are Jews. The minority immigrants are just mindless feral drones, and are doing it for their own benefit. It's as when Bari Weiss explained replacement theory by saying that exponents of it say that the Jews are somehow doing the black and brown man's bidding when of course it's the other way around.

Jews get the coloreds to do their bidding.   

That is replacement theory posits that Jews are replacing us.

"The resolution also calls for amplifying and ensuring that the U.S. takes a lead in fighting global antisemitism, specifically urging cooperation with the U.S. special envoy to monitor and combat antisemitism, along with international governments and parliaments."

And here it comes--the two pronged attack. They have unleashed Deborah Lipstadt on the world, this reptilian Jew will be roving the world in search of White people to vilify.

"Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt was sworn in on May 3 2022 as special envoy to monitor and combat antisemitism."

With Ambassador rank mind you.

And the stink of the Jew.

It follows them wherever they go.


Not just in physics but in social life as well it's a law that every action has a reaction. We spook them with the success of our rhetoric and they close ranks and pile two tons of brick on our heads. But invariably the truth will out as they overplay their hand. Now with replacement theory taking center stage, and an increasing number of youth taking retribution in to their own hands, they panic and get draconian.

"Additionally, the resolution calls on social media platforms to step up efforts to address antisemitism while still safeguarding free speech concerns."

The safeguarding of free speech concerns is sop of course, and is something which they have no intention to adhere to. The fact of the matter is that as it stands the First Amendment gives broad latitude to speech, anything short of outright calls for violence, or an outright fomenting of violence is permitted. That's a fact they can't abide, they liked free speech when it was good for Jew pornographers but when it comes to calling the Jew a Jew orr spade a spade, or how the Jews uses spades in their revolution or outlining the Jew role in destroying White societies, not so much.

That's hate speech!

"Additionally, Wasserman Shultz used the platform that sponsorship of HR 1125 gave her to envisage the resolution setting the tone for gun control and other agendas that can be parlayed by the disingenuous notion of combating online extremism. By characterizing those guilty of wrong think as radicals, if not domestic terrorists, the power given to the government under HR 1125 shows how the resolution could simply attach itself to any issue in the hopes of achieving an ulterior motive in the event it becomes law. The malleability of this approach highlights how little HR 1125 is actually about combating rising antisemitism.”

Jew Elena Kagan has shown how it will work. From time to time Supreme Court Justices will do interviews and "muse" about what's on the top of their mind.  Kagan has suggested that even speech which does not specifically call for violence can be so noxious that it "creates a climate of hate" and thus can be shut down as if the speech were itself an act of violence.  

That's the end game.  But the crackdown will engender its own response.  For every action there will be a reaction. It's a social law on par with there's only so much shit people will eat.  As more of us begin to speak freely, and as what the Jews have done becomes more common knowledge, the more crackdowns there will be.  And they can get all dressed up and go in to the well of the House and give thundering speeches on the plight of poor Jews all they want, and they can be outraged at how hate is stalking the land all they want, and they can vote ten million times to condemn anti-semitism, but put a man in the corner and try to outlaw the will to live and survive without spiraling into civil war and you'll find right quick it's impossible. 


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