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White Lives Matter

Is it OK to be White?  Do White Lives Matter?  The answers seem simple but as America hurtles downward in its slide to the pit of racial leprosy and rot a lot of people are saying no.  Jews, for instance.  For the Jew it is most definitely not OK to be White, and White lives most assuredly do not matter.   For the Jew to be White is to be a member of the hated race, it is to possess unearned privilege, and to carry around an invisible knapsack which at any moment you can pull something out of and make a negro servile.  To be White is to have lawn jockeys in the great green expanse of your plantation home, it is to be firing up the ovens and laughing as you see the smoke of what used to be uncle Shlomo waft gently towards the upper sky.  To be White is to be guilty of pogroms, is to live in a sundown town, is to exclude the Chinese, is to eternally be sending the Red Man packing down the Via Dolorosa of the Trail Of Tears.  To be White is to redline, to be White is to rub small pox on b

Purim Fest 1962

Purim! The very name rouses Jews to the very heights of imagination and swells them with pride, kindles in the their minds images of White corpses strewn  on desolate fields, starved or with their heads bashed in, dreaming of Amalek vanquished. An intrepid Jewess infiltrates the enemy and saves the day, degrading her dignity for the good of the tribe.  Revenge fantasies and genocidal fury are Jew specialties, especially since people started asking questions about why they went so meekly to the showers there to be wafted up to Yahweh in puffs of smoke out the chimney. That's a question which really rankles. The showers were really de-lousing centers but the question still rankles.   Those picture of Jews getting on trains and not opening fire haunt their imaginations.   Or maybe not really--but they really want you to think they do.  In the book The Avengers the Jew author shows Jews after the war tooling around Germany killing Nazis left and right in an orgy of revenge. It's Pu

Pious Bromides At Hillsdale

Adolf Hitler said that in Germany he was really waging war against the conservatives, not the communists. Because once the conservatives had been vanquished he knew the communists would fall like dominoes. And so shall it ever be until the final victory. Any number of conservatives spout the attractive American First slogan but the number of genuine America First politicians you can count with no hands. They say America First but then they give tens of billions dollars to Ukraine and bring in tens of thousands of Afghani rapists to live in our neighborhoods.  And the ones who are against these latter things will still love Israel--of that you can be sure.  Those are litmus tests which they invariably fail.  When conservatism prevails America goes last and Americans go begging.   Your typical conservative resents Donald Trump, he forced them from time to time to sound like Pat Buchanan in order to placate the "rubes", when in fact they despise everything about this ideology

Congress Obeys Its Masters

April 28 2022 was Holocaust Remembrance Day (isn't every day?) and since then the Jews have been on a roll, and it's just in time for Jewish Heritage Month (May), the surprising thing is that those greedy Hebe bastards have settled on just one and not all twelve. And that hyimie month of May kicked off in high gear when on May 3 2022 red of fang Deborah Lipstadt was sworn in as the latest malevolent roaming Jew of the United States Of America, being confirmed by voice vote by the once respected United States Senate to be the envoy who will combat anti-semitism and who will have the rank of Ambassador, not to mention the stink of the Jew. That is, she will become the chief kike anti-White plenipotentiary all while gobbling up your tax dollars. She was nominated back in August 2021 and it took a long time for her to be anointed with the Jew oil as some Republicans gummed up the works in an uncharacteristic display of not giving in to Jews right off the bat, though you'll not