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Monstrosity In Montgomery

Apparently Montgomery, Alabama is the Mecca of Civil Rights in America, a place where "important" things happened to destroy the country lock, stock, and barrel. Now the black worshipping city is a major highlight of something called "The Civil Rights Trail", where many stations of the dark cross can be bowed to by the "guilty" traveler.  Our enemies travel down this via dolorosa and can visit sites of "white infamy" and these insidious witnesses genuflect before the harbingers of the complete and total end of Whiteness. That is the city is a cesspool of black power and a power center of White genocide. "The capital of Alabama represents an important place in the fight for voting rights, with the Alabama State Capitol Building having served as the end point of the third march for voting rights from Selma. In this city, not only can you visit museums and memorials commemorating the Civil Rights Movement, but you can also explore Dr. Martin Lu

California Anti-Racism

National Alliance Chairman Will Williams likes to tell the anecdote from back in 1966 when he was in a high school class and charged  with doing a report on an alien race.  Will picked the Pygmy and when he got up in front of his class he said: The Pygmy.   (here he held out his hand about hip high) The Pygmy is a little n--- about this tall. (a suitable silence) The Pygmy. Will tells us he did all this stone faced and soon waves of laughter swept across the room inducing from the White teacher.   That was a better time.                                               *** Word is in from Gavin Newsom that Mr. Williams' report on the Pygmy will NOT be accepted as fulfilling the new "ethnic studies" requirement, in fact they are looking for ways to seize his bank accounts, make life completely impossible for him, have the FBI raid his home and confiscate the rare and precious draft manuscripts of Williams Pierce's Hunter (which they will consign to flames chanting anathem

Replacement In Richmond

Douglas Southall Freeman was one of those Southern Establishment types that is so familiar to us.   That this was a White man's country he considered an unexceptionable idea but he was considered a moderate on race relations; he won a Pulitzers, edited a newspaper for 34 years, did radio broadcasts, was befriended by Presidents and Generals.   He lived a fruitful life in his native state of Virginia and his home is in the historical register.   A job well done, right?   The warm glow of grateful memory surrounds him? No, now he is proscribed.   Now he's on a Most Wanted list or a Least Wanted List really.  "Pulitzer Prize Winning Historian, Douglas Southall Freeman was an advocate of eugenics and was a great defender of the ban on interracial marriage, his name is now being removed from buildings at a University in the heart of the Old Confederacy." There is replacement going on in Richmond, in the heart of Dixie. "As the report notes, however, his prominent and

A Jew Cries Out

Just when you think that Jew whining has reached its maximal level you realize you are wrong: Jew whining has no maximal level. They don't kvetch and kibbitz so much as the whine and whinge. And Jew whining will never end. Not that long ago the putrid state of California which is well on its way to well-deserved dissolution passed an "ethnic studies" requirement for High School students. This meant that in order to graduate from High School in California students had to put down their mobile device for two seconds and learn about some minority and how bad they have supposedly had it. Though of course it was not couched in these terms this meant in essence that every public school student had to learn about the evil of the White race, and the need to eliminate White people from the face of the earth. Naturally of course Jews were all for this. This was nothing short of a Jewish bonanza, the Jews have been preaching and promulgating the "white man evil" doctri