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Waging War On Whites

The story of Ilhan Omar is the story of a missed opportunity.   Her family was prominent on the losing side of a negro war in her homeland of Somalia, and as such her entire family (including her) was slated for death.  But the Western World of NGOS and refugee rackets and cucked Christians had to stick their big noses in where they did not belong and they airlifted her family to Kenya where they were in a refugee camp for four years.  Then in a truly suicidal move the United States Of America gave her asylum.  By her own testimony her first impression of America was that it was "dirty." and after 9/11 her first decision was to for the first time don the hijab which she's been wearing like a gaudy gimmick ever since.  So instead of letting history take its natural and rightful course we had to bring her here where she repaid our "kindness" by telling us what America really means, what our values really are, and how we and especially our ancestors have miserably

Democracy's Swan Song

Little Ukraine! But Ukraine is not so little It's a cesspool of corruption and Jews and is itself deep state cabal.  Remember when they double dipped impeached Trump and did it over Ukraine?  You don't have to follow the money, just follow the Jews. It must be rough for Alzy Joe that Putin invaded the country where his money gets laundered. "This is our moment. This is our Sudetenland." So said multi-millionaire Nancy Pelosi, looking particularly haggard, as if they just washed off the embalming fluids, electro-shocked her back into semi-consciousness and wheeled her out to trot out the Ruling Class line: It's Hitler redux. And even that vile race-mixer JD Vance at the always scandalous CPAC said the Ruling Elites care about a far away country in Ukraine but don't' care about his mom.  He's right about that, you see his mother is part of a proscribed race and Ukraine is a designer Jew Country set up in 2014 by the cabal deep state and has a comedian Je

A Negro Gets The Nod

It's a lady negro. Sheeeeeeeeit!!!!!!! When she found out she got the nod Ketanji Brown Jackson's weave nearly fell off.   And then she said: Sheeeeeeeit!!!!!!!!!!! Did you say Jumanji? No, Ketanji.  Don't be discourteous to a negro.  Put your head back in the noose White man.  This is one darkie who's going to stick it to you good. She's a lady negro and she's on the Supreme Court. They say that whomever is the lowest on the totem pole among the nine on the Supreme Court has to do all the menial labor around the office.  But you know in her case they will waive that rule.  You can't have a black lady doing all your scrut work for White men.   Hell no!  It would remind you of slavery and Jim Crow.  No, they'll just give her a great big Wicker Chair, let her put her African headdress on, and whenever a White man say anything she can say: Sheeeeeeit! She's the queen and don't you forget it.  Don't you be arguing with her, just fan her and bring

A Criminal Gets A Day

I don't know if you've noticed but the lights went out in Georgia, and they drove old Dixie down by doing dirt on it.  When you look at the picture in the broadest sense it's easy to conclude that Sherman was kinder.   It wasn't always this way.  Heck, even such a notorious around the bend liberal and bleeding-heart Chrisitan such as Jimmy Carter had some halfway common sense when he was governor there.  When the mania of forced busing was beginning to descend he said he had no problem with White enclaves in Nothern Cities remaining ethnically pure.  Safe to say they do it differently there enow.  Richard Nixon worked hard with his Southern Strategy to bring the Dixiecrats over to the Republicans and turn the South hard-core red for generations.  More recently Trump abandoned his successful formula of working for White votes and instead courted negros in a vain attempt to foment Blexit.  This of course was the famous Southern Fried Chicken Strategy.  We were all infinit

Sniveling Nobs Take A Hit

How mad were the global elites at the rise of Donald Trump?  The global elites were so mad at the rise of Donald Trump that they gave Bob Dylan the Nobel Prize for Literature. Lay Lady Lay. Genius! Give that Jew a Nobel Prize. The global elites were so mad at the rise of Donald Trump that they determined it was time to take off the mask completely and finally unleash the full force of their genocidal fury on White people.                                        *** While he was still a Presidential hopeful Michael Dukakis said that the Democrat Party was not going to be the party of exposed brick architecture and hanging plants.   Of course he could not have been more wrong.  That is exactly what the Democrat party became, even if the examples are different.  Now the Democrat Party is the party of New Tech, censorship, snobbish elites, international jet setting, gated communities, and exotic values. That is it's the party of exposed brick architecture and hanging plants.  The statem

Bellyaching For Blacks

That banana eating criminal George Floyd is at it again, his long and "sacred" memory has got his fellow apes Cori and Corey, Bush and Booker, two blacks, to bellyache for blacks.  The man is feminine, the women is masculine.  The man is obviously gay and fake dated a Hollywood actress to disguise it.  The woman is a "veteran" of Ferguson, the one where they concocted that "hands up don't shoot" narrative out of thin air. Safe to say this is not a pair to draw to.  And that was one expensive banana was it not?  And now they are bellyaching about blacks.   Apparently they think that blacks who violate our sovereignty are treated worse than Mexicans who violate our sovereignty.   The real question is: why are they violating our sovereignty?   And the second question is: who cares?  First off it's likely not even true, for the overwhelming part illegal aliens are given the royal treatment and catered to and given lawyers and put up in nice hotels on t