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A White Man's Country

The slogan of the state of Illinois is "The Land Of Lincoln." Were it the "Land Of Douglas" the course of history would have unfolded very differently.  Lincoln and Douglas of course had those famous debates; when they are depicted Lincoln is always towering and Douglas is always short. And in history the stature of the two men is the same. Lincoln the great giant and holy martyr of equal rights and equal citizenship, a harbinger of the rainbow future.  Douglas the minor dwarf who tried to thwart the future which belonged to blacks. Douglas is now seen as a throwback and an atavist, as the worst expression of the worst of America. But had he prevailed the course of history would have taken quite a different turn. No civil war, no slaughter of over half a million White men, and no negro citizenship. The paradise of America would have remained so. Today we would still have a real country. A White man's country.                                          

Aunt Jemima For Governor

Aunt Jemima got the bum's rush a while back because it perpetuated accurate black stereotypes but not to worry, the spitting image of the famous dough faced negro still stalks the land in the form of purple-assed baboon named Stacey Abrams. This is one lady who's always returning to the buffet line and if nothing else you can be most sure she's no stranger to the table. She's got an ass so large it has its own zip code, she has literary pretensions, she wants to take down all the memories of your heroes, she wants voting to be as easy as falling out of bed, and she hates you. That is she wants you and your children dead. And the sad thing is that Aunt Jemima always seemed to be smiling and so jolly as befits a house negro. Things were a whole lot better in this country when negros were content with shining shoes with a toothy grin and doing a little shuffling before you tossed them a quarter. "Stacey Abrams, the Georgia Democrat and leading voting rights activist,

A Congresswoman Pays The Toll

Christmas came a few days early for the decent folk of America when a negro worshipping congresswoman got car jacked at gun point on the streets of Philadelphia by five of the very negros she worships. Status: Toll paid. You live by the negro you die by the negro, as the song says. Calling your city "the city of brotherly love" is akin to saying you are the city that it too busy to hate. That is, it's a big mistake. Safe to say this is a story right in the White nationalist wheelhouse: an anti-White White lady who pays homage to Congoids gets her comeuppance. Having been molested by reality though don't expect this witch to have learned any lesson thereby. In fact the ink hadn't yet dried on the arrest report than she came out with proposals for "common sense" gun control. We need something to control the likes of her.   She has her head so far up the assess of negros she can taste the fried chicken. What we really need it common sense black control. Gun