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The Long March Through Hell

"He was born in New York City to Jewish Parents."  That statement alone can encompass the remarkable fall of America over the past century.  Why, it's enough to send a chill down one's spine.  Are there inhuman horrors it cannot explain?  Are there depravities it does not entail?  Is there a charnel house it hasn't unleashed?    Chesa Boudin is the possessor of a putrid pedigree.  The proud possessor in his mind.  He's Jewish royalty and his loyalty to the criminal tribe will never be in question. Can you think of any White leaders who consciously see themselves as embodying the long line of their family, their ancestors, and their people?  No, of course not.  That's not how white people at the highest level play the game.   At best they see themselves as following in the ever vaporous "American tradition" which means an equality informed rule based order.  But for the most part they are loyal to a class---their own class.   An upper class that&#

Negros In The Woods

Safe to say that Henry David Thoreau was among the worst of our kind, the lowest that the White race has on offer. He was a negro worshiper and a hyper-individualist.What could go wrong? The cantankerous fool is best known for his theory of civil disobedience which paved the way for the mentally confused Leo Tolstoy and his brand of rational Christianity, and the darkskinned Gandhi who Hitler once recommended be shot on sight. Of course in the end he gained his claim to fame when negros took up his theory and Jews championed it and enough suicidal Whites went along. Safe to say the White world has never been the same since. When it came to the primacy of the White world obedience should have been the order of the day. Thoreau famously said that "it is never too late to give up your prejudices." Why one would want to is another question and one might add: it is never too late to acquire them. Acquire them before it is too late. "Indeed, this social reformer spent a good p

Full Fathom Five

Finally some good news! "At least 31 migrants died after a boat sank off the coast of Calais on Wednesday (November 24 2021).   Fishermen initially reported discovering 15 bodies floating in the water.   A French navy vessel recovered five dead bodies and five other people unconscious." There's no joy in the mud countries but among those of us deeply worried about the loss of our ancestral homelands it's a banner day.  The only regret is that it's only 31.  Those are rookie numbers.  Got to bump those up. "The provisional death toll was later increased to 31." Ok, sweet, it's only provisional.  Perhaps some more bodies will be found bobbing on the surface, being buffeted by the waves.  So it could be more.  Fingers crossed.  "French regional newspaper La Voix du Nord reported that as many as 50 people might have been on the capsized boat, citing police sources." The worse the better!  The more horrible the more beautiful it is!  The further

Anti-Racism Wins A Prize

Recently South Africa turned into a higher octane version of The Road Warrior.  It had something to do with one of their Congoid leaders but who knows--do the Congoids really need a reason to turn their country into a high octane version of Road Warrior? Of course not---they're Congoids, it's simply what they do. And of course since White rule in South Africa was thrown over the country has been continually a real life version of Road Warrior, it's just that recently they amped it up a bit. And of course on the daily those very same uncivilizable negros in South Africa murder White farmers in that country.  It's a veritable open season on them, a genocide but it so happens that this is the one genocide that the Jewish elites like so you hardly ever hear about it. Donald Trump was once watching Tucker Carlson explain in Civic Nationalists terms that there was a White Genocide occurring in South Africa, and Trump took two minutes to tweet out a directive to his Secretary