Repelling The Invaders

Ultimately the war against Whites will be fought neighborhood to neighborhood, street to street.  We are besieged and attacked on all sides in the law and in the media, but in the end they will try to bring the war to our doorstep, to deliver the alien to our homes.

The good news is that when it comes to bringing the war to where we live our displacement is about as popular as a turd in a punch bowl. Less popular, really.  The more White people see it the less they like it. 

The common White man may be naive and gullible but when it comes to his very own living space the most basic of instincts kicks in, the will to live and thrive.  

"ALMA, Michigan— A proposal to turn a former nursing home into temporary housing for young migrants is getting a lot of attention in a central Michigan community."

"After around 3 hours of public comment, the rezoning request came to a vote. Mayor Mapes motioned for a full recommendation, which failed to pass the commission. The crowd erupted with applause."

"Young migrants" is a euphemism for invaders. "Erupted with applause" is a shout from the heart.   All things are possible when the Saxons begin to hate.  

"ALMA, Michigan.—A proposal to open a 36-bed residential resettlement facility for illegal alien teenagers in a small central Michigan city has ignited a firestorm of opposition from its citizens."

What's going on in little Alma is heartening. And it's an exemplary story, a wonderful parable for our dark times.

In an Alma residential area a nursing home has emptied out. The facility is owned by the wicked Masons who have proposed to lease it to an equally wicked Christian Charity organization.  What for you ask?  Why, to house 36 underage Mexicans whose families have applied for asylum.  So the invaders come to to our border, knock politely---sorry that's rap insistently and arrogantly--and tell us their hard luck story.  Then because of the foolish international agreement we have a entered into we are obliged (obliged mind you!) to spirit away the tawny young ones and put them up in luxury until their case is heard.  So all the way from the Southern Border to the once great state of Michigan they must be transported (on our dime) and given free room and free board and a million times better life than they deserve.  And then the Masons want to lease out a home (36 beds strong) to a Christian charity so they can house the invaders right there in Michigan. One problem with the plan, though, thank the gods. To commit this heinous race crime they have to get the house re-zoned. And apparently the people of Alma are not yet ready to throw in the towel on their people or go gently into that good night. That is, they balked, stubborn as mules those good folks. That was what the eruption of applause was about. Wild applause you can be sure, it was a victory for our side.

But wait.  Just as a Vietnamese judge recently invalidated an immigration law because the people who crafted it were racist, so the Civil Rights big wigs in the state Capitol have warned the good folks of Alma that if they failed to re-zone and failed to accept the virus like race aliens based on racism (or simply if they do the wrong thing) it might be invalidated from on high.  They'd bring the big Fed goons in to quash the resistance.   Randy Weaver's son and wife could tell you about the Feds were they still among the living. 

What?  Yes, you heard it correctly: Masons and Christians yapping at our heels, and a black Civil Rights guru trying to big foot us, all are conspiring against Alma's right to have a place of their own.

Guaranteed there must be Jew in there somewhere.


Which of course only goes to show the only game in town is the game in town.  Run for your city council, and run for Mayor of where you live.   The life you save will be your own, and that of your children. 

It will be street to street fighting in the end.


"While Bethany Christian Services has been resettling refugees since 1975 and working with unaccompanied children since the 1980s, the current border surge has provided challenges for the Christian organization."

Refugee resettlement is a lucrative racket.  All those Lutheran and other mealy mouthed Christians spend their time and energy importing incurable cancer into our land and they do it in the great name of a fictional Jewish sky God.  All those genetic dead weights and criminal aliens pour into our land at their behest. Jesus wants us dead! He told them so while they were praying fervently and counting their money in their countinghouses.

In this respect Bethany Christians services is one of the most vile of offenders. But what would you expect of a Christian Charity named after a Jew city?

"According to Bethany, individuals who are ultimately granted asylum wait about three years for relief. The group believes the families should be allowed to live together in the community while their asylum claims are reviewed."

And of course until their vile kin can be located the vile youth must be housed at our expense right next door.  It is unspecified if they were permitted to bring their chickens with them, and of course they should be carted off back to the rock from under which they crawled.

"Rather than jail families or quickly return them to the terror from which they fled, let’s come together and support policies that compassionately bring families together and keep families together," Bethany states.

There you have it.  They are always taking the part of our enemies. They live here and are ostensibly among our people but in spirit they are universal suckers cravenly looking out for Gods people which, of course, means everyone but us. They are more than our misfortune, they are our tragedy.  With such over-hanging ballast the ship will always sink.

Bethany's website proudly proclaims:

"We help refugees resettle in the U.S., we provide post-resettlement case management, medical case management, English language classes, extended cultural orientation classes, counseling services, and services to survivors of trafficking and torture."

"Seven ways you can welcome refugees to your community.

"The Afghan refugee: what you can do to help."

“Sometimes as Christians we talk a good game, but this is our time to put our faith into action. So we request that followers of Jesus, this is our time."

Of course the good folks of Alma showed them one way the refugees are not welcome.  As for the goodies provided it's quite a nice package setting them up so they can go in for the kill.  As for following Jesus one might as well follow the Jew Pied Piper to the cliff he's leading you off.   At least lemmings don't possess the faculty of reason and therefore cannot be blamed.

"A leading Christian foster care agency (Bethany Christian Services) has placed nearly 300 unaccompanied immigrant children in foster homes across the United States in recent months as the U.S. continues to deal with a surge of unaccompanied minors at the southern border.

"Bethany Christian Services, a Michigan-based nonprofit organization, had placed 299 unaccompanied children in foster care homes nationwide since last November when a federal judge issued an injunction against former President Donald Trump’s use of Title 42 to deport unaccompanied children from the U.S. in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic."

Like lice or ants or cockroaches the tumor like invaders are very hard to get rid of. 

Bethany Christian Services works to place the unaccompanied children taken into U.S. government custody with foster parents while they wait to be reunited with family already living in the U.S.

“Bethany’s proposed small-group shelter in Alma would offer state-licensed, dorm-style housing with other low-risk unaccompanied children of similar ages where residential staff are always present and providing supervision 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

There is of course no such thing as "low risk unaccompanied children."  The risk is that they hail from backwards third world countries, have genetic dispositions that render them incapable of meeting the high demands of modern society, and of course the fact that once they are on our soil it is nearly impossible to be rid of them. And then of course in turn they can bring in the entire clan from the dirt hovel towns form which the come.

That's pretty risky, as high risk as you can get.   No sane White person plays Russian Roulette with the fate of his folk. 

The "good" people at Bethany Christian Services make it possible to take that chance though, they provide the bullets and the gun and urge you to pull the trigger; and try to shame you if you don't.

"Our organization is looking at doubling the number of children we can take,” Bethany’s Senior Advisor for Global, Refugee, and Immigrant Services Dona Abbott said.

"Our mission is to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ, and that’s exactly what Bethany is doing,” she said, adding that "unaccompanied minors are particularly vulnerable children."

Unaccompanied minors is the current code and buzz world for illegal alien children. By saying that they are unaccompanied it makes it sound like the were abandoned and left all alone in the world and elicit sympathy for them. When in fact they are "unaccompanied" due to a law which says they can't be held for over twenty days.

The Flores Settlement Agreement is a court settlement, in place for over two decades, that set limits on the length of time and conditions under which children can be incarcerated in immigration detention

So then the "youth" have to be swept into the interior of the country and treasonous groups like Bethany Christians Services swoops in and and scoops them up and puts them in your neighborhood.  It's a good living if you can get it.  It's bad for those who wish to live.

ABC12 has spoken with Krista Stevens of Bethany Christian Services after last month’s meeting in Alma that saw hundreds of people gather to voice their opposition:

“I would just encourage the Alma community or truly anyone who’s listening to the information being shared about the shelter to ask questions, to lean into the conversation, to give us a phone call, to send us an email, to ask what the shelter is about and learn for themselves.”

You know she wanted to lacerate the racists for their recalcitrance but, unfortunately for her, she still had to placate the rubes, stroke and soothe them so they are lulled and oblivious that she is working for their oblivion; she hates their bigoted ways. Why can't she live in a moral paradise where people simple welcome their own destruction?

"Immediately upon crossing the border, unaccompanied children are taken into the custody of U.S. Customs and Border Protection where they are monitored and screened before being transferred to the care and custody of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and its network of childcare providers like Bethany.”

Note that they are not just tossed back like the fish that no one wants. Rather they are burrowed into a pre-existing network of quasi governments agencies who cater to them, coddle them, care for them, fawn over them, shelter them, give them health care, food, whatever it takes, and harbor them and give them sanctuary.

Why, Bethany thinks they think are the very hands of Jesus Christ himself.  If they were any more righteous they'd cause the blind to see.  But as it is they want the blind to be kept from seeing. 

It turns out being dispossessed is very expensive.

Since 2013 Bethany Christian Services has given aid and comfort to over 12,000 illegal alien minors.

“We believe that Alma is a kind and welcoming community where people recognize the dignity and worth of every child. Children who have names, faces, and stories and desperately want to be loved and safe.”

Bethany Christian Services learned about the availability of the Warwick Living Center through a “mutual connection.”

Mason and Christians conspiring to topple the White race.  Masons have the Warwick Living Center and they want to pass it on to Bethany who in turn will import the Mexicans.   It is a spider like web of infamy.   Wash, rinse, replace, repeat.

"To address the growing demand for bed space, Bethany is working with the Office of Refugee Resettlement to expand its bed capacity."

You know it.  They have their eye on the main chance.  And make no mistake about it because of people like them this is our last chance.  Extinction knows no do-overs.


If something horrible happens in Michigan you can be almost perfectly sure that someone in the DeVos family is behind it. Since the Romneys packed up they've become the state's number one traitors.

In addition to having a face that sank a thousand ships Betsy DeVos is that old lady who is really a glorified wine aunt who because of her family's stupendous wealth got tapped by Donald Trump to be his Secretary Of Education. She nearly made it the entire four years but then was one of those risible human beings who resigned five minutes before January 20 due to January 6.  That's right folks she made it past Mexicans are rapists, the Muslim ban, grab them by the pussies, and shithole counties (all the classics) but some pissed off White people venting what after all was righteous anger was too much for her. That was too rich for her rather thin blood. You see they made it into the hallowed precincts of law and caused Ms. DeVos to conjure up scruples, or so she said.

What a human joke.  She is by herself a carnival of treason.

"According to tax records, DeVos and her billionaire family have donated $853,000 to Bethany Christian Services over a 14-year period. Brian DeVos, a cousin by marriage, also served as a senior vice president with the foster agency until May."

Back in the 1990s a book came out which "exposed" the funding of what they called Scientific Racism.  The book showed how noble White man Wycliffe Draper's fortune fueled the Pioneer Fund which backed eugenics in the 1930s and segregation in the 1950s and 1960s.   The book's theme that this funding was the most horrible thing you could imagine.  Why, white people wanted to survive, wanted to have a flourishing posterity---that will not do, 

But the crime is what the DeVos' and their ilk do: fund our destruction in the name of Christian morality.

"Betsy DeVos and the DeVos Family Foundation have been generous supporters of Bethany Christian Services long before Betsy became the Secretary of Education and we are forever grateful for their continued support," Bethany said in a statement. "

“Betsy DeVos donated $300,000 to the group and her husband’s cousin Brian DeVos was a Vice President.”

"Between 2012 and 2015, Bethany received $750,000 in grants from the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, which is run by the Education Secretary’s father-in-law, the billionaire founder of Amway Richard DeVos, and his wife Helen."

"According to Bethany, the federal government pays the agency about $200 a day per child to provide care for refugee children. The money provides a trauma support team for each child, including a clinician, case manager, trauma-informed teacher and education services staff. The $200 also covers supplies for children placed with foster families, including food, clothing and other materials as needed."

That's DeVos money at work, and what a sweet deal!  

"For the first three to six months after a refugee arrives in the U.S., we collaborate with volunteers, churches, schools, and service providers to ensure refugees thrive in the U.S. We prepare housing, provide case management and employment services, offer cultural orientation, and assist with school enrollment."

Collaborators is the key word here.   A fifth column of collaborators.

And all of it aimed at poor little Alma.


What's happening in Alma could be happening anywhere and will eventually.  Neighborhood to neighborhood, block to block, street to street.

"ALMA, Michigan- Plans to house undocumented minors in an unused, former nursing home have hit a snag in Alma.  It involves an empty facility that once housed Warwick Nursing Home.  Bethany Christian Services wants to turn the building into a temporary home for young teens who crossed the border without family."

White people are fighting back.   Why, this is the Ruling Class' worst nightmare.   All things are possible when the Saxon begins to hate. 

"Under the plan the Michigan Masonic Home, which owns the closed Warwick Living Center, would lease the facility to Grand Rapids-based Bethany Christian Services to house unaccompanied male refugees ages 12-17 for up to 40 days, or until a sponsor in the U.S. can be found."

Bad plan.  Nothing good can come from brining in the young of other people into the White bastions of America.  The nice clean, orderly White neighborhood would overnight become the home of 36 foreign nationals who have no idea how to behave in a civilized society. And not to mention the whole place will reek of public assistance and be strewn with scatted Corona bottles.  And please don't mention the chickens and that godawful brown take on oom-pah music.  

"A city in central Michigan is considering a request to turn a former nursing home into temporary housing for young migrants. But to put that many illegal immigrants youth in the heart of a Alma residential neighborhood requires rezoning."

Zoning ordinances.  The White man's bulwark.  Run for the City Council in your town, run for Mayor, get on the big powerful Commissions.  It's where the rubber hits the road, where the road to suicide can be repelled.  

"Bethany Christian Services would use up to 36 beds for children who have crossed the southern U.S. border without parents or guardians and do not have legal status in this country."

Man, I misplaced my legal status.  As if such a thing is wholly incidental. They say no human being is illegal but take one look at them and you know that can't be right.  By now even the gods have recognized their error in creating them and want them gone.  But malevolent Jews and toady White men artificially prop them up and allow them to fester uncontrollably, making them as numerous as lice in the hair of Jew in Poland. 
“These children are fleeing violence, trafficking and poverty that we could never imagine," said Krista Stevens, Bethany Christian executive branch director. "For many it’s a life-or-death decision. They’ve experienced trauma that no human, much less a child, should endure.”

Super, assuming that even is true and is not just a cry me river story, which it very likely is, what a great idea to bring in traumatized minors who won't be able to adapt and will spread their dysfunction like a horrid untreatable disease.

"Michigan Masonic Home owns the former nursing home, which closed in January, 50 miles north of Lansing. Any rezoning decision would ultimately be up to the Alma City Commission."

The demographic tale of the tape on Alma, Michigan:

White 92.8%
Black 0.9%
American Indian or Alaska Native 0.6%
Asian 0.8%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.0%
Hispanic or Latino 8.1%

Other than far too many wetbacks those are 1950s numbers.  You know what to do Alma City Commission.

Keep it White---Keep it White.

Make it Whiter.   It can't be too White.   Something being too White is a metaphysical impossibility, Thomas Aquinas proved that when he took a small break from  worshipping his fabricated Jew God.    

"A temporary shelter for young migrants is in the works to come to a former nursing home in Alma. Bethany Christian Services is looking to bring the shelter to the former Warwick Living Center."

“We’re looking to administer to the need of unaccompanied minors being kept at the border who need a place to go,” said Krista Stevens, executive branch director of the East Lansing location at Bethany Christian Services. “The shelter would serve short-term, meaning that the children would not stay there for very long.”

Of course then new ones would come in.  It would be a never ending revolving door.  Pretty soon it would be a crime ridden pest hole.

The shelter would house up to 36 children at any given time.

36 is exactly 36 too many.  One is one too many when it comes to an invading force, it's always best never to give them a foothold, fight them in the fields so you are never forced to parry with them on the parapets. 

“The function of the shelter is to take them in, keep them safe and reunify them with ideally a family member or next of kin as safely and as quickly as possible,” Stevens said.

The function of the shelter is to overwhelm the White majority, to pound them in to submission. And at all costs keep them in the interior of America where they will be caught like in a Venus flytrap. You can try any time you like but they will never leave.  Stab it with steely knives, you'll never kill this beast. 

"Stevens said most of the minors that would be housed there are coming from Central America and get to the United States without their parents and family. She said its Bethany Christian Services’ goal to step in and help them find safety."

“Bethany is trying to assist the vulnerable and right now, nationwide, worldwide even, the refugee and immigrant plight is real and it’s a crisis,” she said. “And that is what we’re here to assist and alleviate.”

The verdict has been rendered by the White Citizen's council:  Christianity is an insance death cult.   End of sentence.    

"Stevens said the Alma Planning Commission still has to rezone the property in order for this to move forward. She said a public hearing is scheduled for July 12."

"A citizens group has been formed to oppose a proposal to convert a former Alma nursing home into temporary housing for young refugees."

Here come the White Knights.  The people aren't always so easily bulldozed.  Life and death always means life and death.  Back people into a corner and they come out swinging for dear life.  

"Within the Alma community, there are opponents to the project. There have even been a few protests about the shelter coming to town. Some of the people who organized these protests argue that it could be unsafe to bring these children to the community."

They argued cogently, sagely and rightly.   You should no sooner bring in these criminals than toss piranhas into the rubber kiddie pool and hope your children don't get skinned alive. 

"Stevens said that anyone that has concerns or questions about the shelter can reach out to Bethany Christian Services."

We don't want to reach out.  No invaders near our home.  We have retained the requisite amount of self-respect.

“Bethany is here to administer to children and a lot of what we do is educate on that and present the facts,” she said “So, that is my ask to any community that we are working in is know the facts and come to us and let us educate on what this actually looks like.”

They mean re-educate. And no thank you.  We already got us some education from the great men of our age, the Madison Grants and the George Lincoln Rockwells and the Williams Pierces.  Our education needs go no further.   What information they have to peddle is pure poison.
"The issue has become a hot topic of conversation in the community. A conditional rezoning of the property for the intended use is required."

"The facility is now located in a Multiple Family Residential District and was operated under a special use permit as a convalescent nursing home. Approval of the zoning request would be the first step in clearing the way for the project to move forward."

They mean the first step toward clearing us out.  They won't say so but that is their intended aim.   

"A public hearing regarding the matter has been scheduled by the city’s planning commission for 6 p.m. Monday, July 12. It has been moved from its normal location in the city commission chambers to the Alma High School auditorium to accommodate great numbers."

Passions are running high.  Any talk of brown invaders and the cavalry comes out, the pitchforks are at the ready, and the people they deems peasants come barreling down to City Hall breathing fire.    

"After more than a month of public debate the day of reckoning is near regarding the fate of a proposal to convert a former Alma nursing home into a facility that would temporarily house young refugees."

A day of reckoning is here.  That is as true as true gets, and it never gets more true than that. 

"The city’s planning commission will hold a public hearing at 6 p.m. Monday in the Alma High School auditorium to act on a rezoning request from the Michigan Masonic Home, owner of the shuttered Warwick Living Center."

How perversely poetic is that reverse of justice.  The old folks are gone, brown illegal young aliens come in.   

Sort of sounds like replacement to me.  

"The petitions, either “NO REZONE for illegal immigrants” or “Allow Refugees to Alma” can be found at"

Put me down for NO REZONE please. 

"Bethany Christian Services plan is to house up to 36 unaccompanied male refugees age 12-17 from the southern U.S. border for up to 45 days until they can be reunited with a family member or a sponsor found. While at the transitional foster care center the agency would provide the youths with meals, sleeping quarters, educational classes, individual counseling, recreational activities and around the clock supervision."

Anything else we can get you?   And we supposedly have round the clock supervision at the border but it's really like some Swiss Cheese down there you could drive a Mack Truck through, a Mack Truck full of teeming Mestizos packed in like rotten sardines.  So the assurance that they will be "guarded" rings hollow.  We've heard that one before you know, like the check is in the mail, these are nothing but famous last words.  

"Audience member Dr. Jeff Smith, who strongly opposes the proposed resettlement center in Alma, appeared to take offense at the claim that the issue is a moral one."

Actually it is a moral issue but not in the way our enemies cast it.   It is an issue of survival and survival is always a moral issue, it's why they want to demoralize us. 

"A man named Michael from Alma told the planning commission that he strongly supported the new resettlement facility and that he had heard enough fascism swirling about the issue."

Ha, if fascism were truly swirling around you can be sure we'd never be hearing from Michael from Alma.   He'd learn right quick not to pipe up.  

Kelly Brown, from the nearby town of St. Louis, Michigan, reminded the planning commission: “The need is great for Michigan children waiting for placement in foster homes. There is a lack of foster placements for our own children.”

Ms. Brown knows the score: charity beings (and ends ) at home 

"An estimated 400 people attended the City of Alma Planning Commission’s July 12 public hearing to voice their opinions on the issue. The planning commission is expected to make a recommendation to the city commission on Aug. 4 on whether to approve a request for the conditional rezoning of a recently closed nursing home facility owned by Michigan Masonic Home—also known as Masonic Pathways—a fraternal philanthropic nonprofit organization."

"The Alma shelter, and other such arrangements across Michigan and beyond, are part of the Biden administration’s effort to disseminate the thousands of migrants surging across the United States’ southern border and throughout the interior of the country, and place them in what it calls influx sites.”

There are an estimated 20,000 such illegal alien minors in America. The population of Alma is 10,000.

At the public hearing in Alma, a spokesperson for Bethany Christian Services explained how the process is paid for, saying: “Everything is fully funded by the U.S. government. This program doesn’t cost the state of Michigan anything."

Well, idiot, Michiganders pay federal taxes so the cost will be exorbitant.  But the real cost is infinite:  we'll pay with out dear lives.  

“Bethany’s mission is to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus by protecting children. It is a moral issue.”

As for your Jesus tell him to go pound sand.  And tell him to keep his big Jew nose out of the people's business.  I'm sure he has some cripples to bless.

“Don’t lecture me about what’s morally right,” he said. “I went to these countries on medical mission trips. I’m not going to be told I am morally bad by people who stand to make millions.”

This is a repugnant argument.   You shouldn't have been going to foreign lands to minister to the sick there.  You should have been helping your own.  

“According to the Michigan Immigration Rights Center, Michigan has one of the nation’s largest long-term foster care programs for illegal immigrant children. Of the more than 700,000 people born outside of the United States living in Michigan, an estimated 129,000 came into the country illegally. More than 70,000 U.S. citizens in Michigan live with at least one illegal alien."

Those are mind numbing numbers.  They boggle the mind which is why they don't want them to be made public.  They want the numbers to be so high that when the dead weight finally kicks in it will be like an avalanche that smothers us, rending us helpless.  Which is why when it comes to waking up time is of the essence. If the number grow and White consciousness doesn't it's curtains.

"According to a statement from the Administration for Children and Families, clients in such homes would be provided with mental and medical health services, case management, classroom education, recreation, and free legal representation."

Anything the monkeys want the monkeys get.   Like our heads on platters.  

“The sole consideration of the proposal hinges on one question: Is the request consistent with Alma’s zoning ordinance?”

Oh those technocrats.  If zoning helps great, if not zoning be damned.  The sovereign is the one who makes the exception.  And the law has been so bastardized in our times that we should always use it to our benefit, if we living according to Hoyle we won't be living at all. 

"A citizens group has been formed to oppose a proposal to convert a former Alma nursing home into temporary housing for young refugees. The plan was met with a lot of resistance from people in Alma."

“Emails and phone calls that I’ve received and letters that we’ve received - and then sitting through a four hour public hearing - I don’t think we have that,” said Aeric Ripley, Alma Assistant City Manager.

That his round about way of saying that no one likes Mexicans. 

"The opposition group has said the boys aren’t refugees but illegal immigrants, and some could possibly be members of the international criminal organization MS-13 because they aren’t properly vetted before coming into the country.  Many people from the community are worried this could lead to safety issues."

"Bethany Christian Services made the case that these are children, and they are not dangerous, and there's nothing to worry about. That this is what Jesus would do."

We'll find that robed and sandaled vagrant and pick him up in the first wave of arrests.  Trust me, he'll never bother us again.

"There were a few speakers that called the citizens against the rezoning racist and similar to the KKK. They also claimed those from the other side were using fear to try and stop this rezoning request."

The Ku Klux Klan was formed in the aftermath of the Civil War to protect White people. 

"The Alma planning commission had on Aug. 4 voted to deny the rezoning request and recommended that the Alma city commission do the same. The vote followed a heavily attended meeting on July 12 during which most speakers opposed the rezoning."

"The Alma city planning commission voted Wednesday to recommend against a rezoning request that would allow a vacant nursing home to be converted to a shelter for young refugees."

“I do not feel comfortable with granting this proposal, nor do I see any benefit to the health, safety, welfare or convenience to our citizens of Alma,” 

Vox Populi---Vox Dei,

"After around 3 hours of public comment, the rezoning request came to a vote. Mayor Mapes motioned for a full recommendation, which failed to pass the commission. The crowd erupted with applause."

Applause from the gallery.  The people had won.  White people had won. The machination of the Masons and the Christians and the hopes of little Juan and Juanita to get a slice of Alma's pie had been thwarted.  There was joy in White Town.

Nancy O’Brien was the only person at the meeting who spoke in favor of the children’s shelter. A teacher for nearly 40 years, she said she wished the planning commission had acted on empathy instead of fear.

“It gets me emotional,” she said. “I would want someone to take care of my children if, God forbid, a war broke out or anything like that happened to my family.”

Well, cordially f*ck off Nancy O'Brien.  This is a democracy, remember?  And stick your empathy for our enemies up your backside where it will feel right at home in your sh*t.

"The fact is, we're a nation of laws, and our immigration laws need to be followed. We also need to take care of our own country before taking in millions of people from other countries and being expected to pay their way. The community also has a right to be concerned about this request."

"Ripley says the proposal now goes to the city commission for vote on September 13 2021."

“They’ll have their own deliberation and they will vote too. It ultimately is a city commission vote because we are changing, amending a zoning ordinance.”

Oh yes: the drama continues.  


So you see it's not even over when it's over.   First off the highest ups in Alma could stab us in the back just like that new Jew Republic stabbed those patriotic Germans in the back.  But even if those in power in Alma vote to stop the illegal aliens because they live there and are afraid of the public's wrath you can be sure that is not the last rabbit that the Jews have in their arsenal.   Oh no. 

Just when you think you've won a battle here comes a big nigger from the state Capital to big foot you into submission.

Michigan’s top civil rights officer (a member of the Bantu Diaspora) has waded into a small city’s decision whether to approve the conversion of a former nursing home into a shelter for illegal alien minors. 

"Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) Executive Director John Johnson wrote a letter to the Alma city commission on Aug. 9 warning that race, color, and/or national origin must not be factors in its consideration to rezone a parcel of land so that a former nursing home can be used to house unaccompanied alien minors who crossed the U.S. border illegally."

This is the new crime being committed by our ruling class.  If they don't like something that we do, some law that we pass, some zoning decision we make, they'll just say it's racist.   And that is against the Constitution you know because all them White men who wrote it were big big bleeding hearts for brown malignant tumors.  It was in those Federalist Papers that did not make it into the final volume.

And of course racism is that amorphous blob of a word, like Jell-O it wobbles and bounces, it is a super-infinitely elastic concept which can mean anything they want it to mean any time they want it to mean it.  And what it means to them is we are very very bad and should never get our way.

 “A denial by the city commission of the rezoning request would prohibit unaccompanied refugee minor children from Mexico and Central America from residing on the property. If the race, color, and/or national origin of the intended residents are factors used to deny the rezoning request, that decision may constitute unlawful discrimination,” 

You have a nice little City there Alma, Michigan.   Too White though.  It'd be a shame were something to happen to it says Mr. Johnson as he stands before City Hall wielding a baseball bat.  It'd be a shame if biological germs were to be unleashed on to your porches in the form of fourteen year old greasers. 

“The Alma City Commission must refrain from making decisions based upon any applicable protected class or acting on fears, stereotypes, unfounded assumptions, or alleged public safety concerns that involve unfounded beliefs that members of particular protected classes are more likely to engage in criminal activity.”

He uses the words "protected class" two times just so we get the message.  White people are not a protected class.  White people are the un-protected, served up the to the vagaries of Jewish rule.

The letter goes on to tell the Alma city commission that MDCR will investigate any complaints of unlawful discrimination, and may report any alleged acts to federal authorities.

Ah, the we're going to tell Mother on you option.  The biggest of the big footed.  That big foot and big Jew Merrick Garland and his black and Jew underling goons will be on this issue like lice on the head of a Jew in Poland.   They'll see to it you don't go getting any ideas of living.  

Before he was hired by MDCR, John Johnson served as Executive Director of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus, a position he held for seven years.   Johnson has been involved with the Detroit NAACP since 1992.

The Great Lakes Justice Center is a Michigan right wing organization who sees through this black man's ruse.  

Great Lakes Justice Center’s senior legal counsel Dave Kallman said  “Think about it. This letter did not come through regular channels. Normally, these things are handled by some lower-level official. This letter came from the director himself. I wonder who informed him? Who brought the director of the Michigan Civil Rights Department into this routine local zoning decision?”

Kallman said it appears to him to be a preemptive strike, delivered before the city commission has even voted. 

“They are calling it a civil rights violation before any decision has been made. That’s like saying 'we’re warning you in advance, if we don’t get the right outcome, you can expect us to come down on you.'”

“The city commission should not give in to that kind of threat,” Kallman said.

Good for Mr. Kallman.   He calls a spade a spade, quite literally in this case. 

Of course the big scary black man in the Capital of Michigan sends the shivers down the locals in Almas.  They no want no trouble.  

"City Attorney Tony Costanzo replied to Johnson’s letter on Aug. 19, assuring Johnson that the city is mindful of the prohibition against discrimination based on race, color, or national origin."

"The Alma city commission met in regular session on Aug. 24 before an overflow crowd. Commissioners were furnished in advance with a copy of the letter from the Department of Civil Rights and the city attorney’s response."

And glory be to our White Gods the people are standing firm and they are thinking ahead.  They want to know what can be done if the City Commission reverses what they fought for. 

"Great Lakes Justice Center’s senior legal counsel Dave Kallman, a Lansing attorney, said he has been approached by two separate parties in Alma for advice on what to do next in the event the city commission reverses the recommendation of denial by the planning commission."

“One party said it looks like the city commission will cave and reverse the denial,” said Kallman. “I told them both they could proceed on a political track, such as a maximum pressure campaign, including threats of recall before the vote, vote them out of office in the next election, or look at litigation.”

Kallman is also on the case when it comes to the Civil Rights charade.

"Kallman, who has reviewed the Civil Rights Department’s letter, told the Epoch Times:  It’s a not-so-veiled threat. It is an inappropriate and threatening letter."

Threats, admonitions, remonstrations, and warnings.

So despite the good folk of Alma getting righteously up in arms the fate of their fair city is still up in the air.

As it will always be until we secure our living space for all time, and our enemies are vanquished. 


Of course this issue of illegal alien minors is not restricted to Alma, Michigan.  It is pervasive and pernicious.
During the month of March 2021 more than 19,000 unaccompanied minors were taken into custody at the southern border by Border Patrol, the largest monthly number in U.S. history."

"Youth shelters like the one proposed for Alma are growing more important as the number of young migrants crossing the border unaccompanied increases and short-term shelters at the border are pushed beyond capacity."

"The federal government projects that by September 2021, about 22,000 to 26,000 unaccompanied minors will arrive at the border each month and require federal care."

What they require of course is a one way ticket on bullet train bound to the Global South.

"Following President Joe Biden’s election and his administration’s subsequent reversal of the zero-tolerance Migrant Protection Protocols, the number of illegal border crossings has increased substantially, overwhelming border detention facilities as well as local governments."

"The Washington Examiner reported that as of March 28, the number of unaccompanied children inside cells in the U.S. Border Patrol facilities stood at 5,767, more than double the 2,600 children in custody at the peak of the last border surge in June 2019."

"According to CBS there were over 17,000 unaccompanied children in the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol or Health and Human Services custody at the end of March."

Such numbers numb the mind.

"Paxton also found that Texans pay between $31 million and $63 million to educate unaccompanied alien children each year."

"Federal law requires that such children be transferred out of border facilities and into a child-friendly location within 72 hours. The chain of custody goes from Border Patrol to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to a contracted nonprofit, such as Bethany Christian Services or Lutheran Social Services of Lansing, which received a federal grant of $2.2 million during the Obama administration for similar services."

A million here and a million there and pretty soon you're talking about real money. 

"One such influx site, with the capacity to house 240 migrant children, aged 12 and under, recently opened in the small southern Michigan city of Albion. This 350-acre property, a former home for runaway boys, was leased by the federal government and is operated by nonprofit organization Community Action of South-Central Michigan as an emergency intake center, where migrant children stay for up to 30 days before being relocated to another Office of Refugee Resettlement facility."

Albion---how ironic.  The name for White England.  In Latin "albus" means White.  England got the name Albion because the first thing those Romans saw was those intimidating, shining White cliffs.  Now the city of Albion, named in great hope of the future of the White race, houses lice ridden border jumpers.  

"Media organizations operating in Texas have reported for weeks that unaccompanied children taken into custody at the U.S.–Mexico border are being flown on U.S. military or other government-supplied airplanes to undisclosed destinations. The locations aren’t being divulged out of concern for the safety of the children, one federal official said."

Our safety is no concern of theirs.

"According to a 2018 study by the Migration Policy Institute, 47 percent of Michigan’s unauthorized population came from Mexico and Central America. Fifty-two percent were male and 48 percent were female. Between 2000 and 2020, the Michigan population of foreign-born individuals grew by 34 percent, while the number of U.S.-born residents dropped by 2 percent."

"According to the Michigan Immigration Rights Center, Michigan has one of the nation’s largest long-term foster care programs for illegal immigrant children. Of the more than 700,000 people born outside of the United States living in Michigan, an estimated 129,000 came into the country illegally. More than 70,000 U.S. citizens in Michigan live with at least one illegal alien."

Number upon numbers--pretty soon you're talking about a real invasion.

"Among the approaches taken by the federal government has been to engage foster care providers throughout the country to house children whose parents were forced or coerced into giving them up at the international border."

The website for Starr Commonwealth in Michigan proudly boasts that they are "driven to heal."   

"Officials with Starr Commonwealth of Albion said it has a contract with the federal Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children & Families to use its 350-acre campus as a temporary shelter for a maximum of 240 unaccompanied children ages 12 and younger as they wait to get more permanent homes with family members or sponsors."

"We have again been called to open our hearts and our campus as a refuge – this time to children arriving without parents or guardians at our southern border," Starr President and CEO Elizabeth Carey said in a statement. “When asked to help, we said yes — immediately and enthusiastically."

"Starr did not provide details on when the children may be arriving or what countries they are from. The group said it was asked to keep those details private to protect the children's safety."

"Starr said it has 17 cottages in which to house the children along with a gym, school buildings, cafeteria, chapel, park and ballfields. The Department of Health and Human Services will provide bilingual caregivers for the children, who are expected to stay there for 30 days or fewer, Starr said."

Perfidious Albion.

"We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the Albion community and beyond, with so many kind and generous organizations and people reaching out with offers of help and messages of encouragement," Carey said.

"Albion Mayor Victoria Garcia Snyder told the Free Press by email that she supports the efforts of Starr Commonwealth. She said that police and other law enforcement are working to make sure the center is secure."

It seems that Snyder fellow is race-mixer.   And I'll take Alma over Albion any damned day.


So there you have it.  The people have spoken loud and clear but on September 14 the even higher ups in Alma have the final say, or almost final say.  Such is democracy in a rotten age. 

Alma official Costanzo told the Epoch Times, “Whatever happens on September 14, I think this thing is going to be with us for some time.”

For all time Sir:  it's do or die now.   Friend and foe is forever.

"On Aug. 25, Assistant City Manager Aeric Ripley said the planning commission is scheduled to meet on Sept. 13 to formally approve the minutes of its Aug. 4 meeting, and the city commission is scheduled to meet on Sept. 14 to vote to either approve or deny the rezoning request."

So the Planning Commission can repel the invaders or overturn the will of the people and let the invaders in.   It's that simple, cut throat always is.

But then of course if they vote to keep the rejection of the rezoning plan the specter of the Civil Rights Mafia in Michigan and the anti-White Leviathan of the Federal government looms.   

This is the real long twilight struggle, one that is not even over when it's over.  Survival never is.  And of course were our side to lose we could appeal and litigate and write letters but if Lansing or Uncle Sam opines that White people shall perish in Alma and elsewhere it's a tough nut to crack.  At least by legal means.   You can't fight city hall by petitions.

So the question hovers:  on September 14 2021 will Michigan seem like a dream to us then?

Stay tuned.

The White world waits with bated breath. 


  1. >Christian Charity organization

    One quick note: re refugees, these organizations are not charities -- they are government contractors who are paid by the head (and then some) to dump refugees into American communities -- this is why they lobby so hard for more refugees: a lot of money and jobs are at stake, including some very well-paying jobs: many of the top people in these 'charities' are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per year -- also there is a 'revolving door' aspect to it, with people changing jobs between the US government (typically the State Department, which oversees the program) and these resettlement contractors.

    Ann Corcoran of 'Refugee Resettlement Watch' has been working for years to expose and publicize this racket -- in fact she had a post not long about events in Alma, which she would call a 'pocket of resistance', something she encourages -- unfortunately the reality is the contractor will just move on and ultimately find somewhere else.

    1. >Bethany Christian Services

      They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit -- here is a link to their 2019 IRS form 990:

      On pg 7, you see their CEO was paid almost $230k in 2019 -- the 990 lists a total of 8 people who were paid well over $100k that year -- for people allegedly working for a 'charity', they are paid a lot of money.

      On pg 9 is the 'Statement of Revenue' -- they list over $43 million for 'Refugee and Immigrant Services' -- this is money they were paid by the federal government to resettle refugees -- there is another line item of over $7m called 'Government Funded Programs', which shows the dishonesty built into these filings (i.e. as if 'Refugee and Immigrant Services' isn't also a 'government funded program') -- probably all of the other line items are also heavily funded by government money.

      These people are in large part in it for the money.

  2. >underage Mexicans whose families have applied for asylum

    It's important to understand the following:

    The tactic (encouraged by NGOs) of applying for asylum en masse started in earnest with the 'caravans' under Trump -- as a signatory of the 1951 refugee treaty, the US is obligated to give a fair hearing to anyone applying for asylum -- failure to do this will lead to successful lawsuits -- the Biden admin has considerable leeway in what it does with these people while their (mostly bogus) applications are being reviewed.

    Contrary to what most believe, it is not generally 'illegal' for an asylum seeker to travel thru several countries in order to apply in a particular country (known as 'cherry picking').

    However there is something called a 'safe third country' agreement -- if an applicant from country C travels thru country B to apply for asylum in country A, country A can turn this person away if there is an existing 'safe third country' agreement between A and B -- as an example, the Dublin Accord is an EU-wide 'safe third country' agreement -- the 2015 refugee flood into Europe was triggered by Merkel's announcement that Germany would not enforce the Dublin Accord at its border.

    The US has an existing 'safe third country' agreement with Canada, *but not with Mexico*.

    One of Trump's many failures as president, perhaps his greatest, was not forcing Mexico to sign a 'safe third country' agreement -- the US has plenty of political and economic leverage to do this, e.g. trade sanctions and a 50% tax on remittances until the agreement is signed -- with such an agreement in place, the US could just turn away all of these phony asylum applicants at the southern border.

    Trump was and still is a dumb, incompetent buffoon -- his presidency did more harm than good in that it sucked up a lot of political energy on the Right, to no obvious benefit.

    1. >'safe third country'

      I want to say one more thing about this: what I outlined is how the issue of phony asylum seekers at the southern border must be solved *within the current framework of asylum law* -- I cannot see any alternative; I believe there is no alternative.

      But I personally believe every white nation must abrogate the 1951 refugee treaty as part of its strategy for demographic survival -- afterward they can decide themselves if they want to offer asylum, to whom, and under what circumstances/criteria.

      The 1951 framework is being massively abused, and is now a significant source of 3rd world migration into the West (people who then have significantly higher birthrates) -- it was never intended that poverty or an abundance of ordinary criminality be grounds for asylum -- and since these countries have low quality human capital, *they will always be developing countries*, and hence sources of economic migration.

      Of course I would also just turn them away and ignore any whining and court rulings about it.

      Otherwise the emotion-laden propaganda around 'refugees', combined with the natural empathy of Whites, which the Jewish dominated media easily hijacks and redirects (white women are especially vulnerable to this), as well as the feminization of white societies, will significantly accelerate the demographic catastrophe now on the horizon -- everything must be done to prevent this.

      Whites only have to look at Rhodesia and South Africa to see what awaits them.

  3. >Starr Commonwealth
    >Starr President and CEO Elizabeth Carey

    Here is a link to the 2020 (tax year 2019) 990 for 501(c)(3) Starr Commonwealth:

    On pg 7 it says Carey was paid almost $340k (!) -- 6 management people were paid more than $100k.

    Their 990 is not so straightforward, but on pg 2 of Schedule A they admit nearly 50% of their revenue comes from public sources (i.e. the government).

    1. Thank you for all of this excellent and well stated information, we need to do everything we can to expose and stop this racket which is killing our country

  4. >Thank you

    Actually I should thank you for your good work here Douglas; also for allowing readers to comment freely -- are you on social media anywhere, e.g. Telegram? -- you could post without fear of censorship there, or on Gab -- perhaps you are back on Twitter; seems your Twitter was nuked (@douglasmercer33).

    >our country

    At this point my interest is white people or (what I will call) white nations, meaning the political manifestation of Whites as an ethnic group/block -- America 1.0 if you will.

    Albeit many Whites don't seem to deserve the concern.

    As a polity, the 'country' of America 2.0 and its human zoo of a population is unsalvageable -- after the malevolent framing of the mostly white unarmed boomer Jan 06 trespassers as an 'insurrection', not to mention the constant rhetoric about 'white privilege', 'institutional racism', 'white supremacist terrorism', etc, I don't understand why more Whites cannot see this; why they cannot see that the goal of the regime is their total humiliation and subjugation.

    I cannot say how events will unfold -- nor that I am particularly optimistic -- among Whites there are still far too many 'muh Constitution' civic nationalist conservatard types.

    1. I am on gab:

      Many of my articles are published at

      Yes, my twitter account got banned. Thank you for the kind words and all your comments.

    2. >I am on gab


      Yes, I've seen your work on NV (I occasionally comment there) -- I often listen to the NV 24/7 audio stream, and have grown to appreciate the prescience of WLP (there is other good content there) -- he was right about nearly everything, and predicted much of what is happening today -- he must have been terribly frustrated in his last years.

  5. Would any of these 3rd world countries take us whites in and give us free every thing?and tell the people of that country that they have to change their ways so we will feel comfortable not feel degraded cause we are a minority??? Haha I think not yall sissy liberal white we our race will be their fuckn slave. Wake up white man.


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