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The Great Dispossession

One of the great ironies is that in the 1920s when Jews were discriminated against by the Ivy League Schools they cried out sharply in pain.  It was another Shoah they said; and the Shoah hadn't even happened yet.  Not that it ever did. But now Jews lead the charge to discriminate against White people in University admissions, and in every other aspect of American life.   What goes by the genteel name of "Affirmative Action" is really a racial spoils system.  It's just so many pigs at the trough, eating the White man out of house and home. Recently "President" Biden announced that he was offering a relief package for small businesses hit hard by the government induced Covid Hoax.   Imagine you and your wife both left your job ten years ago to pursue what had always been a dream:  to open a restaurant.  You struggled mightily, and there were many dark days, but a few years ago you saw the fruits of your work.  You were still close to the edge but you had your

The White Man's Law

During his tenure as US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions was speaking to an assembly of sheriffs and said that the office of the sheriff is a critical part of our Anglo-American heritage. No sooner were these commendable words spoken than all Hell broke loose. I’m pretty sure it was the “Anglo-American heritage” part that set them all off. But the way they shrieked you’d have thought that Sessions had urinated freely on a statue of Rosa Parks while singing Dixie and when he was finished said “How do you like your Civil Rights now?” And the shrieking really was incessant. Writing in Jew-run  Time  magazine, big Jew Olivia Waxman once recounted a weepy story of how super big Jew Albert Einstein, on the occasion of his 70th birthday, celebrated in New Jersey with some little Jews who had just arrived in America from Europe as “displaced persons” (we should have kept them out). But in this instance big Jew Waxman writing in Jew-run  Time  magazine made the comment that in America (which is

The Good Jew

When Bobby Fischer took the chess world by storm he was universally hailed as a genius.  When he called out the Jews as criminals who had taken over the United States in their bid for world domination he suddenly became "deranged" and "pathological". It's how Jews play the game. Chess is a European invention. as witnessed by the Kings and Queens, the Bishops, the Knights and the Castles. By 1950 chess was a hallowed and historical game with a storied past.  It was in the best sense a social game with each move being lovingly chronicled and belonging to the whole community.  You could say that the aggregate of chess moves were like a house which from time to time a genius would come along and add a room, or an alcove, a patio, or some small but precious nook.  Once these additions, these variations, had been made, they belonged to chess players everywhere.  It was widely believed that this slow and incremental progress would continue on indefinitely into the futu

Conservatism Is A Dead Ideology

" I told Buchanan privately that he would be better off without all the hangers-on, direct-mail artists, fund-raising whiz kids, marketing and PR czars, and the rest of the crew that today constitutes the backbone of all that remains of the famous "Conservative Movement" and who never fail to show up on the campaign doorstep to guzzle someone else's liquor and pocket other people's money. "These people are defunct," I told him. "You don't need them, and you're better off without them. Go to New Hampshire and call yourself a patriot, a nationalist, an America Firster, but don't even use the word 'conservative.' It doesn't mean anything any more."---Sam Francis (1994)  Conservatism is a dead ideology.   Those still operating under its banners are its pallbearers.    When a movement calls itself "Conservative" it's easy to see if they are successful, if they meet the only test that will ever matter, the test

Now It's The Negros And The Gooks

What does a white man do when his car breaks down on MLK Boulevard? Run! Recently street criminal Huey Newton had a street named after him in the formerly White city of Oakland, California.   To dedicate naming the street after this filth Newton's widow attended a ceremony in Oakland on Mandela Way, near where Newton was gunned down dead in 1989 (yes!). What does a White man do when his car breaks down on Newton Street?  Or on Mandela Way? Run!  Run for his life! Lately in the Bay Area blacks have been attacking the gooks.  According to media reports White Supremacy is to blame.  Korean rooftop shotgun time if you ask me.  Remember how those blacks slinked away like the cowards they are when they saw those gooks high up there.   Yes! Naturally the Jew ridden and Jew run media is running full cover.  But even they can't now deny it's savage blacks killing the gooks, though they use their usual circumlocutions, and they trot out their tired excuses, but so pervasive is the Ni

White Scare

At a recent town hall on Jew run CNN a man named Joel Berkowitz stood up and asked the "President" a question.   As the whiny little man droned on a scroll identified him as professor at the University Of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (formerly a German haven).  EST of course, and a quick search revealed what was obvious to anyone sentient with two eyes in his head who hasn't been brainwashed by a century of kike propaganda (admittedly not a big enough group). He's a Yid. Jew Berkowitz is the Director of the Sam and Helen Stahl Center For Jewish Studies at the U Of W, and is a historian of Yiddish theater and a translator of Yiddish drama.   Now being a "historian" of Yiddish Theater is a little like being the great chronicler of employee bathroom trips at the company picnic, but I'm sure the White taxpayers of Wisconsin pay him well for the farce.  He has authored a book called Shakespeare On The Yiddish Stage, and it is on that stage that Shylock finally does e