The Dead Of Night

Helicopter rides would have been sufficient. Certainly a lot cheaper in the long run.  And you could do them in broad daylight, there's no need to hide what's right.  The dead of night, a thief in the night, under cover of darkness, black as night, a dark night of soul. It seems like everything bad happens at night. It looks like Alzy Joe is also sneaky Joe and he's trying to pull a fast one.  He's got that border bursting at the seams, it's packed so dense the stuffing is falling out.  They got so many they can't keep track of them. And when it comes to the underage criminal aliens a quirk of the law (a Jew quirk if there ever was one) gives him the "right" and the "authority" and even the "obligation" to put them on planes and drop them off all over the country like some demented Juan Appleseed. And he's doing it sub rosa, it's furtive, it's cloak and dagger, it's hush-hush, it's clandestine, under wraps, they

Bloodthirsty Negros Get Revenge

How many conservatives and even not around the bend liberals assured us that when it came to statues of White men it would stop at the Confederates? The statues of the founders themselves would always be secure. There's no slippery slope they said, you're imagining things.  Don't be so damned paranoid. No slippery slope? Ha! Not only is there a slippery slope, there has always been a slippery slope, and there always will be a slippery slope, and when they tell you there is no slippery slope you can be sure that some racial trash down in the basement is furiously greasing the skids. And now everything is falling.                                           *** It looks like an AIDS-ridden liberal faggot has finally stuck a knife in the heart of uber White Man Thomas Jefferson. This degenerate sodomite doesn't like those Straight Dead White Males. This is what "coming to terms with the past" looks like.  And believe you me these criminals are just getting started.

Toll Paid

Once those negros in Haiti went on their spree of macabre massacre in the so-called Haitian Revolution we should have learned our lesson. Either leave this squalid hell-hole to its sorry devices and make sure Haitians never make landfall in our country, or go in guns blazing to exterminate them. But for some reason Haiti exerts a strange influence on some sick White people.  Weakling Judge Amy Coney Barret adopted two of the island's spawn, but she can dress them up in respectable clothes and send them to Sidwell's Friends Schools but the fact is they'll always be niggers. And of course Refugee Agencies and Churches have fallen under the voodoo sway of the country and swoon and fall all over themselves to help the most wretched of the earth.  There is something about the idea of black as sin people stewing in their own filth, living in rickety, rotting and rusting favelas, and poverty stricken children drinking contaminated water to bring those giant hearts in Christ down t